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Lab Report for my CPE 329 final project - an Arduino based cycle computer. Includes hardware diagrams, source code and operation instructions.


Final Project: Cycle Computer Bench #3: Chris Polis, Grant Frame CPE 329 SPR 2012, Harris Overview For our final project we built a cycle computer that tracks the can be mounted on a bicycle to track speed and temperature as well as control LEDs. We chose this project because it is something practical and was a challenge to build. Hardware The hardware we used for the project were: Arduino Uno (ATMega328P) 16 x 2 LCD Module with HD44780 controller 4 LEDs and 330 pull down resistors 2 switches Hall Effect (Magnetic field) sensor, mounted to bicycle fork, with 10k resistor Magnet attached to bike rim Temperature sensor(TMP36) 9V battery and snap connector to barrel plug

Fig. 1: System Block Diagram

Fig. 2: Individual Component Schematics


Testing We first used the temperature sensor from project 3 and made sure it was functional and giving correct values on the oscilloscope. We then hooked up the LCD and made sure we were able to print to it. Next, we tested the hall effect sensor with the oscilloscope to test its range and sensitivity with the magnet we were using. This sensor gave us the most trouble - it operated differently when hooked up to the Arduino than it did when hooked up straight to the scope. Once we were able to get expected input, we hooked up switches, LEDs and wrote our program. Lastly, we connected the Arduino to 9V and attached the device to a bike. We realized that the hall effect sensor had to be connected in precisely the right position to capture the effect of the magnet moving past it. I rode my bike with a commercial cycle computer to check for accuracy, and our device ended up being really accurate - it always had