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Create a Facebook Fan Page

Create a Facebook Fan PageCarrie J. Bey-Little

1 Log into

2Select Create a PageLocated at the bottom of facebook

3Choose your page type

Perfect for WCRPerfect for a REALTOR4Title your pageAdd content and your website Click next

5Add your photo

6Add your page to Favorites

7Admin Panel

Edit your page and manage your audience, Hide when not needed8Share the work load

Give someone else the right to post and upload photos9

Log into to FacebookYour new Business Page is located in FavoritesClick to start posting Locate Your Page10Own Your Facebook DomainClick Update Page info

11Page Address

12Create the Page Name 25 Likes needed

13Facebook TipsPost DailyEvery other dayAt randomOr give others the ability to help you share dont do this aloneThe more you share the easier it is to find your page on Google.After 25 LIKES own your domain14You Cant Break it!Share content, Videos and Photos15