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Post on 21-May-2015




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An upcoming Market Strategies research program into US consumer demand for Connected Cars


  • 1. C@RConsumer Appetite for Wireless on Wheels Announcing exciting new insights, coming this Fall

2. Connected Cars a topic long on promise, but short on actual insight To date, all the focus has been on OEM strategies and technology advances but how much do we really know about consumer awareness and appetite for wireless on wheels? 3. Market Strategies is changing all this: Introducing a nationwide research program to provide industry stakeholders with critical insights into the US Connected Car market and, more specifically, Consumer Awareness, Attitudes and Usage (AAU).C@R 4. The C@R Program Consumer Research In-depth research measuring Consumer Awareness, Attitudes and Usage of Connected Car technologies. Industry Report Detailed report of the AAU data, plus Case Studies and Thought Leadership articles from key industry players. Research Expansions Bouquet of follow-on projects that build upon the original research and explore new areas of industry interest. DATA RELEASED TO MARKET: November 2013 REPORT LAUNCHED: January 2014 at CES, Las Vegas WORKING WITH CLIENTS: 1Q 2014 onwards 5. C@R will Be the #1 source of Industry-defining Insight into consumer demand for Connected Cars Provide multiple, Must-have Research Tools with Highly Granular Data Create Massive Press Coverage and anchor numerous industry events Profile the Market Leaders and their Success Stories Drive the Debateacross all industries in the Connected Car sector Automotive, Telecom, Tech and others 6. 6 Getting Involved WHY? DESIGN the research plan in collaboration with Market Strategies. DISCOVER what consumers really want with Industry-defining insights. RECEIVE world-class presentations and reports to share with stakeholders GAIN extensive market exposure through the power of PR. LEVERAGE a truly exceptional marketing opportunity. LEAD the Industry debate. HOW? SPONSORSHIP: Your organization receives full branding rights to the research, report and associated PR. CASE STUDIES: Submit a case study to profile your solution within the Industry Report. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Submit a thought leadership article for inclusion within the Industry Report editorial. DATA ACCESS: Purchase access to the consumer insights data and/or copies of the Industry Report. 7. Paul Hartley Vice President: Research & Consulting 7 T: 678 799 7375 | C: 678 620 8890 | E: paul.hartley@marketstrategies.com Interested? C@R launches in just a few weeks and interest is already extremely high. Were currently engaging with select partners to alert them to the project and provide them with first option to participate. We are not looking for any commitment now. If you would like to collaborate with us on the research, submit a case study, be a sponsor of the project or get involved in any way, please confirm your Expression of Interest now by responding to our email, or by contacting me directly at the details below. Deadline for initial Expressions of Interest is August 30th, 2013.


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