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<p>appinTraining | Consulting | Outsourcing</p> <p>Appin Executive Masters Programin</p> <p>Information</p> <p>1</p> <p>Security</p> <p>ABOUT USAppin Knowledge Solutions, is a premier provider of hi- technology certification, courseware as well as online, computer based and instructor led training across the world. Appin is primarily an IIT Alumni company. Appin has come up with the way of innovative learning concept using Computer Based Training Software (CBTS) in a highly interactive environment. Appin Security Group(ASG) is a globally recognized Information Security Consulting body with its headquarters in New Delhi and spanning more than 15 countries. ASG is a leading information security services firm with an esteemed clientele ranging from Government Bodies (Ministries, Embassies,.) to top Corporate houses (mostly ET Top 100) spanning all major sectors viz., I T / I T E S, F i n a n c i a l S e r v i c e s, Av i a t i o n , Telecom/ISP, Media, Infrastr ucture and Manufacturing. With a strong focus on Research and Development and innovating new services and products in Information Security, Appin Security group has an R&amp;D Centre that provides end to end Information Security Services - Security Assessment, Security Implementation and Security Management. Appin Security Group has the strongest technical backend to ensure that its clients are completely protected from any security breaches.</p> <p>VISIONTo be the Leader in Information Security training and consulting..</p> <p>MISSIONTo provide a complete range of Information Security solutions under one roof from Consulting to Training.</p> <p>2</p> <p>CREDENTIALS</p> <p>4by the former President of India, Appreciated Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam. 4 The only security company across the globe to have a dedicated Research and Development Centre for Information Security, inside IIT Delhi. 4 CERT In empaneled company, approved by Ministry of IT, India to carry out technical audits for various critical sectors like finance, power etc. 4 Official partners of various cyber crimes division in India including CBI. 4 than 820 key clients across 40 Serving more countries in both private and Govt. Sector.</p> <p>APPIN SECURESTHE NEW HYDERABAD AIRPORT</p> <p>OUR CLIENTSl l lAirports Authority of India</p> <p>Competing with the global top, Indian airports are set for modernization. State-of-the-art IT systems and data centers are implemented to manage their operations and to deliver world class performance. Airports also act as network service providers for third parties, such as airlines . All these steps boost efficiency and quality of service, but also increase the information security risks multi-fold. For GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. Appin Security Group took the challenge of complete airport security management, including security auditing, Security Operations Center (SOC) implementation and management, security incident management and people training and awareness , to ensure that the airport follows the road map of greater security. The assignment included a detailed security risk analysis with respect to people, process and technology including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, configurations audit. Backed by rigorous security risk analysis policies, procedures and IT security systems, the whole infrastructure is monitored from the central SOC inside the airport. The SOC monitors all IT devices, including routers, critical servers, switches, fire walls, and IDS/IPS. It also does forensics and handles all security incidents. An team from Appin dedicated to security training and awareness assures that the entire airport IT staff is aware of all security policies and complies with them. The SOC ensures that security threats are detected before they are exploited and the security incidents are handled with acceptable recovery time lines. And that translates into safety. Safety for the airport, and for the traveler.</p> <p>MI N</p> <p>RY OF DEFE N ISTCE</p> <p>RE cyL; ewya foKkue~ G SE OR ARC H &amp; DEVELOPMENT</p> <p>3DAIKIN</p> <p>LVsV cSad vkWQ chdkusj ,.M t;iqj State Bank of Bikaner and JaipurThe Bank with a Vision</p> <p>ActisESCORTS</p> <p>Microsoft</p> <p>AN</p> <p>IS A T</p> <p>DEFENC</p> <p>IO N</p> <p>E</p> <p>Information SecurityInformation security is the process of protecting availability, privacy and integrity of information. Access to stored information on computer databases has increased greatly as most of the companies store business and individual information on computer than ever before. Much of the information stored is highly confidential and not for public viewing. The rapid growth and widespread use of electronic data processing and electronic business conducted through the Internet, along with numerous occurrences of international terrorism, fueled the need for better methods of protecting the computers and the information they store, process and transmit. The academic disciplines of computer security, information security and information assurance emerged along with numerous professional organizations - all sharing the common goals of ensuring the security and reliability of information systems. Governments, military, corporates, financial institutions, hospitals, and private businesses amass a great deal of confidential information about their employees, customers, products, research, and financial status. The field of Information Security has grown and evolved significantly in recent years. As a career choice there are many ways of gaining entry into the field. It offers many areas for specialization including, securing network(s) and allied infrastructure, securing applications and databases, security testing, information systems auditing, business continuity planning and digital forensics science, to name a few.</p> <p>4</p> <p>Web security is going to be a big focus in 2009. Bigger than ever before. Be it all the social networking we're doing or Web-based malware exploits, this thing we call the Web is where we're going to have to focus a large part of our security efforts. Like it or not, it's the part of everyone's network that's open. It's also where business logic is exposed and where the system complexities and subsequent vulnerabilities are simply waiting around to be exploited.</p> <p>Appin Executive Masters ProgramCOURSE DURATION: One Year CONCEPTAppin Executive Masters Program is a joint initiative of Appin Security Group and Appin Knowledge Solutions. It envisions to bridge the gap between industry and academia by integration of learning and technology. The program will be conducted under Appin School of Niche Technology, an innovative concept designed to experiment intellectually with modes of study that over time could form the basis for new domain specific programs.</p> <p>PROGRAM OBJECTIVES1 the current and comprehensive To instil</p> <p>ELIGIBILITY1 B.E. Electronics / Computer Science /</p> <p>knowledge of Information Security.1 students to develop and implement To enable</p> <p>Information Security policies &amp; practices and related change management. 1 To develop students' management abilities in Infor mation Security to be applied in organizations. 1 students to cope with the change To enable management issues involved in developing and implementing information security policies in organizations. 1 the scholarly credentials of students, To expand thereby increasing their marketability with prospective employers.</p> <p>Electronics &amp; Telecom / Electrical / MSc IT / MCA / MSc (Physics or Maths) with minimum 50% marks from a recognized university.</p> <p>METHODOLOGY</p> <p>1 The program will be conducted in a highly</p> <p>interactive and open environment providing opportunities of discussions and intellectual growth.</p> <p>5</p> <p>PROGRAM1 The Program will be spread across 4 Trimesters of</p> <p>3 months each and will be completed within a year.</p> <p>AWARD1 completion of the Program entitles a Successful</p> <p>candidate to receive a Post Graduate Diploma in the field of Information Security. 1 Internationally recognized and affiliated to IADL, UK.</p> <p>PLACEMENT1 Our placement partners include our client</p> <p>companies among others1 Placement Cell dedicated for exploring A Student</p> <p>job opportunities across various sectors of the industry guided by the Admissions Team.</p> <p>Trimester-1Paper 1. Networking1. INTRODUCTION TO NETWORKING q Introduction &amp; History q &amp; Disadvantage Advantage q Networks Protocol Computer q &amp; Physical Topology OSI Model qArchitecture Network q Communication Media</p> <p>Paper 2. Information Security &amp; Ethical Hacking Basics1. INFORMATION SECURITY &amp; ETHICAL HACKING ? Introduction ? Data Basics of ? Information ? Security ? Hacking ? Law of computer security Richard's ? hackers Types of ? Cyber Threats ? Case Studies 2. DESKTOP &amp; SERVER SECURITY ? Security Windows ? Vulnerability Windows ?into windows platform Hacking ? task manager Windows ? Linux Security 3. NETWORK &amp; FIREWALL SECURITY ? a LAN Setting up ? LAN Threats Of ? Firewall ? Anti-virus ? Anti Spyware ? Scanner Network ? Introduction to Wireless Network security</p> <p>2. THE INTERNET PROTOCOL (IP) q Introduction to IP q Format IP Packet q Classes IP Address q Transmission Control Protocol q &amp; CIDR Subnetting 3. IP ROUTING q Introduction to hardware &amp; software related to IP routing q Routing information Protocol q Interior Routing Protocol Enhanced q Open Shortest Path First 4. SWITCHING &amp; BRIDGING q Introduction of Switching &amp; Bridging q STP &amp; LAN Switch Types q VLAN - Virtual LAN q and Scalability Flexibility 5. WIDE AREA NETWORK q Understanding WAN fundamentals q Understanding Tunneling Protocol &amp; Frame Relay Fundamentals q VPN - Virtual Private Network q NAT - Network Address Translation 6. NETWORK CONFIGURATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING q Introduction Networking q LAN Switching q Wireless Networking qLayer Troubleshooting with a Cisco Router Layer by q Router Troubleshooting at OSI Layers q your network connections Managing 7. IMPLEMENTING AND TROUBLE-SHOOTING WI-FI NETWORKS q to 802.11 Introduction q Connecting To Wireless Networks Finding And q to RADIUS Introduction q EAP &amp; Bringing EAP to the LAN q Authenticating the AP to the User, and Vice Versa q Enumerating 802.11 Networks Scanning and</p> <p>6</p> <p>4. INTERNET &amp; CYBER SECURITY q IP Spoofing q E-Mail Tracking q Proxy Servers q E-mail Forgery and Detection q MAC Spoofing q Outlook Security Microsoft q Cyber Stalking</p> <p>5. INFORMATION GATHERING METHODS q Daemon-Banner Grabbing q Active Finger Printing q Passive Fingerprinting q Port Scanning q Scan Half TCP Scan Full TCP q Flag q Tracert</p> <p>6. WINDOWS REGISTRIES q Reshack qtweaks Registry 7. HACKING ATTACKS q Social Engineering Attack q Attack Phishing q Input Validation Attack q SqL injection q XSS attack q Attacks Attack Dos q Sniffing Attack q Session Hijacking etc. 8. EMAIL SECURITY &amp; WEB SECURITY q Introduction to E-mail q How E-mail Works q Mail servers q E-mail Protocol q Web Servers (introduction to web Security)</p> <p>Trimester-2Paper 3. Programming</p> <p>Paper 4. Network Security1. WIRELESS &amp; MOBILE SECURITY ? Introduction to the Wireless ? Mobile Technology ? GSM Technology ? CDMA Technology ? type of attacks Different 2. VOIP &amp; VPN SECURITY ? Introduction to the VOIP and VPN Technology Protocol and Architecture 3. ROUTER SECURITY ? Introduction to router ? on a router and types of connection Protocols ? NAT Services ? Various types of Attacks and their Detection 4. IDS &amp; IPS ? Introduction to IPS &amp; IDS ? IDS Overview (AIDS, HIDS, and NIDS) ? &amp; IPS System IDS system ? Firewall Perimeter ? System Deficiencies Analysis of q VoIP &amp; Wireless</p> <p>1. PROGRAMMING IN C q Introduction to C q Data Types q Basic programming concept q If else ladder q Switch statements q Array, simple array ,multi dimension q Function q do while, while Loops: for, q structure with function, structure array, Structure, q Pointer qreturn from function Multiple q function, passing value through pointer Pointer to q Introduction to file handling ,what is text file q Preprocessor compiler (#) 2. PROGRAMMING IN C++ q OOPS q to declare a class Class, how q Inheritance, Polymorphism, Operator overloading, Abstraction q with function Using class q handling Exception q generic class Template, 3. INTRODUCTION TO DATA STRUCTURE q Queue q Stack q Link list q Tree</p> <p>7</p> <p>Trimester-3Paper 5. Vulnerability Assessment &amp; Advanced Ethical Hacking Paper 6. Information Security Management Systems1. VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT &amp; PENETRATION TESTING ? Scoping and Tools for Vulnerability Tests ? Risk Assessment ? Google Hacking ? Methodology q Google Hacking q Audit Application q Devices Network 2. SECURED PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUE &amp; ADVANCED HACKING ATTACKS ? Programming methodology Defining ? Bugs Explaining ? Errors Removing ? flows Buffer over ? Back door ? Trojans ? Enumeration</p> <p>1. INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ? and other Standard ISO 27001 ?Projects Policy &amp; ? Audit &amp; Certification ? Security Awareness Managing ? Risk Assessment ?Continuity and Disaster Recovering Business ?Security Management Practices Planning 2. INFORMATION SECURITY AUDITING ? Audit Objectives &amp; Steps ? Controls Network ? Data Standards and Data Access Network ? Network Operating Systems Software and Access to Facilities ? Data Encryption and Filtering 3. SECURITY FRAMEWORK-COBIT ? Security ? Security Adequate ? for Achieving Security Approaches ? Holistic View of Security ?in Depth Defense ? OCTAVE ? Security Risk Analysis ? Threats Modeling ? Current Security Issues ? Security Trends for</p> <p>8</p> <p>Trimester-4Paper 7. Cryptography Paper 8. Computer Forensics</p> <p>1. CRYPTOGRAPHY &amp; ENCRYPTION ? Introduction to cryptography ? SKCS ? PKCS ? MD5 ? DES ? RSA ? Digital signature ? Digital certificate</p> <p>1. CYBER CRIME INVESTIGATION ? methodology and forensic tool kit Forensics 2. INTERNATIONAL CYBER LAWS 3. COMPUTER FORENSICS ? Introduction to Cyber Forensics ? Cyber Crimes ? Recognizing Preparation and Preservation ? Documentation and reporting ? Security Systems to Prevent Further Attacks ? in Forensic Analysis of UNIX System Basic Steps ? Crime Scene Management ? Data Gathering Live System ? of deleted files Recovering ? Non- verbal analysis ? Interpretation of common LOG files ? Honey Pots Advanced</p> <p>9</p> <p>Dr. A.P.J Abdul KalamFormer President of India,Known as the Missile Man of India The former President showed interest in the work being done by Appin Knowledge Solutions in the field of Information Security and Nano-Technology. He has also advised appin with respect to future of niche technologies in india Youth is the most powerful resource. Ignited minds of youth is indeed the biggest force on the earth, above the earth and below the earth.</p> <p>Dignitaries Associated with APPIN Groupq Dr. Dheeraj</p> <p>Bhardwaj featured as one of the top 50 youth on fast track by India Today, who has worked as Professor at IIT Delhi and as Director with Sun Asia Pacific Science &amp; Technology Center, Sun Microsystems Inc. q Mr. A.S. Chandrasekhar worked as Director with Bureau of Indian Standards and Confederation of Indian Industries. q Mr. Ashok Sapra who has worked as the President and MD with...</p>