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    CPA Philip Kakaiwww.philipk aka

    For ICPAK Council Member 2020


    Philip Kakai

    Member No. 3767


  • Professional & Educational Qualifications

    I hold a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration Degree from Moi University. I also hold a Certificate in Strategic Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) from the Kenya school of Government; Certificate in Public Sector Financial Management Programme from ESAMI, Arusha, Tanzania; and Certificate in Project Risk Management from ABB University in Zurich, Switzerland.

    I am a member in good standing of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) for the last 16 years. I have over 20 year’s extensive experience in Leadership, Financial Accounting and Management, Budget Management, Audit and Project Management gained from both the Public and Private sector.

    Career & Leadership I am currently the Assistant Director of Finance in charge of

    Revenue and Deposits at the Judiciary. I have previously served as an Ag. Director Finance and an Ag. Deputy Director Accounts at the same Institution. Prior to Joining the Judiciary in 2013, I served as the Finance Manager of Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) Limited for 8 years having risen from a Senior Accountant. I started my Accounting career

    as an Accountant at Parklands Sports Club. I was the pioneer Chairman of the Alumni Association of KCA

    University for the period 2013-2017 where we established the Constitution, structures and recruitment of members. I was a parent representative at Moi High School- Kabarak for the period 2012-2016.As part of my social responsibility, I am a sponsor of Star Rays Education Center- a community based organization for the needy in my rural area. Through, the Alumni Association of KCA University, I contribute to the KCA University endowment fund for needy students. I am a full member of the Friends Church (Quakers), at the Friends International Center, Ngong road, Nairobi.

    Family I am married to Dr. Everlyne N. Samita a Lecturer of Entomology at Kenyatta University and we are blessed with four children Allan, Christabel, Mitchel and Nicole.

    Philip Kakai

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    a)Representing ICPAK in making submissions to Parliament: I have together with other members of the Legislative affairs Sub-committee actively represented ICPAK in making submissions on various legislations before Parliament. I have served in various ICPAK council committees as summarized below:-

    b)2019-Date: Member of the Legislative affairs sub-committee:-A sub-committee of ICPAK whose

    mandate is to contribute to the development of Legislation in Kenya. I have actively participated in the review, made comments and submissions on various pieces of legislation including:-The Public Finance (Amendment) bill 2019 that focused on resolving Division of Revenue challenges in Kenya, Judiciary Fund Regulations 2019, Sovereign Wealth Fund Bill 2019 and commenced initiatives towards entrenching financial accountability in Kenya through proposals on “Financial Laws Amendment Bill for Kenya”.

    c)2017-2019: Member of the Legislative affairs sub-committee:- where we reviewed, made

    comments and submissions on various pieces of legislations including the Elections Laws Amendment Bill 2017, Election offences amendment bill 2017, the Kenya Roads Bill 2017 and a developed proposals towards drafting ICPAK Members’ Whistleblower Protection Policy.

    d)2015-2017: Member Public Policy and Governance Committee 2015-2017:- through the committee, I made immense contributions and advocated for the

    implementation of the Mwongozo code. We supported ICPAK Secretariat to conduct a Revenue analysis study and submitted to the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and the National Treasury for input. We further supported development of Professional Audit Fee Guidelines submitted to the National Treasury for consideration and also developed a position paper on public debt management in Kenya.

    Involvement in the CPA Profession & Institute Activities

    CPA Philip (second from right) during ICPAK submissions before Senate Committee.

    Philip Kakai

  • I hereby submit my proposed Agenda for the position of Council member of ICPAK for the next three years. It is a five(5) pillar agenda with twelve (12) strategic objectives and thirty six (36) key result areas referred to as the ‘‘SOBER” AGENDA.

    Philip Kakai

    Philip Kakai

    Philip Kakai

    My Proposed Agenda

    Strengthening Member Services and CPA Brand Recognition

    Opportunities and Benefits for Members

    Boosting Devolution and Support to Branches

    E-learning and Enhanced use of Technology

    Research, Regulation and Revenue.

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    Pillar 1: Strengthening Member services and CPA Brand Recognition

    SO1 - Staff strengthening

    KRA1 – Advocate for strengthening of the secretariat through capacity building, training and leverage on technology for efficient and effective service delivery to members.

    S02 -Thought leadership & CPA Brand recognition

    KRA2 - Promptly generate well researched opinion papers for circulation to the media on topical issues and other commentaries in matters of Public interest, governance, transparency and Accountability. KRA3 - Advocate for ICPAK to be the preferred point of reference on Finance, Budget and Accounting matters. And liase with media houses for ICPAK to provide experts to discuss matters on the business segment. KRA4 - Show case our achievements through documentaries and participation in a National and International trade fair in Kenya.

    SO3 - Member profiling and analysis

    KRA5 - Advocate for the formation of a fully-fledged Public Sector committee to address matters relating to the Public Sector Accountant. KRA6 - Engage on the review of pricing for professional services and minimum pay for a CPA both in Public and Private sector.

    Pillar 2. Opportunities and benefits for Members

    SO4 - Focus on creat- ing opportunities for members

    KRA7 - Encourage CPA`s to venture in the field of Mediation especially on Finance, Accounting and tax matters.

    KRA8 - Lobby and legislate to ensure the Heads of Finance and Accounts are members of ICPAK at all levels of government and the private sector.

    KRA9 - Lobby for the review of license fees for practitioners to encourage growth of more audit firms but not compromising on quality through regulation. KRA10 - Encourage small audit firms to merge or form joint ventures and be able to enjoy economies of scale. KRA11 - Advocate for full implementation and issuance of multiple licenses to members and lobby for Non-Practicing allowances for members

    KRA12 - Propose training and certification programme for forensic Accounting for purposes of providing evidence in courts.

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    Philip Kakai


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    SO5 - Strategic linkages

    KRA13 - Encourage strategic partnerships with other professional bodies like LSK, KISM, ICPS, IHRM, KMPDU among others and sign mutual assistance agreements for ICPAK and members to benefit from their professional services and ideas. KRA14 - Encourage partnerships with other key bodies like the KEPSA, FKE, and KAM etc for the benefit of our members. KRA15 - Support the offices of DPP and DCI in the fight against corruption by providing forensic accounting services. KRA16 - Encourage and strengthen partnerships with the National treasury, KRA, OAG, COB and other key stakeholders in areas of governance and accountability.

    SO6 - Member Protection

    KRA17 - Advocate for full implementation of the whistle blowing policy for protection of members from victimization and anchor it in the PFM Act. KRA18 - Propose legislation to protect the Accountant who has performed his work within the confines of the law.

    SO7 - Youth empowerment

    KRA19 - Encourage full implementation of the internship and TAPEF Programs for the trainee Accountant. KRA20 - Support mentorship programmes for young Accountants.

    KRA21 - Support the establishment of the CPA Foundation to enable us assist needy students and fulfil our social responsibility.

    3. Boosting Devolution and support to Branches

    SO8 - Branch stakeholder engagement & empowerment

    KRA22 - Empower and support branch leadership to engage with County Governments to ensure professionalism in Financial Management. KRA23 - Advocate for adequate resources to branches to enable the leadership improve on service delivery to members. KRA24 - Advocate for growth of Sub-branches from the 9 branches to ensure we reach out to every Accountant in every County. KRA25 - Lobby for the appointment of CPA (K) `s in County Audit Committee`s and County Budget Economic Forums.

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    Philip Kakai



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