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10 CoursesThe Data Scientists ToolboxR ProgrammingGetting and Cleaning DataExploratory Data AnalysisReproducible ResearchStatistical InferenceRegression ModelsPractical Machine LearningDeveloping Data ProductsData Science CapstoneJeff Leek, PhD; RogerPeng, PhD; Brian Caffo,PhDDepartment ofBiostatisticsJohns HopkinsBloomberg School ofPublic Health12/23/2016Gopala Krishna Chaitanya Yadavallihas successfully completed the online, non-credit SpecializationData ScienceThe Data Science Specialization covers the concepts and tools foran entire data science pipeline. Successful participants learn howto use the tools of the trade, think analytically about complexproblems, manage large data sets, deploy statistical principles,create visualizations, build and evaluate machine learningalgorithms, publish reproducible analyses, and develop dataproducts. This certificate does not confer academic credit towarda degree or official status at the Johns Hopkins University.Verify this certificate