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Dungeon Crawl Classics digital magazine


  • 1Credits:

    Reverend Dak & Brett Miller

    Reverend Dak

    Brad Littman

    Brett Miller,

    Count Spatula,

    Brett Miller

    This product is based on the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game,

    published by Goodman Games. This product is published under license.

    Dungeon Crawl Classics and DCC RPG are trademarks of Goodman

    Games. All rights reserved. For additional information, visit or contact


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  • 2Divine Aid!

    Why Crawl!? I have been playing the Original game since, I

    believe, 1979. When I was a kid I used to write, compile and collect

    house-rules, new material and art for my game. All I had was a pad

    of graph paper and a friend with the original Blue Box, the

    Holmes Edition. At first we totally played it wrong. By the time I

    owned the original Red Box, then the Players Handbook, I was

    playing it right, and had piles of hand written supplements and

    house-rules. My life has never been the same. It was crazy how

    much we played during those years, and even crazier how much

    time we spent (re)interpreting the rules, imagining new characters,

    creating new magic weapons and drafting out the domains of our

    (cheating) high-leveled heroes. Those were the days. Since the

    release of DCC RPG, this is the first time since those times that Ive

    been inspired to create, collect and share stuff for any game. And

    thats what Crawl! is, a fanzine made by fans for fans. I hope what

    I do here will expand and inspire your own game and make your

    adventures as enjoyable and exciting as mine have been since I

    first started gaming decades ago. Let me know what you think. And

    if you want to contribute, dont hesitate to submit. Sharing is part

    of the hobby. And, I dont mind doing all the work making these

    little booklets for everyone to enjoy.

    This issue features a new patron created by a player in my weekly

    home campaign, Brett Miller. His character was a wizard, and the

    patron is himself from the future! There is also some amazing art

    by Brett and from another player in the group, who only wants to

    go by her character's name, Count Spatula. The rest of the articles

    are some rules used in my home campaign written by yours truly.

    One starts a series of converting OSR (Old-School Renaissance) and

    Older Edition materials for use in DCC RPG! Several of the articles

    also make use of a new Variable DCs rule found on page 16.

    Enjoy and (Adventure) Party On!

    The Reverend Dak, April 2, 2012

    (Dungeon) Master-in-Chief

    P.S. This issue is dedicated to my Thursday Night D&D Group, who

    have made these past few months of gaming the best in a long,

    long, time.

  • 3Wizards & Warriors! Part 1

    Pulp Fantasy and Swords & Sorcery Campaigns

    Van Der Dandenclanden! Part 1

    A patron from the imminent future by Brett Miller

    Save or Die!

    New death and dying rules

    Variable DCs!

    New rules for non-combat task resolution

    OSR Conversions: Spells!

    Using classic, old-edition, spells



    Any and all submissions are totally welcome. Please send a nice

    email with your submission as a minimally formatted .doc, .txt or

    .rtf (not .docx) attachment, or linked at an open and free document

    sharing service, to If its good, itll be

    included. All contributors and artists retain full ownership of their

    submission, and are free to publish, re-use, re-write or even sell

    their material as they see fit as long as it doesnt conflict with the

    DCC RPG and Goodman Games license. Each issue will go through a

    final approval stage with Goodman Games per compatibility li-

    cense. Copyleft and Creative Commons are also allowed, but please

    state or declare what attributions and licenses you permit. See for more information.


    Crawl! fanzine is made available exclusively as an old-school prin-

    ted, hand-folded and stapled zine. Individual issues and

    subscriptions are available at






  • 4ArtbyCountSpatula

  • 5Wizards and Warriors! Part 1

    Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG makes for an excellent Sword &

    Sorcery game campaign. S&S is rooted in the pulp fiction of Robert

    E. Howards Conan and Fritz Leibers Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser,

    among others. It is distinctly different from popular forms of

    Fantasy, such as high fantasy of the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien and their

    traditional tropes like Elves and mundane magic. S&S is typically

    grittier and the magic tends to be dangerous if not flat out scary.

    For DCC RPG to fit the S&S mold, the removal of demi-humans (such

    as elves & dwarves) is the first obvious step. Its easy enough to

    ignore the demi-human races from DCC RPG because theyre not

    necessary for basic play. The magic system, fortunately, is rare and

    dangerous by default. While classes such as the Thief and Cleric ar-

    guably don't have a place in S&S, they have important roles that

    would be missed in standard DCC RPG play. The following hacks

    can be used to replace demi-humans during character generation,

    along with solutions for removing Thieves and Clerics (as you


    Humans Only

    Mankind is at the center of Sword & Sorcery adventures. Anything

    that isn't human are considered unusual, and extraordinary, if not

    inherently evil. Its easy enough to not use the Dwarf, Elf and

    Halfling classes. When rolling the Occupation (see core rules) re-

    roll any demi-humans, drop the reference to a race or replace

    demi-human results with one of the following occupations: (d10)

    1 Miner Pick (as club) and Lantern

    2 Hermit Club and Animal skin

    3 Carpenter Saw (as dagger) and Plank ofwood

    4 Fisherman Knife (as dagger) and Net

    5 Sailor Scimitar (as short sword) and Bottle of rum

    6 Butcher Knife (as dagger) and 1 lb ofmeat

    7 Handyman Hammer (as club) and Nails

    8 Inn/Bar-keeper Club and Flask ofwine

    9 Brewer Mallet (as club) and Bottle of beer

    10 Artist Dart and Paint & brushes

  • 6Youre all thieves!

    Sometimes you have to be a bit more subtle than kicking down

    every door to get to the loot. Tricky traps and tall towers shouldnt

    stop a pack of cutthroats from reaching their gold. All classes

    should have access to certain skills classically reserved to the Thief

    class. One solution is to give every class access to thief skills. The

    simplest method is to use the Thief Skills by Level and Alignment

    Table, and give Warriors and Wizards all the appropriate skills

    according to their level, except Backstab (which in my opinion is a

    purely Thief class feature, but this is optional.) Apply the PCs Agility

    modifiers and dont forget Armor Check penalties.

    The following is an alternate set of rules to simplify the thief-like

    skill checks.

    Thieving Skills

    An alternative skill system

    Its not that far fetched to assume that all PCs are skilled in the ways

    of adventuring, looting and stealing. It can be argued that all

    adventurers should be able to climb, open locks and hide in the

    dark. If the PC attempts any Thief-like acts, just have them make a

    simple skill check. Use their Level, and factor in any Armor Check

    penalties and appropriate Ability modifiers. Use the following

    Table: Thieving Skills, for the base DC. (Judges should increase the

    difficulty when needed.) Recommended Ability is listed, and

    Sneak Silently: Agility, DC 18 (Hard)

    Hide in Shadows: Agility, DC 18 (Hard)

    Pickpocket: Agility, DC 18 (Hard)

    Climb Sheer Surfaces: Agility or Strength, DC 7 (Easy, Stone Wall) to

    DC 22 (Impossible, Glass surface)

    Pick Lock: Agility, DC 10 (Routine) to DC 22 (Impossible)

    Find Trap: Intelligence, DC 15 (Moderate) to DC 22


    Disable Trap: Agility, DC 18 (Hard) to DC 22 (Impossible)

    Forge Document: Agility, DC 18 (Hard)

    Disguise Self: Personality, DC 18 (Difficult)

    Read Languages: Intelligence, DC 22 (Impossible)

    Handle Poison: Luck, DC 18 (Difficult)

    Thieving Skills: Roll d20+CL+Ability Modifier-Armor Check

  • 7variable DCs are found in parenthesis if using Variable DCs, the

    alternative skill system on page 16 in this issue.

    No Clerical Healing

    There are those that dont think Clerics fit the Sword & Sorcery

    genre. The easiest solution is to omit the Cleric class from the

    campaign. The most missed effect would be healing. Blessing can

    be replaced by a Warriors Mighty Deed ofArms, through a Rallying

    Maneuver. Healing can be replaced by allowing more hit-points or

    faster healing. The following optional rules allow for extra HP to be

    healed between encounters.

    Hit Dice Pools

    One option would be Hit Dice pools. Here's how HD pools work. For

    every point of Stamina, the character has an extra reserve of HD.

    For example a Warrior with a Stamina of 14 has 14 d12 HD in

    reserve, while a Wizard with a Stamina of 9 would have 9 d4 HD.

    While resting between fights, with a minimum of one turn of

    uninterrupted rest, a