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  • Create e-commerce website Opencart

    Prepared by : Reth Chantharoth

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  • Create e-commerce website

    Opencart What is opencart?

    Opencart is free open source ecommerce platform for

    online merchants. Opencart provides a professional and

    reliable foundation from which to build a successful online

    store. This foundation appeals to a wide variety of users;

    ranging from seasoned web developers looking for a user-

    friendly interface to use, to shop owners just launching their

    business online for the first time.

  • Advantages of Opencart Open source

    Unlimited category

    Unlimited product

    Unlimited manufacture




    Product Review

    Product Rating

    Downloadable product

  • Advantages of Opencart Automatic remote resize

    Multiple tax rate

    Related products

    Unlimited information pages

    Shipping weight calculation

    Discount coupon system

    Search Engine Optimizing(SEO)

    Module System

    Backup and Restore tools

    Printable invoice

    Sale report

  • Requirement

    Web server(perferably Apache)

    PHP (at least 5.2)


    Opencart zip file (Download latest version of Opencart

    from OpenCart website )

    Software recommendation : Xampp Control Panel

  • How to install opencart in localhost Install Xapmm Control Panel

    Go to this directory in your computer C:\xampp\htdocs and

    create a folder. Rename the folder as you want (eg.


    Unzip the zip file of opencart and copy : upload folder , license.txt file , and Readme.txt file to the created folder(eg .

    onlineshoes) in that directory(C:\xampp\htdocs \onlineshoes).

  • Getting start with opencart1. Create database for shop

    Start web service and MySQL

    Create a new database for your shop in phpmyadmin.

    Open web browser and login to admin page(According to sample

    above, the address is localhost:/onlineshoes/upload).

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)1. Create database for shop

    Tick on I agree to the license and then click Continue.

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)1. Create database for shop

    In Page, Step 2 Pre- Installation , click Continue.

    In Page , Step 3 Configure . Configure database connection and

    username and password for administration. Click continue.

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)1. Create database for shop

    Step 4- finished

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)After finished, you can see : store front page and administrator


    Store front :

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)After finished, you can see : store front page and administrator


    Administrator page :

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)Opencart default theme :

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)Product page :

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)Category product listing :

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)Product comparation :

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)Registration page :

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)Shopping cart :

  • Getting start with opencart(continue)Check out :

    There are 6 step :

    Step 1: Checkout Options

    The customer can log into or register their account.

    Step 2: Billing Details :Personal details including "First Name", "Last

    Name", "E-mail", and "Telephone" etc.

    Step 3: Delivery Details: user can choose other for payment.

    Step 4: Delivery Method : A method of shipping is selected here. A

    comment box is added for the customer to add comments about their


    Step 5: Payment Method : The customer selects their method of

    payment here and may add comments in the comment box.

    Step 6: Confirm Order : In this last step, the customer will see an

    overview of their purchase; including the product description, quantity,

    and price (with tax & shipping).

  • Administrator panel1. Dashboard:

    The main function of the dashboard is to give the shop owner an overview

    of how the shop is performing.

    There are 3 sections of the dashboard that can help you understand the

    statistical data collected by your store:


    Statics : A graph is provided to track the chronological progress of the store

    relative to the amount of orders and customers over time. The x

    value is time. The y value displays the number of total orders

    (yellow) and total customers(blue).

    Latest 10 Orders : A list that displays the last 10 orders and their details

    ("Order ID", "Customer", "Status", "Date Added", "Total", and "Action")

  • Administrator panel2. Catalog:

    Category : you can add, edit, delete category here.

    Click insert to add a new category.

    Click Edit to edit category.

    Tick on tickbox, which is in front of product, and then click on Delete button to delete category

  • Administrator panel2. Catalog:

    Attribute: The attributes section lets you edit the attributes compared

    between products in "Product Comparison"

  • Administrator panel2. Catalog:

    Options : lets you customize what details the customer sees when

    checking out a product.

  • Administrator panel2. Catalog:

    Manufacturer : The Manufacturer section is used to categorize products

    by manufacturer.

  • Administrator panel2. Catalog:

    Download :This section is only applicable to you if you sell digital products,

    or products that have a downloadable component such as a PDF User

    Guide or similar

  • Administrator panel2. Catalog:

    Review : Product reviews can be both submitted and viewed by customers

    on the product page.

    Note : Disable product review : In administration panel, go to

  • Administrator panel2. Catalog:

    Review :

    Note : Disable product review : In administration panel, go to

    SystemSetting . Under Action column , Click on edit for your store

    name, and then click on Option Tab. In product session , click on No for

    Allow Reviews .

  • Administrator panel2. Catalog:

    Information :

    The Information section displays specific company information in

    the footer of every page

  • Administrator panel3. Extensions:

    Modules : the Extension section contains additional tools to improve

    the functionality of the OpenCart store.

  • Administrator panel3. Extensions:

    Shipping : The shipping methods need to be installed before they

    can be enabled or disabled for the store. Each shipping method

    needs to be individually edited to meet your shop's shipping

    requirements and to specify the prices for that service.

  • Administrator panel3. Extensions:

    Payments : The OpenCart package offers a variety of payment

    methods, from bank transfers to online payment gateways.

  • Administrator panel3. Extensions:

    Order total : These totals are extra fees that are added to the total

    sum of an order in the store's shopping cart.

  • Administrator panel4. Sales :

    Order :When a customer goes through checkout, the information

    on their order is automatically transferred to the Orders section for

    you to keep track of. In the administration, you can view all of the

    orders made on their site, manually add orders, or edit the details of

    existing orders.

  • Administrator panel4. Sales :

    Customers : Shop owners can know their customers are and how

    to manage their information.

    Affiliates : OpenCart gives you the opportunity to set up an

    affiliate program to promote additional traffic to your shop. User

    can add new, edit ,and approve attifiates.

    Gift vouchers can be individually sent to customers through their

    email by other customers in the store front. The customer receiving

    the gift certificate can use the code provided in the email at the

    shopping cart to deduct the gift voucher amount from the order


    Mail : The Mail system in OpenCart lets you send emails to specific

    customer groups. You can use this feature to send newsletters,

    information on specials, or to communicate any type of store

    information to select groups of customers.

  • Administrator panel5. System :

    Setting: The Settings page lets you manage stores and their

    individual settings. To edit settings , go to System Click on setting ,

    and then click on edit for your store name.

    Designer :

    Layouts : you can edit some sitting such as Account, Affiliate,

    category, check out, contact, default , Home, information ,

    manufacturer , product, and sitemap.

    Banners : lets you customize the images and links displayed on

    the banners.

    Users :

    Users : Managing the in's and out's of the admin side of an

    online store can be quite the task for just one person to


    User Groups : set specific access and modification

    permissions to user.

  • Administrator panel5. System :

    Localisation :The Localisation section takes into account

    all the regional information needed to manage

    customers and orders from different countries. Th