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Share your Love, Trust and Care with an Amazing Wedding Cake

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If you are preparing for a DIY wedding then Modern Wedding offer you unique and awesome tips to incorporate personal labours of love in your wedding day. Read now to get information on wedding cake decoration and cake toppers.


  • 1. Share your Love, Trust and Care with an Amazing Wedding Cake
  • 2. Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy! C. Joy Bell
  • 3. Weddings in Australia customarily have been celebrated with a special cake and breaking a cake over the brides head is considered as a symbol of good fortune by our ancestors. Looking for the best ideas to make your wedding fancy enough? Wedding cakes just as wedding outfits follows different styles.
  • 4. Wedding Cake Flavour Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about the decoration of your dream wedding cake but its also important to choose a delicious and beautiful flavour that suits your wedding style. Wedding cakes comes in any flavour you think of! Chocolate mudcake, caramel mudcake, rich fruit cake and hummingbird cake are the popular choice of brides around the world.
  • 5. Wedding Cake Design Your wedding cake design not only reflects your personal style but also the menu and dcor of your wedding reception. So make sure that the design fits the theme of your wedding reception. ou may need a traditional wedding cake with royal icing or a frosted cake with large amount of cream. Refer wedding magazines or consult your wedding planner to inspire yourself from the most popular wedding cake design.
  • 6. Wedding Cake Topper Most of the best things in life come in small packages! Wedding cake toppers are the simplest and the finest way to reveal the theme of your wedding and serves as a wonderful memento of your wedding for years to come. Choose unusual wedding toppers that send a social message how you feel about the events and adornments of your wedding.
  • 7. Searching for creative ideas to make your special day more memorable? Visit : Call : 02 9939 7000 Email : [email protected]