create a magazine-cover look with ten easy makeup tips

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Having a makeup just like celebrities on magazine covers is not that difficult. Here are 10 easy makeup tips you can follow that will have you look fabulous from dawn till dusk!


  • 1. Create A Magazine-Cover Look With Ten Easy Makeup TipsAuthor: Emily Irwin | Article Source | Like UrbaneWomen On Facebook1. Cleansing Skin The Right WayUse lukewarm water, not hot water, to wash your face.Pat it dry with a towel (dont rub), and put on moisturizerimmediately afterward.Using hot water on your face is likely to make your skin dry andred, and to lead to broken capillaries and rosacea.2. How To Keep Your Skin Looking YouthfulThe key to maintaining a healthy, youthful look isexfoliation.As an added bonus, exfoliation improves your skins abilityto absorb moisturizers!3. Sunscreen is Not Just for Beach Days! As wonderful as your skins ability to repair itself is, repeated damage over time still adds up, making your skin look old before its time. The number-one factor that causes skin damage is exposure to the sun. To keep your skin looking and feeling young, never leave home without putting on sunscreen.

2. 4. Remember to Use Primer!Primers job is to hold your makeup in place for howeverlong you want it to stay in place.You can use it all over your face, including lips and eyelids.5. How To Create A Cleaner Makeup LookTry putting eye makeup on first, followed by concealer andface makeup.If you clean off any powder residue and smudges from youreye makeup before you add face makeup, all your makeupwill have a cleaner look to it.6. Make Peach Your Go-To Makeup ColorPeach makeup adds luster to a dull skin tone every time.Whenever you feel your look needs freshening up, just puton some peach lip gloss and blush.Peach complements all skin tones because its halfwaybetween a warm color and a cool color. 3. 7. Add A Little LipstickBrightening your lips with lipstick can always brighten upyour entire look, with or without other makeup.8. Perfect The Art Of Applying EyelinerIt takes effort and practice to learn to apply eyeliner to theinner rims of your eyelids, but once youve mastered the skill,it will serve you well.We have an instinctive fear of and resistance to having anyobject that close to our eyeballs, but once you know how tokeep that feeling under control, you can add a subtle degree ofsexiness to your look every day, even if you keep your othermakeup to a minimum.9. Eye Pencils Can Make Your Eyes Appear Larger Try lining the inner rims of your eyelids with an eye pencil that matches the color of your skin. This technique gives your eye a clean, fresh appearance and makes it look much bigger than it is. 4. 10. Use A Facial MistTo add moisture to your face and give it a glow, especiallyduring hot weather, use a mister of pure rosewater to mistyour face periodically during the day.Article Source: Do you have dry/oily/combination/acne prone skin? Which type of skincare/makeup products is suitable for your skin condition? What brush should you use to apply your makeup? Find the answer to all these and more at UrbaneWomen and you will be applying makeup like a professional in no time!