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<ul><li>1.CREATE A ROMANTIC BEDROOM OASIS Tina Delia, Delia Designs</li></ul> <p>2. Banish clutterBanish clutter. Its tempting to use your bedroom space to store gifts, odds and ends, things that dont yet have a home.Do not do this. Pick a closet for things youd like to use, but arent ready for just yet. If you dont have a closet, seek abasement, attic space, or commercial storage for new items, your wedding dress, or out of season items. Also, now is thetime to find a new home for duplicate pieces or furniture that just doesnt fit in your bedroom. 3. Beneath the bed is the go-to place for storing out-of-season clothing and extralinens. Keep dust bunnies away from whats stored under your bed withshallow wicker or canvas boxes. These smart containers have handles oneach side, making them easy to grab and transport as needed. 4. If you find your bedroom houses more than linens and clothing and theres apileup of paper, magazines, and photos at your bedside, employ built-in storagesolutions to corral such items. This large built-in bookcase found a home in thismaster bedroom. When the drapes are closed, it gives the space a soft sensualfeel and the best part is all of that stuff is tucked away allowing romance to takecenter stage. 5. An end-of-the-bed bench is a plus for any bedroom. Large drawers store extrablankets and out-of-season clothing out of sight but within easy reach. 6. Window Treatments to Shut Out the WorldFor total relaxationessential to romancea bedroom should shut out the outside world, by way of blackout curtains orlayered window treatments. A three-fold layering such as wooden blinds, topped by sheers, topped by floor-to-ceilingdraperies will create the most soothing effect."I love the elegance of a whole wall of drapery, ceiling to floor." 7. Warm up the color schemeChoose a favorite item, like aphoto, a soft throw, abedspread, and make this thebasis of your color scheme.Colors that add a sense ofluxury and excitement includegold, or burgundy, or a richviolet. Just the right dash ofbold, warm color can go a longway to spark excitement and sexappeal. 8. Body-flattering choices for bedroom wall color include: pale hues ofrose, blue, lavender or gray. Avoid green or yellow: No one looks good in a greenreflection; yellow can make skin appear jaundiced. 9. Its easy to turn up the heat in this dramatic and dreamy master bedroom. A creamytufted headboard is a bold contrast against deep blue walls and looks especiallydesirable paired with crisp white linens. For an added punch of color, freshly pickedred flowers are a romantic addition to the nightstands. 10. This is a Romantic and regalgetaway with smoky blue walls, asilk tufted headboard and a softmohair blanket. Luxuriousfurnishings and soft lighting areperfect additions to such an elegantspace. 11. Neutral colors paired withromantic and elegantelements like the glasschandelier, tuftedheadboard, upholstered inVelvet, and raspberry pillowmake this bedroomcozy, feminine, and cool. 12. Romantic doesnt necessarily mean girly. I love the glamorous and darkcolor scheme, especially when paired with reflective satins and metals. 13. Highlight thebed 14. It is a bedroom, after all. Dont be afraid to make the bed the focus andmake the message romantic. 15. If you dont have a headboard, call on a little creativity to help make the bedattractive and inviting. Paint can be useful here. Use a warm accent color on thewall behind the bed. Paint the rest of the room a softer color. 16. If your situation doesnt allow for painting, you can hang a group of pictures above thebed, or images from your honeymoon or a special trip together. Look for a specialitem like a quilt, a series of photos, or even a well-crafted gate borrowed from thegarden for a unique, expressive headboard. 17. Dont be afraid to utilize a big, bold wall paper. It sets a very sexy mood. 18. The willowy canopy and curtains give the master bedroom of this home an airy andtranquil but secluded and intimate feel. "Most people love a canopy bed, and sleepingunder all that white voile is dreamy," 19. Use luxurious linens on the bed. Take advantage of the cozy feel and inviting textureof fabric. Place a soft throw, a folded plush blanket or a few accent pillows on your bedto dial up the romance factor. 20. Crisp white sheets in thread counts ranging from 450 to 650 create the sexiest tactileexperience in terms of bedding. Keep the sheets plain; go no fancier than a topsheet with embroidery. And dont go overboard with too many pillows. Its not sexy tohave a romantic interlude put on pause while all the pillows are removed. 21. Take inspirationfrom somethingyou both love 22. For inspiration, search for images that are high in romance. Determine what youboth like, and enjoy the process of exploring how to mix and match your differenttastes. 23. Buy things you know you will never tire of. Ive found out that if you lovesomething, youll find a place for it." 24. You may find your tastes run in opposite directions, as in, she lovesmodern, he loves antiques. Blending these styles together can make aroom look like it truly belongs to both of you. To combine your differentpreferences together, first decide which style predominates among thepieces you are keeping. Treat this as the main style, with accentscoming from the other look. Let each unique piece have its own voice.Similarities like color and line can allow different items to work together. 25. Final Touches to Set the MoodMusic:Nothing says romance like the right kind of music, so createa playlist just for the bedroom. Dont use your everydayplaylist. And make sure its a playlist that can go on forhourstheres nothing worse than having the music stopbefore you want it to.Candles:A scented candle appeals to the sense of smell, which is keyto intimacy and arousal. Choose a long-burning candle, andtry different scentsfrom jasmine to pepper, find what youlike.Serenity:The bedroom should be a soothing place for a couple. No cellphones, no Blackberry, no TV, no computer. 26. Review1. Banish Clutter.2. Shut out the world with window treatments.3. Warm up your color scheme.4. Highlight the bed.5. Take inspiration from something you both love.6. Music.7. Candles.8. Serenity. </p>