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Craig Lynn Ray


Craig L Ray

318-491-3253 (Mobile) OBJECTIVE

To use my education, professional training, and work experience toward the betterment of myself, my family, and the community I serve.


Experienced knowledge in the instrumentation environment. Experience involves, DCS and PLC knowledge; calibration of all Smart Instruments and of all software involved. Calibration of all pneumatic and electronic instruments. I am also experienced in shooting loops, functional testing, troubleshooting, programming and all other start-up activities. Trained supervisory experience includes Start Up I-n-C Lead, Field Engineer, Owners Rep, QA/QC Inspector and Commissioning Management. Very familiar with functional check out and general start up on GE 7FA dual fuel CT, LM 2500 Plus turbines, LM 6000 turbines and Solar turbines also Nems, Deltak, Nooter/Erikson HRSGs & FWNA CFB,s. Very familiar with Fisher DVC 6000 Series Smart Positioners, Allen Bradley Bulletin 1742 Modular Automation Controller, 1740 Operator Terminal and SLC-500,Control Logics, Foxboro I/A System, GE Mark 6, Honeywell TDC 3000 & C300 Systems, ST-3000 Transmitters, Moore APACS I/O, Bailey Infa Net 90,Emerson Ovation, Yokogawa Centum 3000 Fieldbus, Fisher Pneumatic Controllers and Recorders, Rosemount Mag Flow, Micro Motion, Rosemount 3095 Series Multi Variable Transmitters with Hart Triloop, 3244 Rosemount Temp., Gas Detectors, Vortex Flow Meters, Valtek, Ohmart Nuclear Levels, Taylor, Masoneilan, Krohne, Programming Bentley Navada rack configuration, Westinghouse, Yokogawa, Fisher 5000 Series Diagnostic Flow Scanner, Sodium, Silica, Ph, Conductivity, No, No2, Nox, Co, So2, HCL, and 02 Analyzers, Certification of CEMS equipment etc.


INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE: Instrumentation CourseGraduate 1989

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70817


Graduate 1986

Oakdale, Louisiana 71463


PRC- Mill Creek FGD Project- Louisville, KY

Aug 2014-Present

Lead I&C/DCS Commissioning Engineer

Commissioning a Four unit coal burner back end FGD project with Babcock wet flue gas scrubbers, Howden ID fans, Clyde Bergerman Bag houses, UCC ash systems using Honeywell C300 DCS system, also worked as DCS lead preforming logic changes and functional checkout. Setting up all Modbus communications and check out, DCS FATCB&I - Entergy Ninemile Six Project- Westwego, Louisiana

Jan 2014 July 2014SR. I&C Commissioning Engineer

Commissioned a 2 on 1 Combine Cycle Power Plant using Emerson Ovation DCS system for BOP, Mark 6 control for GE 7FA Turbines, DEHC control system for Toshiba STGCB&I POWER GROUP- Virginia City Dominion UtilitiesAug 2010 to Dec 2013SR. I&C/DCS Commissioning Engineer:

Commissioned a two on one Coal burning CFB with a 600 MW Toshiba Steam Turbine using an Emerson Ovation DCS system, GE water treatment, DEHC Toshiba for turbine control along with Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC,s for aux systems. Also Responsible for CEMS equipment & performed all electrical design changes, did warranty and final acceptance with the client, CEMS FAT.Shaw Group- Shaw Group Main Office, Charlotte, North CarolinaJune 2010-Aug 2010Lead I-n-C Commissioning Engineer:

Constructing Training Modules for the upcoming Dominion CFB project, Engineering Instrument and Control design for the project. DCS FATShaw Group- CLECO R3 CFB Project- Lena, LouisianaApril 2008-April 2010Lead I-n-C Commissioning Engineer:Commissioned a two on one Pet coke burning CFB with a 600 MW Hitachi Steam Turbine using an ABB Infa Net DCS system, GE Mark 6 for turbine control along with Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC,s for aux systems. Also Certified CEMS equipmentETEC- Progress Energy FGD Project-Roxboro Plant, North CarolinaJanuary 2007-April 2008I-n-C Commissioning Engineer:Commissioned a four scrubber FGD with material handling & gypsum system using an Emerson Ovation DCS system with AMS, along with Foundation Fieldbus and Device Net I/O. Owners Rep before commissioning activities.Precision Resources- Huntington Environmental Project-Huntington, UtahJune 2006-Dec 2006Lead I-n-C Start Up Field Engineer:Commissioned a scrubber and bathhouse FGD unit with lime injection to lower So2 ratings

on a two unit coal burning power plant using an Emerson Ovation DCS system for control.

Barlow Projects-Barlow Harrisburg Project-Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

May 2005-January 2006

Lead I-n-C Start Up Field Engineer: Commissioning a 3 on 1 trash burning facility with a Yokogawa Centum 3000 Foundation Fieldbus system and a 80mw Dresser Rand steam turbine generator. Certified CEMS and Final Acceptance TestBarlow Group-Jacksonville Electrical Authority-Jacksonville, Florida

June 2004-December 2004

Lead I-n-C Start Up Field Engineer: Coordinated all pre-commission, commissioning and performance testing on a 2 on 1 combine-cycle power plant with GE 7FA combustible turbines

D11 steam turbine, GE hydrogen filled generators, Nooter/Erikson HRSGS and Mark 6 controls. CEMS FAT Also performed CEMS certification.

Barlow Group-Georgia Power Combined Cycle Power Plant-Franklin, GA

June 2003-March 2004

Lead I-n-C Start Up Engineer: Coordinated all pre-commission, commissioning and performance testing on a 2 on 1 combine-cycle power plant with GE 7FA combustible turbines D11 steam turbine, GE hydrogen filled generators, Nooter/Erikson HRSGS and Mark 6 controls. Also performed CEMS certification.

Barlow Group-Tenaska Combined Cycle Power Plant-Billingsley, AL

November 2002-May 2003

I-n-C Lead Technician: Pre-commissioning, commissioning and performance testing on a 3 on1 combined cycle power plant with MS 7001 FA combustible turbines, GE steam turbine, GE hydrogen filled generators, Deltak HRSGs Mark VI controls on turbine and ABB Infa 90 controls on BOP, also performed certification test on CEMS.

Barlow Group-Pinnacle West Combined Cycle Power Plant-Phoenix, AZ

March 2002-August 2002

I-n-C Start up Lead Technician: Coordinated all pre-commissioning, commissioning, and performance testing on a 4 on 2 combined cycle power plant with G.E. 7FA combustible turbines, alstom steam turbines, Nems HRSGs and ABB Infa net 90 controls.

Udelhoven-Williams Refinery-Memphis, TN

January 2002-February 2002

Instrumentation Technician: Pre-commissioning on Crude Unit upgrade, start up coverage.

Udelhoven-British Petroleum-Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

September 2001-October 2001

Instrumentation Technician: Functional check out and start up on General Electric LM 6000 and LM 2500 turbines and Solar turbine.Barlow Group-Mirant Combine Cycle Power Plant-Laguna Park, TX

April 2001-June 2001

Instrumentation Lead Technician: Commissioning, Performance Testing and start up on ABB Alstom 110 MW Steam Turbine, Generator and Westinghouse DCS System.

Udelhoven-BP/Amoco-Venezuela, South America

January 2001-February 2001

Instrumentation Technician: Commissioning and start up on Fire and Gas System and Dehydration Unit.

Udelhoven-Vector Pipeline-Detroit, MI

September 2000-December 2000

Instrumentation Technician: Commissioning and start up on all Main Line Block Valve Stations, Compressor and Metering Stations.

American Instruments-Phillips Petroleum-Bay City, TX.

May 2000 to August 2000

Instrumentation Inspector: QA\QC commissioning all instrumentation in the plant.Udelhoven Inc.-Williams-Memphis, TN

April 2000 to May 2000

Instrumentation Technician: Selling all loops on the net and recycle gas compressors. Setting up and programming Bentley Nevada control system. Start up coverage.

Technical Automation Services- Monsanto Pharmaceutical-Augusta, Ga.

January 2000 to March 2000

Metrology Lab Technician: Performed all calibration and loop verifications using the honeywell 20/20 system calibrator in automatic and uploading all calibration data into honeywell data base system, following all standards, nist codes and procedures.

Sun Technical- Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant-Glenrose Tx.

September 1999 to October 1999

Instrument Technician: Calibrating all control valves using the Fisher 5000 Series Diagnostic Flow Scanner, Start up coverage.

Ref Chem Corp.- Lyondel-Westlake, La.

August 1999 to September 1999

Instrument Foreman: Instructed and Supervised 3 Technicians while performing calibrations, loop checks, etc.

H.T. Services- IMC Arigo-Tampa Bay, Florida

June 1999 to July 1999

Instrument Technician: Functional checkout for Allen Bradley PLC 5 and local loops in field. Bench calibrations, troubleshooting, etc.

Integrated Technical Solutions, Inc.- Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.-St. Joseph, MO

May 1999 - June 1999

Instrument Field Engineer: Building and constructing all loop packages, writing all calibrations procedures for all instruments in the biological unit. Validating all instrumentation within the Pharmaceutical, etcSun Technical- Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant-Glenrose, TX

March 1999 - April 1999

Instrument Technician: Functional Checkout, Troubleshooting, Bench and Wet

Calibrations, Testing 7300 Westinghouse System, also performed Flow Balance Test for Safety Injection System, and performed maintenance on Kinemetric Seimic Equipment

Instrument Technology International- Shell-Deerpark, TX

January 1999 to February 1999

Instrument Technician: Field Calibrations, Troubleshooting, Loop Checks, Functional Check Out on all Pneumatic Loops, Rebuilding trim on all Fisher Control Valves, Start Up Coverage.Technical Diagnostic Services- Equilon\Texaco-Long Beach CA.

January 1999 to January 1999

Instrument Technician: Field Calibrations, Functional Check Out, Three-day class on the Honeywell 20\20 System Calibrator, Start Up Coverage.

J.E. Merit- Westlake Petrochem\Lipex Unit-Sulphur, LA.

June 1998 to October 1998

Instrument Technician: Inter-Lock function checks and start up coverage. Setting up and starting Y2K Millennium Inventory update of all instruments.

Brown-N-Root- Westlake Petrochem\Lipex Project-Sulphur, LA.

March 1998 to June 1998

Instrument Technician: Bench and Field Calibrations, Loop Checks, Troubleshooting, client walkdowns..

Schedule A Inc.- Masters Creek Gas Plant-Pitkin, LA.

April 1997 to March 1998

Instrument Technician: Verified P-N-ID drawings for Project, Coordinated Loop and Spec Checks to Field Instrumentation, Validated all Control Valves, Loop Checks, Inter-Lock Function Checks, Troubleshooting, and Start Up Coverage.

Southern Electric- Arizona Chemical-Oakdale, LA.

March 1997 to April 1997

Instrument Inspector: QA/QC, Commissioning, Start Up of all Instrumentation within the plant.

Turner- Hidmont Plant-Sulphur, LA.

September 1996 to December 1996

Instrument Foreman: Set up Calibration and Valve Repair Shop, Supervised six (6) technicians. Ordered all instrument materials, tools, and equipment from prints. Supervised instrument crew during construction of three (3) production facilities.

Vector Electric & Controls- PPG Plant-Sulphur, LA.

September 1995 to September 1996

Instrument Tech: Loop Checks, Calibrations of Transmitters and Valves, Function checks, SUTurner- Hidmont Plant-Sulphur, LA.

July 1995 to September 1995 Instrument Technician: Functional Checkout for PLC, DCS, and local loops on refrigeration and recycle gas compressors. Responsible for vendor research, loop building, working with vendors, clients, and engineers to complete instrumentation.

Byrd Instruments- Arizona Chemical-Oakdale, LA.

June 1995 to July 1995

Instrument Technician: Bench Calibrations and Loop Checks of all instrumentation during Start Up and PLC Programming.

Prior Work History and References Available Upon Request