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Coverrite Shelters. Lucas Distributing 3152 Donald B Munro Kinburn, Ontario K0A 2H0 613-254-6599. CoverRite Shelters. We’ve got you Covered!. CoverRite is the leading brand in the Shelter Industry. CoverRite Container Shelter. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Coverrite Shelters Lucas Distributing3152 Donald B Munro Kinburn, Ontario K0A 2H0 613-254-65991CoverRite SheltersCoverRite is the leading brand in the Shelter Industry.

Weve got you Covered!

CoverRite Container ShelterThe Container units are vey popularwithin the Construction and Industrial Industries. They are easily installedon containers and are available in different sizes. They come designed with or without the full end panels.

These Container Shelters include coverson the outer edges (front and back) of the Shelter. The containers still open for storagehowever the entire area is fully covered. They are 36 feet wide.

These units are available in:-TSU-3620C, 36x20FT-TSU-3640C, 36x40FT

These units are available in:-TSU-2020C, 20x20ft-TSU-2040C, 20x40ft-TSU-2620C, 26x20ft-TSU-2640C, 26x40ft-TSU-3340C, 33x40ftThese Container Shelters are open on bothends. They are great for keeping your Machinery out of the rain, snow and ice. Anotherbonus that you can drive through both ends. They are available in widths of 20-33 feet wide.CoverRite SheltersWith plenty of sizes and styles CoverRite will have the proper shelter for your needs

Regular Duty

24x24Our Regular Duty Shelters range from 24x24 all the way up to30x65.

This is the RV unit, Its 18x50 and has a 13.5ft door opening.

Galvanized steel tubing comes in 60-76mm and is covered by either aVinyl or PVC top.Sizes available:TSU-2424, 24x24TSU-1850, 18x50TSU-3040, 30x40TSU-2630, 26x30TSU-2682, 26x82TSU-3065, 30x65

CoverRite Shelters

Do you have Heavy snow loads? Do you need a Hangar?Heavy Duty

Double Truss 30x65TDouble truss is available for heavier duty applications. It offers a heavier snow load capacity and is stronger for larger units.

Double Truss 49x115Hangar 45x30Double truss sizes available:TSU-3040t, 30x40TSU-3065t, 30x65TSU-4060t, 40x60TSU-4070t, 40x70TSU-4530t, 45x30TSU-4536t, 45x36TSU-6549t, 65x49TSU-60100t, 60x100TSU-49115t, 49x115

Square tubing, snow model 32x50Square tubing for better strength in heavy snow load areasAvailable sizes:TSU-1536S, 15x36TSU-1639S, 16x39TSU-2430S, 24x30TSU-3240S, 32x40TSU-3250S, 32x50CoverRite SheltersThe Head Office for CoverRite is in Kinburn Ontario, and we are proud to distribute Shelters throughout Canada. With over 35 sizes and styles available, CoverRite has you Covered!