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<ul><li><p>5 Courses</p><p>Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies</p><p>Mastering Data Analysis in Excel</p><p>Data Visualization andCommunication with Tableau</p><p>Managing Big Data with MySQL</p><p>Increasing Real EstateManagement Profits:Harnessing Data Analytics</p><p>Daniel Egger JanaSchaich BorgExecutive in Residenceand Director, Post-doctoral FellowCenter for QuantitativeModeling Psychiatry andBehavioral SciencesPratt School ofEngineering</p><p>MAY 02 2016</p><p>Jiahao Denghas successfully completed the online, non-credit Specialization</p><p>Excel to MySQL: AnalyticTechniques for BusinessFormulate data questions, explore and visualize large datasets,and inform strategic decisions. In this Specialization, youll learn toframe business challenges as data questions. Youll use powerfultools and methods such as Excel, Tableau, and MySQL to analyzedata, create forecasts and models, design visualizations, andcommunicate your insights. In the final Capstone Project, youllapply your skills to explore and justify improvements to a real-world business process.</p><p>Verify this certificate</p></li></ul>