craig j. nichols, secretary purchasing directors’ meeting february 20, 2014

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Craig J. Nichols, Secretary Purchasing Directors’ Meeting February 20, 2014

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  • Craig J. Nichols, Secretary Purchasing Directors Meeting February 20, 2014
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  • Agenda Introductions & Welcome Comments Kelley Scott MFMP Kasey Bickley Professional Development and Governance Veronica McCrackin Bureau Chiefs - New Contracts, Renewals, and Upcoming Solicitations Hot Topics All 2
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  • MyFloridaMarketPlace Utilization Update We continue to see improvements in MFMP utilization. In 2014, the MFMP team will be focusing utilization support on catalog utilization (Metric 3) and eQuote utilization (Metric 5). In the next few months we will be reaching out to schedule both eQuote and catalog focus groups. 3
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  • MyFloridaMarketPlace CR 155: Commodity Code Restructuring The MFMP team met with agency system administrators on February 6 for a system administrator focus group to discuss the changes to agency workflows for the commodity code project and explain the review process. 4
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  • Professional Development Project Management Professional Classes Tentatively scheduled for June 2014 In March and April we will contact agency purchasing directors to determine potential attendees based on agency need. 5
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  • Governance RESPECT of Florida RESPECT of Florida is the designated central non-profit agency for Florida that works with other non-profit organizations around the state that employ persons with disabilities. Section 413.036, Florida Statutes, requires agencies to purchase certified products from RESPECT if they meet the price, quality and delivery requirements of the customer. 6
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  • Governance PRIDE Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc. (PRIDE) is a nationally recognized inmate training company operating agriculture, sewn products, graphics, manufacturing, and services facilities throughout the State of Florida. Section 945.515(2), Florida Statutes, requires agencies to purchase certified products from PRIDE if not available from RESPECT and are of comparable price, quality and performance specifications. 7
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  • Governance 8 REPECT and PRIDE RESPECT has a punchout catalog in MFMP and their website is PRIDE has a line item catalog in MFMP and their website is Contract manager for RESPECT and PRIDE: Frank Miller (850) 488-7516 [email protected]
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  • Goods Bureau Actions Completed MRO (450-000-11-1 ACS) renewed through February 2017 Upcoming Renewals Boat Motors (120-440-08-1) renewing through March 2015 Tires (863-000-10-1) renewing through February 2015 Bulk Paper (645-120-10-1) renewing through March 2015 Equipment and Tool Rental (518-410-13-ACS) plan to renew through March 2017 Educational and Institutional Furniture (420-420-10-1) plan to renew through 2016 9
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  • Goods Bureau Upcoming Solicitations Live Capture Fingerprint Equipment ITB to be released late February or early March Capacity Management and Natural Gas revised and will be released late February or early March 10
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  • Goods Bureau LP Gas Nationwide shortage Crop drying in Midwest Unusually cold winter Prices increase as supply diminishes May strain budgets 11
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  • Services and Special Projects Bureau Solicitations PCard Response evaluation in progress Pharmacy GPO DOAH recommended order upheld DMS award 12
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  • Services and Special Projects Bureau Upcoming Solicitations Mail Services RFP in review and anticipate launch in late February or early March Temporary Staffing Continuing to work with users to refine necessary scope Working on proposed solutions Equipment Maintenance and Management Services Surveyed agency users Currently researching options Online Legal Database Services Continuing to work with agencies to determine need and desired scope 13
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  • Services and Special Projects Bureau Updates Management Consulting/Financial & Auditing Services (973-000- 14-01 and 973-000-14-02) Revising quarterly report to improve data quality Agencies may want to begin requesting copy from vendor RFQs need to state only vendors on STC are eligible to receive award Mail Services (991-530-12-1) Pitney Bowes Management Services is transitioning to Novitex Enterprise Solutions, Inc. The amendment will be posted on the bulletin board and on the State Purchasing contract website. 14
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  • IT/Telecom Bureau Solicitations Re-bid of Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software ITB (#19-252-035-M) launched February 4, 2014 Vendor meeting held February 12, 2014 Responses due March 17, 2014 Network Infrastructure ITB (15-250-000-X) Launched on February 11, 2014 Responses due March 25, 2014 15
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  • Hot Topics Open Discussion 16