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2 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

PUBLISHERGolden Crown Productions

Gregg Hassler & Don Harbour

FOUNDER Joan Padberg




HEAD WRITERSandra Shrader




Adria PoindexterCorrina CoramAudra Merrell

Debbie Sheppeard

LEGALLandon Law



Greg Lucker, The Rock Image

PRINTERCommercial Print & Distribution

Send any inquiries to [email protected] • (951) 677-8128

As one year passes and a new one begins we would like to take stock of the first year with the new Country Review Magazine. Our circulation has increased, our readership has expanded, and we have truly enjoyed growing and creating a terrific lifestyle magazine. Country Review is positive that 2011 will be a great and amazing new year. It is that time of year when many of us take a moment to contemplate the good things in our lives; our families, our homes, our friends, and our health. Country Review would like to salute those organizations in our community who make a difference in our lives year round. Thank you for going the extra mile, increasing awareness, and making a difference in the lives of so many! We would also like to take a moment to thank our advertisers for working with us to make this the premier magazine for southwest county.

A special thanks to all of our contributing writers and photo journalists who add a tremendous amount to this magazine, and finally to all our staff at Country Review-you guys rock!

Gregg Hassler & Don HarbourPublishers

Dear Friends,

This will be the last message I will be publishing. My deepest thanks to Gregg, Don and each of the Country Review staff for this past year of accomplishments. It has been a learning journey that has allowed me to do what I love most: visiting clients, distributing the magazine, then reveling in the appreciation of its continuation!

My words cannot (Brian’s could) express my gratitude. May we all continue to be grateful and protective of our daily blessings and freedoms.

Happy Holidays!


publisher’s NOTE

founder’s NOTE

Rhythm Section

Richard BladeBrad Landon

Christy SanchezDr. Kurt N. Woeller, D.O.

Alita JonesDavid Beran

Robert Skversky, MDKen Zignorski

Chef Roberto MartinTiffany HalversonRebecca Orlanski

Judy ContrerasAdria Poindexter

The Country Review is published bi-monthly. Editorial office address: 31915 Rancho California Rd., Suite 200-195, Temecula, CA 92591(951) 677-8128 • [email protected] •

December 2010/January 2011. Copyright ©2010 Golden Grown Productions. All rights reserved. Reproduction in full or in part prohibited without written authorization. The Country Review is intended to provide timely and accurate information on subjects covered. Golden Crown Productions and its associates are not engaged in rendering accounting or legal advice. Golden Crown

Productions and its associates assume no liability for errors or the ways in which information is used. The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the publishers.

C h a m b e r o f C o m m e r c e


Cover Photo by RK Green. L to R: Christy Puma: The Bank, Karie Reuther: Liberty Quarry, Bonnie Brown: Bonnie’s Hair Stop, Elizabeth Whittington: Lillibet’s Place

Greater RiversideChamber of Commerce


o by


ah F


Don, Joan & Gregg

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December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 3

the CURE6 | Dying for a Good Night’s Sleep

wine & DINE14 | Restaurant Review - Simply Sharon’s Soul Food16 | Ellen’s Chef Roberto’s Ceviche Tostadas & Chipotle Sauce17 | 2010 Grape Harvest20 | Restaurant Review: Sorrel European Cuisine22 | Two Artists Come Together for a Great Wine26 | Easy Entertainment: Planning an Elegant Holiday Party

going GREEN32 | Green Ways to Save on Your Home

wild SIDE34 | An Up In the Air Adventure

helping HANDS38 | Living the Giving40 | Murrieta Ranch Celebrates 20 Years62 | California Family Life Makes Holiday Wishes Come True62 | Local Organization Brings Traditional Support for

Families Struggling with Alcoholism70 | Olivewood Groundbreaking in Murrieta

women on the MOVE43 | Women Who Make a Difference

day TRIPPER12 | Hemet is Heaven: Adventure Awaits24 | A Tour of San Diego Wineries60 | Happy Horse Back Riding66 | Celebrate the Season at The Mission Inn

dr. LOVE64 | Personal Leadership Skills and Success

mr. FIX-IT67 | Furniture Fix Ups

taking care of BUSINESS68 | AppleOne Contributes to the Local Economy

retro REWIND72 | Richard Blade and the Story of Bands Reuniting

legal EASE74 | Government Contracts and Women Owned Businesses

ENCORE76 | Monte de Oro’s Halloween Bash & Help Ride 2010

December 2010/January 2011

table of CONTENTS


Photographer RK Green with our featured Womewn on the Move.


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Philippians 4:13Philippians 4:13“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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6 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

the CURE

The basic tenets of Integrative Medicine include a whole foods diet, pure water, fresh air, exercise, sunlight and adequate rest. Yet despite one’s best efforts to maintain a

healthy lifestyle, consistently good sleep remains elusive for many people who suffer with insomnia. Insomnia is a disruption of our sleep/wake cycle and can be chronic, intermittent or transient. Some people have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Others simply do not feel rested upon waking or wake too early. Transient insomnia only occurs for a short duration and is usually related to mental/emotional stressors. It may last for a few days to a week before returning to a normal sleep pattern. Intermittent insomnia occurs on and off, but occurs frequently enough to be a concern since sleep patterns are noticeably interrupted and the effects of sleep deprivation can be felt throughout the day. Chronic insomnia is defined by interrupted sleep on most nights lasting longer than one month.

At Stillpoint Center for Integrative Medicine in Temecula, we always ask my patients about the quality and duration of their sleep. Adequate rest and deep sleep play a crucial role in our health and longevity. We know for a fact that shift workers do not live as long as those who work during the day. Melatonin is highest at night and contributes to the body’s ability to repair and heal itself during sleep. Sleep is vitally important, not only to feel rested the next day, but also to increase the quality and years of our lives.

Melatonin is the hormone most associated with sleep. It is secreted by the pineal gland located in the center of the brain. The pineal gland receives input from the environment through the eyes. As the day dims, melatonin output increases and induces a desire for sleep. When the sun rises, melatonin production goes down and cortisol increases.

In addition to inducing sleep, melatonin is also one of our brain’s most potent antioxidants. Unlike many antioxidants, melatonin can permeate all cells and provides protection to the nucleus of the cell which is the central structure that contains our DNA. When the nucleus of the cell is protected from free radical damage, it maintains the ability to repair itself. If the nucleus of a cell becomes damaged, it can either die or mutate to form a cancer cell. Studies have shown that cancer patients typically have very low levels of melatonin.

So how do we enhance our own melatonin secretion so that we can ease into a state of peaceful slumber? Here are a few suggestions:

1) when the sun goes down, turn the lights down in your home to bring a sense of calm; 2) no computer work late into the evening; 3) eat a small snack containing some carbohydrates one hour before bed - this increases serotonin levels which in turn increases melatonin; 4) remove all ambient light from your bedroom; 5) spend time outdoors in the daylight hours to create a sharp contrast between day and night. If enhancing your own melatonin does not work, you can supplement with melatonin in a variety of different forms. For those who have difficulty falling asleep, taking 1-3 mg of melatonin one hour before bed may do the trick. For those who have difficulty staying asleep, a prolonged release form of melatonin may be more effective. Time release often comes in 1-3 mg tablets as well. Melatonin comes in sublingual, chewable and tablet form. Sublingual and chewable forms may have better absorption.

It is also important to assess adrenal function by looking at the cortisol rhythm throughout the day. This is easily done through a salivary test assessing cortisol and DHEA. Adrenal fatigue can contribute to insomnia through a disruption in the cortisol rhythm. Cortisol is highest in the morning and decreases as the day goes on. If cortisol is high during the night, it will be difficult to maintain a good night’s sleep since this is the hormone that prepares us for action. Conditions that can raise cortisol during the night are hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), chronic pain, stress and infections. Supporting the adrenals through the use of pregnenolone, DHEA, licorice root, pantothenic acid (B5) and other B vitamins, vitamin C, glandulars and ginseng can help to bring the adrenals back into balance. There are many adrenal support products that contain a combination of the above listed items.

It is crucial to maintain a healthy diet rich in a variety of fruits and veggies, quality protein and fat, nuts, seeds and high fiber carbs. Eating a lighter meal in the evening followed by a small snack one hour before bed is optimal. Creating a nighttime ritual of taking a soothing bath with Epsom salts, meditation and/or reading can help one transition between day and night allowing the body to disengage from the events of the day. Products containing valerian, passionflower, kava kava, GABA and L-theanine can also induce relaxation. If you’re dying for a good night’s sleep, trying some of these suggestions may do the trick.

Kurt N. Woeller, D.O. is Medical Director for Stillpoint Center for Integrative Medicine ( in Temecula, CA. Along with his partner Tracy

Tranchitella, N.D. they provide a variety of complementary and integrative medical options. If you would like more information about Dr. Woeller and Stillpoint Center,

please call 951-461-4800 or [email protected]

Dying For A Good Night’s Sleep

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2009Readers’ Choice

“Best of” First Place

Page 10: Country Review 120111
Page 11: Country Review 120111

M. DALE MARTIN, D.D.S.Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

(951) 296-676040335 Winchester Rd., Suite G, Temecula

(Northeast corner of Winchester and Margaritta Road)

FREE CONSULTATION!Need a second opinion on your dental work? Dr. Martin can help!

Dr. Martin is a graduate of Loma Linda School of Dentistry and has practiced dentistry in the Hemet area for over 26 years. Dr. Martin is now practicing at his new of  ce in Temecula, and is accepting new patients. He is a preferred provider for Delta Dental, MetLife, and United Concordia Insurance Companies.

If you are looking for a gentle, friendly, family-oriented dental team that prides itself on quality treatment, please give us a call.

Something toSmile About!

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25145 Vista Murrieta Rd in Murrieta(951) 677-3303 •

GRAND OPENING!3 Separate Playgrounds

Laundry Facility Fruit Trees

Movie Library Full Service Kitchen

Monitoring Cameras Throughout

18 MONTHS TO 13 YEARS OF AGEStaff is state qualifi ed & background checked

Director has over 30 years of experience

Limo transportation to and from school

FREE REGISTRATION! for the fi rst 50 to sign up

on our list at

GET ACQUAINTED SPECIALAsk about our two weeks free!


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When one thinks of Oprah, her celebrity status, immense popularity, enormous wealth, empowerment and philanthropy, few would argue

that she is in a class by herself. However, when one thinks of Oprah, and her struggles with weight; her yo-yo dieting, short term successes, long term failures, feelings of frustration, self loathing and blame...she is in a class of 130 million other overweight/obese Americans who have tried and failed to maintain weight-loss over and over and over again. But let’s not forget that Oprah has a triumvirate of highly specialized, renowned, “health care” providers that surround her. There is Mehmet Oz, a brilliant physician and everyones’ Marcus Welby; Bob Green, fitness guru to the stars, and Michael Beckwith, her spiritual advisor (almost forgot, a personal chef). So, If Oprah, with the help, support, and guidance of these extraordinary people is unable to take weight off and keep it might rationally ask, “what hope does anyone else have?” At first glance...not much, zero, nada! But wait a second. To this physician there seems to be a major disconnect. Thus allow me to weigh-in. (pun intended) Why is it that over the past 18 years there have been thousands of our patients at Weight No More Medical Associates who have been successful at long term weight-loss and maintenance? Is it possible that physicians like myself, who specialize in medical weight-loss, i.e.: Bariatric physicians, who see patients day after day, month after month, year after year, know something that Oprah’s gurus do not? The answer, I believe, is yes! When Bob Green stated on Larry King (Jan 7, 2009), that losing weight is not “rocket science”; one simply has to eat in moderation and exercise more; he is doing a great disservice to the millions of overweight Americans who do exactly that and find it doesn’t work. Bob doesn’t understand that diet and exercise by themselves fail miserably for most, for sound physiological reasons. When you eat less, metabolism slows, fat oxidation and muscle expenditure decrease, with resultant eventual weight regain, frustration and failure. And when Bob

tells Larry that “weight is a symptom of something else that needs to change in your life”; suggesting that until one begins to make better choices, become more disciplined, maybe more religious; in other words “get their act together,” they have little hope for weight-loss success. Once again, a great disservice to the millions of overweight/obese who make correct choices, are disciplined, exhibit self esteem and “have their act together” in spite of their weight issues. Which reminds me, maybe someone should inform the Dalai Lama...because he’s about 25 pounds overweight; and maybe he’s on the wrong spiritual path!!! Yes, I believe Oprah and millions like her would do well to see a physician who treats obesity as a chronic, metabolic,

progressive, and genetic disease on a long term basis for control, not cure. Who understands and empathizes with the psychological, prejudicial, and discriminator y aspects that can have a profound effect on quality of life issues. Someone who has the expertise to

effectively and safely use combination pharmacotherapy as an integral component in addition to diet and exercise protocols for long term success. Someone who knows based on clinical studies that a lot of money is squandered on worthless B12 and HCG injections and dietary supplements touted for weight-loss that serve only to “slim your wallet, not your waist” If you are serious about losing weight, not just a quick fix, but for a lifetime of success, go see a weight-loss specialist; a Bariatric physician. And while you’re at it, e-mail Oprah to do the same! Thank you for listening.

Robert Skversky, M.D. has devoted the past 18 years of his professional career to the medical treatment of the overweight patient. He has been featured in the WSJ and interviewed on CBS, NBC, ABC, E! and Wellness Hour discussing his treatment protocols for long term weight-loss. Please visit to learn more.

Come visit Dr. Skversky’s new office at:31537 Rancho Pueblo Rd. Suite 105

Temecula, Ca 92592 • (951) 699-0848


Dr. Robert Skversky meeting with his patients, Marcy W.who lost a total of 96.5 pounds, Brent W. who lost a total of

62 pounds, and Beth S. who lost a total of 38 pounds, to date.

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12 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

name of SECTION

Soboba SpringsThe Country Club at Soboba Springs offers 32,000 sq.ft. of space for casual dining, banquet facilities, outdoor weddings and much more. Featured in the fall of 2009 is the Soboba Golf Classic offering $1,000,000 dollars in prize money.

Hemet Museum: A Local History MuseumHemet Museum, operated entirely by volunteers, presents a panorama of local history in the freight house of Hemet’s Historic Santa Fe Depot.

Fingerprints Youth MuseumThe Fingerprints Youth Museum is an interactive children’s museum. With over 20 interactive exhibits, the Fingerprints Youth Museum presents a rare opportunity for children to have fun and learn at the same time.

Ramona Outdoor Play: The Official California Outdoor PlayAmerica’s oldest outdoor drama--has been presented since 1923 by the people of Hemet and San Jacinto. Set in the California of the 1850s, the show features a cast of more than 400 actors, singers, dancers and horsemen performing in a unique hillside amphitheatre.

Diamond Valley LakeAs part of its recreational planning, Metropolitan proposes to set aside more than 2,000 acres for parks at the reservoir’s east and west ends. These areas will include hiking trails, camping and picnic areas.

Diamond Valley Country ClubThe premeire golf club in Hemet, this is the go to place for the pros. (951) 767-0828, 31220 Sage Rd, Hemet, CA 92543

The Western Science CenterA museum research and education center for the new millennium in Southern California. The Ramona BowlThe natural landscape of the Ramona Bowl remains almost as it was during that first performance, April 13, 1923. The romance and the tragedy of Ramona & Alessandro transfixes the crowd as they watch it unfold, offering a glimpse, though fictional, of the history of Southern California. Simpson ParkA 483-acre wilderness park located in the Santa Rosa Hills south of the city. The park offers picnic facilities, restrooms, hiking trails and spectacular views of the San Jacinto Valley. Farmers CornerOn the border of Hemet and San Jacinto, this is the second largest wooden mall west of the Mississippi. The mall produces annual holiday events, and features stores, restaurants, and houses the Victorian Bridal Museum, featuring a permanent collection of antique bridal gowns and accessories from the Victorian era. Estudillo House This famous and old mansion is owned by the city and serves as a cultural, recreational and historic point. The Esplanade Arts CenterThe jewel of the valley and showcases top productions like A Streetcar Named Desire. -


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Take Out & Catering Also Available(951) 766-15063376 Wentworth Drive in Hemet

Country Review Special!Mention “Date Night” to receive a

FREE DESSERT with the purchase of two entrees.

31220 Sage Road, Hemet CA 92543(951) 767-0828

Special Rates$35 weekday • $45 weekend

Twilight Rates after 12pm$28 weekday • $38 weekend

For more information visit us at

Rates include golf cart. Good through April 30, 2011 Not valid for group or tournament play.

The Gem Of The Inland Empire

Golf Club

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14 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

restaurant REVIEW

Comfort Food with Southern Soul

By Judy Contreras

Breakfast is one of those meals that reminds me of down home country cooking and at Simply Sharon’s it is kicked up another notch with added southern flair. I have become a regular at the new location on Jefferson mostly because of my cravings for

their biscuits and gravy. They start with house made flaky biscuits and smother them with rich country style gravy and add a kick of Cayenne pepper. Along with the biscuits come delectable Louisiana style potatoes

and your choice of a variety of omelets or eggs any style.

Another popular item for breakfast is the Fried Chicken and Waffles. The waffles are made in the true old fashioned way, (No Belgian style waffles here!) and are served with Crispy fried chicken that is juicy and tender.

Since breakfast isn’t the only meal of the day, Owner Sharon Cunningham has expanded her menu to include lunch and dinner and has chosen carefully to provide a true taste of Louisiana Style cooking. Sharon has included such savory selections as Jambalaya, Gumbo and Fried Catfish to some of the more traditional fare. If you are feeling really adventurous try the deep fried Alligator…it really does taste like chicken!

Sharon Cunningham started her restaurant on a smaller location last year and just recently moved to the building that used to house Tony Roma’s. She prides herself in good comfort food with a family

friendly environment. Come by any time and find out for yourself what Louisiana style is all about.

Simply Sharon’s27464 Jefferson Avenue • Temecula, CA

(951)308-0016 •

20oz beer pour

inOld Town Temecula

41971Main Street


Fresh, Local &Seasonal Menus

Full BarLive Entertainment(at least 4 nights a week)

30 Beers on Draught

25 Wines by the Glass

8oz wine pour

Full BarLive Entertainmentat least 4 nights a week

Page 17: Country Review 120111

A Family Style Pizzeria

719 S. Sanderson Ave. in HemetOn the corner of Sanderson & Wentworth

Phone: (951) 766-7303 • (951) 766-7313



Thurs. – Mon.

After 4pm

All Day Sunday



Choice of over 30 Beers & WinesHAPPY HOUR: From 2pm - 6pm and ALL professional live games

Mention “Country Review Special” to receive FREE 10 piece Famous Wings with purchase of $20 or more.*

* - Not valid with any other offer. Good thru 1/31/11

Cucina Italiana • Pizza & Pasta

MENTION COUNTRY REVIEW and receive 50% OFF one bottle of wine.

With the purchase of 2 entrees • Off er good through 1-31-2011

That’s AmoreThat’s AmoreThe Best In Italian Cuisine!

951.652.57001127 S. Sanderson in Hemet

In the Walmart shopping plaza

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16 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

wine & DINE

1 .......................................................14.8 oz Jar of Hearts of Palm 2 limes ................................................................................... Juiced2 tsp ...................................................................... Ground Cumin¾ Cup ............................................. very small diced Red Onion1 Garlic Clove .................................................minced & crushed5 each Firm Roma Tomatoes (Hearts removed & Diced Small)1/3 Cup .............................................................Chopped cilantro1 Firm Avocado .......................................................... Large Dice1 pinch ................................................................. Salt and Pepper

CHIPOTLE SAUCE1 (7 oz) can ................................Chipotle Chiles in adobo sauce 1 Cup .............................................................. Vegan Mayonnaise

10 round store bought tostadas or 10 fried corn tortillas

For the Chipotle sauce; using small bowl mix 1 1/2 Tablespoons of the thick liquid found in the can of chipotles with 1 cup vegan mayo. Season with salt and pepper and reserve.

Drain and press dry the hearts of palm. Cut the hearts of palm into thin rings. These rings may begin to crumble when tossed. That’s fine.

Gently mix all the ingredients in a bowl and allow the mixture to marinate for about 30 minutes in the fridge.

ASSEMBLY: Using the back of a teaspoon, spread a thin coating of Chipotle sauce on the tostada then spread a few Tablespoons of Ceviche over the top. Garnish with a few pickled jalapenos.

NOTE; these are perfect as an appetizer on a warm night or accompanied by rice and beans for dinner. The Ceviche can also be served in a bowl accompanied by tortilla chips.

Chef Roberto is personal chef to Ellen Degeneres and a frequent contributor to her daily talk show. He is also a season ticket

holder to the Golden Crown concert series.



Gourmet Your Way Catering will blend all the ingredients to ensure that your event will be fun, distinctive, exciting, delicious, memorable and, most importantly, a great success!

WE CATER:Weddings • Engagements • Showers • Anniversaries

Social & Corporate Events • Holiday Parties


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December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 17

wine & DINE


Temecula Valley’s 2010 Grape Harvest is finally complete! It was a long, drawn out process this year given the cooler fall weather and rainstorms we had. But the last of the grapes have finally been picked.

Now that harvest is complete and the grapes are crushed, during December and January we will be moving to the barrel racking and aging process for the Valley’s red wine production.

The first step is to “press” the wine. The crushed red wine, with the skins and must is loaded into a wine pressing machine. The free juice runs off and the must and skins are gently pressed to extract the final wine colors and flavors. The resulting wine must and skins (called pomace) are then discarded and generally plowed back into the vineyard fields. The resulting wine juice is allowed to settle in clean wine tanks for a little time. “Racking” is the process of transferring wine from the fermentation tanks to the wine barrels. The “first” racking takes place once the wine is in a very still state so most of the yeast cells and fine sediment settle outs. The wine is then filtered without disturbing the sediment or yeast and siphoned to their respective wine barrels for wine aging.

Once in wine barrels, red wine will then age for various periods of time. At Monte De Oro, we barrel age our red wines for a minimum of 20 months before the wine is bottled. During this barrel aging time, the wine will be “racked” several times – generally quarterly. Once a quarter, the barrels are emptied into stainless steel tanks so the barrels can be cleaned of settlement and the wine is put back in barrel for another three months before its next racking. In between quarterly rackings, the wine barrels are “topped off” – that is each month the wine team will open each bottle and make sure the barrel is 100% filled with wine. As the wine barrels are made of wood, some evaporation can occur and we want to minimize the risk of oxygen mixing with the liquid and starting any wine oxidization before bottling.

While red wine is barrel aging, white wines are completing their fermentation and aging process in stainless steel, chilled tanks. White wines will complete their fermentation and be ready for bottling in early spring for release by summer.

Happy Holidays!

Ken Zignorski is the Managing Partner and General Manager of Monte De Or Winery, one of Temecula Valley’s newest winery. Ken has had an avid interest in wine for the last 20 years. Learn more about wine and the winemaking process at











Our venturesome menu boasts a combination of traditional, modern and creative styles of cooking from all across Europe served in an artistic casual atmosphere.

We Offer:*Seasonally changing menus*Weekley changing specials*13 Micro Brews on Draught*Small production boutique styled wine*Produce from local growers*A creative childrens menu*Showcasing art from local artists

41377 Margarita Rd. Ste. F-108(Located in the Bel Villagio Center on the back side of the Promenade Mall)


Now OpenLunch and Dinner

Tue-Sun 11 AM - 10 PM

In Temecula

Page 20: Country Review 120111

Espresso BarsItalian Soda Bars

Corporate or School EventsHoliday Parties


Call for custom packages: 951-677-1039 • For a full list of services please visit:

Professionally Trained Baristas Serving The Inland Empire Since 2002

Known for Big Reds Open Daily 10am-5pm - - Temecula Valley - 951.694.9892

Limited time offer.Mention “Country Review” and receive 2 for 1 Wine Tasting.

• Hancrafted Wines • Exclusive Wine Club• Weddings & Events• Picnic Area• Summer Concert Series

Page 21: Country Review 120111

December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 19

By Alita JonesPlanning an upcoming Holiday Party, Wedding or other event? I have just the thing that will make it extra special! How about an Espresso or Italian Soda Bar?

I had the pleasure to meet Michelle Chavez and Judy Contreras, the owners of Espresso Chauffeur, a few weeks ago at an event here in the valley. They had such a beautiful set-up and served delicious drinks. The Italian Soda Bar was set-up as an alternative for us non-drinkers during the cocktail hour and I was intrigued by the concept since I had never tried one before. The ladies created a mix of fruit flavored syrup, club soda with a dash of cream and topped it off with Whipped Cream. I chose raspberry which was refreshing and not too sweet. In fact, I liked it so much I went back two more times! Later in the evening, Michelle and Judy manned the Espresso Bar and served elegant coffee drinks made from scratch including Lattes, Mochas and Cappuccinos. They served them both hot and iced and even had my favorite Chai Tea Latte. The gourmet coffee beans come from a seventh generation Italian micro roaster in Seattle and the aroma alone was intoxicating. The bar was definitely a hit!

When I asked Michelle how they came up with the idea for the business, she explained that back in 2001 she needed an espresso bar for a business event and couldn’t find anything in the area. After a lot of research she decided the demand was there and went to Seattle to train as a barista. Judy joined the team and they have been going strong ever since. They can be spotted on the road towing their colorful trailer while traveling to events in the Inland Empire, San Diego and Orange Counties.

Check them out on their website at

or call for more info and pricing (800)677-5520. (951) 308-0016 •

Home cooking with a Louisiana Flare!


27464 Jeff erson Avenue in Temecula

Now Open: Sunday - Thursday 7am - 8pmFriday - Saturday 7am - 12am




Elegance for the Perfect Event

Page 22: Country Review 120111

20 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

restaurant REVIEW

A new addition to the restaurant scene in Temecula, Sorrel is tucked in the Bel Villagio center by the Promenade Mall. Making a statement with inspired

European style cuisine, Chef and Owner Adrian Halmagean has put together a seasonally changing menu that focuses on traditional, modern and creative styles of cooking from all across Europe.

On a recent visit for dinner, we were impressed with the casual, but at the same time, sophisticated look of the restaurant. Its simplicity and clean lines were very inviting.

The friendly staff made us comfortable and introduced us to the extensive line of micro-brews on tap and the hand selected boutique wines.

My husband, Darrell, loves IPA beer and chose the Alesmith IPA. Being the wine lover of the family, I chose the well balanced Steltzner Claret from Napa Valley. Our Daughter, Nicki, joined us for this outing and she chose a blueberry/Pomegranate tea from the specialty tea menu. We found out from Adrian later in the evening that he has partnered with the California Tea & Coffee Brewery in Temecula to offer a wonderful selection of unique teas. After we were served our drinks, we were treated to an amuse-bouche of roasted eggplant over cucumber topped with feta cheese and dressed with balsamic and olive oil. It was a perfect taste to what was to come.

The menu had some heart warming selections for the cold winter season. I was happy to see such a wide selection of interesting dishes and we decided to start with the English

Indian Butter Chicken with grilled flat bread. It came in a tureen with chunks of tender chicken in a creamy red curry sauce. It was slightly spicy with a rich finish. We all agreed it was absolutely delicious! In fact I have since gone back for lunch just to try it again!

Our entrees were no less remarkable when they arrived at the table. Darrell had the Rustic Sausage served with roasted potatoes and house made spicy mustard. It was served with a wonderful version of Saurkraut to complement the well spiced sausage and crispy brown potatoes. The tangy mustard had a horseradish undertone and a sweet/spiciness that was perfectly suited with the sausage. Nicki chose the classic English Fish and Chips. It came in a big basket and had a generous portion of golden fried fish with a crunchy batter. House made Tartar Sauce was the ideal dipper and the French fried potatoes a great side. I told our server to let the chef surprise me and that’s just what he did. He chose the cassoulet that was a rich, slow cooked white bean stew with slow roasted chicken and pork sausage, veggies and herbs. It was true comfort food. A wonderful melding of flavors with a home-style satisfaction.

As if that wasn’t enough we decided to try two of the desserts on the menu. The first was a twist on the classic Crème Brulee. Instead of the traditional vanilla, the chef decided to update it by infusing raspberry and mint. It had a beautiful purple hue and a delicate crunch to the burnt sugar top. It was decidedly a winner! We also selected the crepes stuffed with sweet lemon vanilla scented farmer’s cheese and served with warm sour cherry reduction sauce. It was a luscious mix of creamy from the warm cheese with the acidity of the cherry sauce. Again another winner and since dessert is my favorite course, I was happy with such satisfying treats. A great addition to the dessert course was the full-bodied French press coffee that is available in regular and decaffeinated varieties.

Adrian Halmagean has certainly put a lot of heart and soul into his restaurant. With the well thought out and creatively prepared menu, he has created a blissful addition to our restaurant scene here in the valley. With everything priced under $20, I hope you will stop by and have a satisfying meal and be sure to say Hi to Adrian.

Sorrel Restaurant/Bistro41377 Margarita Road, Suite F-108

Temecula, CA Located in the Bel Villagio Center

on the Back side of the Promenade Mall

(951)296-3372 •

InspiredEuropean Cuisine

in TemeculaBy Judy Contreras

Page 23: Country Review 120111


24690 Washington Ave. in Historic Downtown Murrieta(951) 677-0960 •

R e s t a u r a n t

• Breakfast served Fri, Sat and Sun

• We now serve Cocktails!

• Don’t miss Martini Mondays!

• Happy Hour Mon – Fri 3-6pm$2 off Drafts-Wine-Specialty Cocktails

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22 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

wine & DINE

The Making of a Great Wine When you take two forces of nature and bring them together good things are bound to happen. Bringing Napa Valley wine-maker Kristian Story together with Erik Turner of the rock band Warrant is one of those magical collaborations with amazing results: Warrant Red, a delicious new limited blend of Wine from

Kristian Story is a Napa Valley, California winemaker, who employs ancient winemaking techniques to create his hand-crafted, unfiltered and unrefined wines, fermented with French yeasts. Focused on the limited production of red Bordeaux varietals and small lots of Chardonnay, Merlot and Petite Sirah, Kristian believes the minimalist approach preserves and expresses the true varietal character of Kristian Story Wines. Warrant is an American Rock band from Hollywood, California that experienced success from 1989-today with five albums reaching international sales of over 10 million. The band first came into the national spotlight with their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, and one of its singles, “Heaven,” reached #1 in Rolling Stone and #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The band continued its success in the 90’s with the 2x Platinum album Cherry Pie and the gold album Dog Eat Dog. The band continues to tour and record all around the U.S. today.

The goal of combining Wine and Rock is to reach people and music fans in a new and different way. The Warrant Red has been a project with both Kristian Story and Erik Turner together. The wine has brought on a different way to share their passion for music and wine with both a new and old audience. When asked about the wine, Eric Turner said that the wine is delicious and by drinking it you will become smarter and better looking! “Seriously though,” he adds, “I am new to the wine world and when I tested and mixed the wines with Kristian Story I was blown away with what has now become Warrant Red.”

Buy Now at

As with the strum of the electric guitar and the bang of a big bass drum within a rock anthem melody, this sexy wine strokes balance and resonates with flavors of cherries,

raspberries and mocha. The notes finish with innuendo of espresso and tobacco. Great acidity pairs it well with foods such as spaghetti, beef, and spicy dishes. Also pairs well

with classic rock, good times & great friends.

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Page 26: Country Review 120111

24 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011


W inemaking in San Diego has been around since the Franciscan padres first planted their grape vines at the

Mission San Diego de Acala in the late 1700s.

Today, 200 years later, the art of the wine vine still flourishes in the sunny terrain south of the Temecula Valley, and, with as many as 50 wineries throughout San Diego and North County San Diego, sampling any of the wines of those regions can be within a day’s trip from Temecula and Murrieta.

Here are only a few of the closest wineries to the south of us, but don’t let the limited space in this article stop you from exploring the rest of San Diego’s wine country!

Fallbrook WineryA short drive south on Interstate 5 and just over the county border line is Fallbrook Winery, a winery that began in 1981 and was primarily used for champagne production. By the 1990s, the winery, currently totalling 36 acres, began producing red and white varietals, including their award-winning 33°N BDX (Bordeaux Blend) and 2007 California Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. The public is always invited to sample these and other wines from Fallbrook Winery, say winery officials.

“Most of our wine is produced for commercial sales to restaurants, hotels and clubs, but we do have a nice, cozy

winery for wine tasting,” says Ted Gourvitz, general manager at Fallbrook Winery, “and we encourage people to take tours of our vineyards and aging cellars. The winery might be a little hard to find, so be sure to call for directions!”

Tours of Fallbrook Winery, located at 2554 Via Ranchos in Fallbrook, are available by appointment. Call 760-728-0156 or visit for directions or visiting hours at the tasting room.

Cordiano WineryIn the hills of the San Pasqual Valley of Escondido is Cordiano Winery, a family-owned and operated vineyard, winery and restaurant. Known for its impressive Primo Amore wine (which owner Gerardo Cordiano dedicated to his wife Rosa), and spectacular views just a stone’s throw away from the San Diego Wild Animal Park, as well as their much lauded food dishes (including pizza cooked in an outdoor pizza oven) and home-style hospitality, the winery draws enthusiastic fans throughout the region who probably would rather keep its location a quietly-kept delightful secret.

Cordiano Winery, 15732 Highland Valley Road in Escondido, is open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to sunset. Visit or call 760-480-6673 for more information.

Having a Wine Time in San Diego

By Sandra ShraderPhotos courtesy of Orfila Vineyards & Winery

Page 27: Country Review 120111

December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 25

day TRIPPERaway in a residential neighborhood. Located off Pomerado Road in Rancho Bernardo, the vineyards once encompassed a 100-acre estate, but the facility is now a boutique winery on 13 acres—they do have “some” Bernardo wines, but some of their wines are also from outside the area.

However, for a real getaway day, enjoy a glass of wine or two at the winery’s tasting room, dine at Cafe Merlot, and then take a stroll through the quaint shops that include a glassblowing studio, a pottery, jewelry crafters and even a small dance theater. And if you come during the harvest season, you might even catch the Annual Grape Stomp!

Bernardo Winery can be found at 13330 Paseo Del Verano Norte in North San Diego County. Visit for more information and a map for directions (you must travel through a residential area first), or call 858-487-1866.

More Wineries in San DiegoThese are just a few of the wineries that can be found throughout San Diego. For a list of more destinations for wine-lovers, visit You may be surprised to learn that there are wineries in San Diego as near as Carlsbad, Fallbrook and San Marcos, and as far away as Ramona, Jamul, Warner Springs and Alpine!

Orfila Vineyards & WineryDescribed on its website as an ultra-premium boutique winery, the popular Orfila Vineyards & Winery is also located near the Wild Animal Park in the San Pasqual Valley. The winery was established in 1973, but became Orfila Vineyards in 1993 when Argentine-born Ambassador Alejandro Orfila returned to a youthful passion for viticulture. The 70-acre estate produces award-winning Rhone-style wines from grapes grown on local hillsides, and since 1994 Orfila has garnered more than 1,300 medals in competition for red and white varietals.

According the winery’s media officials, “the tasting room and gift shop feature a great selection of award-winning wines and a vast array of gourmet delectables, including gourmet olive oils and grape seed oils.” Orfila’s staff also has a reputation for being knowledgeable and friendly to wine geeks and wine virgins alike.

Orfila Vineyards & Winery is located at 13455 San Pasqual Road in Escondido. For more information, call 760-738-6500 ext 27, toll free 1-800-868-9463 or visit

Bernardo WineryMaybe the oldest winery in San Diego is Bernado Winery, founded in 1889, and today it is still a family operated winery which is located in a charming little artsy village that is tucked

Transportation for special needs students and toddlers including disabled students and toddlers

Transportation for disabled - wheelchair persons including our seniors, veterans and wounded warriors

Transporation for Government Programs - Federal, state, county, civic programs and disabled transportation

Ambulatory Healthcare Transportation - non-emergency and wheelchair accessible transportation

Wright Care Mobility, IncServing Riverside & San Diego County

over nine years experience(an AAA Transportation Company)

888-846-3518 - [email protected] our website at

Americans withDisabilitiesAct

compliant with

Ask us about our shuttle to area airports for both handicapped and ambulatory

Will begin serving Riverside County area

January 10, 2011

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26 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011


You have to love Christmas. right? Everything about it is fun. Sinful foods, cheerful cocktails, shining ornaments, cedar smells, kid’s squeals, adults good wishes and deeds, the music, music, music and even the staged family photo Christmas Cards. They always make you laugh. But some people say the holidays are no fun, cost too much and stress them out. WHAT? Bah humbug, I say. Let me show you the way to Holiday Happiness, and it’s not just because I generally have a glass of bubbly in my hand the entire month of December, but it certainly helps.

Whether you are entertaining for family, friends or business, holiday décor is a must. Just a few special pieces here and there make a great statement. To add new sparkle to your old decorations without breaking the bank, pull out some favorite items that you can doll up. Bowls, vases and baskets full of ornaments add the glitter you want. Fill the containers with old ornaments and then buy just a few over the top ones to display on top. Old garland can come to life with just a few satin ribbon swags or fresh pomegranates wired on here and there. Use holiday cards to decorate your foyer or mantle but do it artfully. String them on holiday ribbon or on a mini-tree you created

from your big tree trimmings. Candles put on their Christmas face when you scatter fresh cranberries at their base or a handful in with a bowl of shell nuts.

Most people tell me big stress causers are baking, shopping and entertaining. People, this is fun stuff. If you feel baking takes too long, break it up, start making your dough now, roll it into balls or logs and pop it into the freezer. Pull it out just before you entertain and bake it off...easy breezy and the house smells yummy. Gifts cost too much? Last year my family decided to do all homemade gifts. What fun. I made bath salts from scratch. It cost me pennies, smelled great and my sister said she just used the last of them the other day. My mom made infused olive oil with rosemary out of her garden. I was sad when the last bit of it went into my pan. Gifts can be inexpensive and mean a lot at the same time. And entertaining, really this is the most fun time to entertain. First, the house already looks great with the tree and holiday touches. If you want to add a little zing to your décor for one special night Rebecca is going to tell you how by adding fresh florals. Second, don’t kill yourself with a crazy menu. Put out some favorites….. gourmet cheeses, dried figs, yummy bread, shrimp cocktail and try just one new recipe. Third, have you ever had a pomegranate martini? Try it and you and your guests will be full of holiday cheer. So this holiday season enjoy what is important, your friends and family, but also appreciate the season, it is a wonderful one...Cheers!

Wrap the wire around the end of the item you wish to attach leaving two long ends. Insert the ends into the front of the greens and then twist at the back to secure in place. Cut off the excess wire and hide the ends in the greens. If you prefer hot glue, place a small amount of glue on the end of the item you wish you attach and then press firmly into the pine. When using hot glue, be careful not to burn yourself, the glue can leak out through the pine before it dries.

Carry the holiday spirit into the house, making the door swag the very beginning of the celebration. Decorate your mantel or table with pieces of fresh pine tucking in some decorative ribbon, candles and ornaments. Baskets of pine can be placed around the house. Tiffany’s advice was great…using the ornaments and decorations you already have, just add in a few new items for pop. On the night of your holiday party or family gathering tuck in a few fresh flowers cutting the blooms short to hide the stems. Water tubes can be added to the ends of the flowers to make them last several days. To keep your pine fresh, spray with a light amount of water periodically. Enjoy all the scents of the season, surround yourself with elements of nature and celebrate family and friends. Happy Holidays!

the floral

Rebecca Orlauski -Twiggs & Petals Floral Design



Tiffany Halverson -Tiffany’s Party Designs

for entertaining

the floral

Rebecca Orlauski -Twiggs & Petals Floral Design



Tiffany Halverson -Tiffany’s Party Designs

for entertaining

There’s something about December that always makes the scent of fresh pine that much more inviting, maybe it’s

the memories of holidays past or the excitement of the one approaching. As you prepare your home to celebrate the season, the scents and colors of the outdoors can be invited in and dressed up to add a special touch of holiday cheer.

From the moment a guest arrives at your door greet them with a fresh pine Swag to say “Happy Holidays.” The swag can be constructed with a few lengths of pine trimmed from your tree and cut at different lengths rubber banded together. Use a length of floral wire to create a hook and then cover the rubber bands and wire with decorative ribbon. Finish your fresh pine swag with pine cones and ornaments.

There are two ways you can attach decorations to fresh greens, wire and hot glue. If you are using wire, you will need a pair of cutters and some floral wire. Floral wire is green and will blend into the greens and can be found at any floral or craft supplier.

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Building Bodies & Minds

23811 Washington Ave., Ste. c109, in Murrieta • (951) 286-1376 •

The Inland Valley Conservatory and Athletics is a non-profi t 501c3 organization dedicated to bringing affordable, professional quality training of the performing arts and sports to the Temecula/Murrieta Valley.

Classes offered through IVCCA's Murrieta Dance Studio include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Ballroom, Lyrical and other cultural dance styles (such as Hula and Egyptian) in an educational setting.

Fine Arts Network…since 1994Actor’s Contemporary Theatre...Inland Valley Opera...Fine Arts Ballet Company bringing quality theatrical

productions and performance opportunities to the Temecula Valley. Proudly supported by local

businesses and the Theatre Foundation.

13 the Musical by Jason Robert BrownPresented by Fine Arts Network and Actors Contemporary Theatre

When 13-year-old Evan Goldman moves from New York to Indiana, he must escape rumors and blackmail if he’ll have any chance at all for friendship or happiness at his new school.

Jan. 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 at 7:30pmJan. 9 & 16 at 2pm

THE NUTCRACKER BALLET The Ballet Studio’s critically acclaimed version will fi ll your heart with splendor and wonderment with the perfect holiday outing for the whole family.


Dec. 17, 18, 20, 21, 22 at 7:30pm Dec. 18, 19, & 22 at 3pmDec. 19 at 6pmDec. 23 at 2pm

For more information and ticket pricing go to

or call 866-OLD-TOWN (653-8696)


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28 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

There is no such thing as an ‘old’ Diamond, Sapphire or Emerald because precious stones never wear out. Many people inherit precious jewelry from a loved one. They hold on to them for many reasons - the value, the memory, sentiment, or it may just be one of the few things from which to remember a loved one. Whatever the reason, 85% percent of the time it ends up in the “old jewelry box.”

Throughout the years we’ve had many clients walk through our doors and present us with this situation. We have the client sit down and tell us a little story regarding the piece of jewelry they have inherited. Knowing the history of your jewelry item is very important; it helps us design a unique, custom piece that reflects you and “Your Signature of Fine Art & Love.”

Just before Thanksgiving we had a client stop in with a few rings inherited from her mother, father and grandmother. After spending some time with her, we came up with a two-tone fashion

ring that she wanted to wear on her right hand. The ring consisted of her mother’s center stone, her father’s and grandmother’s smaller accent stones that were pave set throughout the ring. We also suggested using the existing gold from the rings to recast them into her new fashion ring. However, she wanted to take it a step further and add her birthstone, and her only daughter’s birthstone, as well as all three of her grandchildren’s birthstones. She was so grateful that her parents and grandmother had passed their rings down to her. In turn, she would leave a beautiful family heirloom for her daughter. Recently we had a lovely couple from the Colony wishing a design for a custom pendant to accommodate two stones, one an oval gray Opal given to her by her step-daughter. The other stone was a Diamond passed down from her mother-in-law. We bezel set the Opal surrounded by 22 accent diamonds, including her mother-in-laws diamond in a free-form design. The exact words from our client: “It’s beautiful, simple, and classy. I love it” Precious family jewelry is just too special to sit in a jewelry box. For a free consultation, bring your family heirloom to life and express “Your Signature of Fine Art & Love.”

Jeweler By Design40750 Symphony Park Lane in Murrieta 951.677.5566

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Page 33: Country Review 120111

For your daughter’s special day, invite a princess to come and play!

We’ll bring the enchantment to you!


Princess PartiesFairytale

Character Visits • Elegant Tea Parties Dress-up Parties • Face Painting

Games • Prizesand More!

The Pageant is seen on“TODDLERS & TIARAS”







Upcoming Pageants:Dec. 5th- Holiday Pageant

Feb. 13th- Valentine Pageant






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32 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

going GREEN

The sustained growth of California’s clean energy economy has been a bright spot during the state’s recent economic

downturn. The burgeoning number of renewable energy jobs, businesses and patents generated makes California the nation’s leader in “going green.” Although the ultimate effects of November’s election on Federal funding and state and city green issues remain to be seen, local Temecula area businesses and households can still be at the forefront of trendsetting measures to become more energy efficient and help the environment.

“Most programs related to energy savings are really cost effective and it’s a no-brainer for businesses to adopt them,” says John Kennedy, Senior Manager at Autodesk Sustainable Analysis Products. For instance, the more energy intensive a business is, the more sense it makes for them to use solar energy. According to Kennedy, “The payback period for businesses at a high tier of electricity use is well inside of ten years and there are tax credits at the Federal level.”

Local commerce is taking advantage of the abundance of solar and wind energy. One local industry with a big energy saving potential is the wine industry. “Wineries are candidate #1 for ways to save energy and move forward for sustainable means,” says Kennedy. The process of harvesting in the morning when the temperature is low is more energy efficient. Because fermentation involves an exothermic reaction that increases heat, maintaining

consistent temperatures is another opportunity for vintners to save energy.

While industry involves a large scale, studies show that most water use in cities is in homes. For Riverside County, minimizing grass and transforming landscaping into a desert of vegetation conserves water and can translate into enormous savings. Inside residences, washing machines, dishwashers, low flow aerators on faucets, and high efficiency toilets are all opportunities to save water, energy, and money.

Clear cost advantages compel homeowners to turn their homes into clean, green, saving machines. The California Cash for Appliances Program awards owners who purchase energy saving appliances an average amount of $150 per item. Currently, the program has over $4 million remaining in rebate funds

and continues until they are exhausted. Energy efficient incentives aren’t only related to big-ticket items. The tax-exempt list includes programmable thermostats, ceiling fans and light bulbs.

The California Solar Initiative offers $3 billion in incentives for solar energy projects. Homeowners harnessing power with solar panels can also harness tax credits, incentives, and rebates. “The before and after tax credits alone made installing our solar panels an easy decision,” says Southern California homeowner Marcia Schwemer. “And I love to watch my meter run backwards.”

Turn Your Home or Business Into a Clean, Green, Saving Machine

Wineries are candidate #1 for ways to save energy

and move forward for sustainable means”

By David Beran

–John Kennedy, Sustainable Manager

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CHAMBER OF COMMERCEMay the New Year be healthy and prosperous, with new opportunities in achieving your 2011 goals. Take advantage of all that Menifee has to o� er. Visit the Chamber or for a list of all available activities.

Seasons Greetings!


10am – 4pm Mt. San Jacinto College Menifee Campus

Santa • Cra� Fair • VendorsVendor booths Members $50 and

Non-Members $75



DEC. 8 - COFFEE 7:30 – 8:30am

U.S. Bank, Sun City 27378 Sun City Blvd.

Speaker: Supervisor Je� StonePlease RSVP (951) 672-1991


29683 NEW HUB DRIVE, STE. C • MENIFEE CA 92586 • (951) 672-1991


TOY DRIVECollection sites include City Hall, Chamber

O� ce, and local businesses. Help spread holiday cheer with new unwrapped toys.


5:30 – 7:30pmMenifee Valley Medical Center

Education RoomFree to Members,

$10 Non-Members


7:30 – 8:45am weekly10 weeks of basic training, giving you tools

to succeed in your business.Please RSVP (951) 672-1991JAN. 12

COFFEE7:30 - 9am

Menifee City HallMeet the Mayor and City Sta� Please RSVP (951) 672-1991



STATE OF THE CITYBrunch from 10am to Noon

Menifee Lakes Country Club$35 per person

Please RSVP (951) 672-1991

Best wishes,Dorothy Wolons CEO/President

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34 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

name of SECTION

We’ve all seen it while driving up or down the 15 freeway around Lake Elsinore - the tiny blossoms of color

floating gently down to earth, spinning coolly as they reach the ground. Since 1959, Skydive Elsinore has been a

destination for jumpers of all ages and skill levels. In fact, it is the longest-running drop zone in North America.

Recently, I had the opportunity to do an “observer flight” at Skydive Elsinore. While being strapped into my emergency parachute,

I was asked if I was sure I didn’t want to jump. Um, no thanks. But the gentleman tightening the

gear on my chute told me that he’s been jumping for ten years, and there is nothing quite like it - once you’ve jumped, nothing else quite lives up

to the experience. The pilot, Donnie, made it clear jumping is not for him - but it’s obvious he loves his job, and I enjoyed the ride. Watching the jumpers fly out the door made me very glad I had a nice tight seatbelt, although the energy and excitement aboard the aircraft was palpable.

Melanie Curtis, the Marketing and Event Coordinator, is also a competitive skydiver and has logged over

7,000 dives. Eighteen years old when she completed her first jump, Melanie describes the experience as

“pure freedom.” She calls it a literal leap of faith and a conquering of one’s fears.

So who jumps? There is a broad variety of people that can be found on the drop zone. You see the first-timers, possibly doing a tandem jump (strapped to an experienced diver), or the “fun-jumpers” on the weekends, all the way to professional and competitive divers. Melissa, a trainer and life coach, jumps on average 30 times per week. That’s a lot of adrenaline. Those passionate about skydiving want it known as a sport and not just a recreational pastime. It is a competitive community full of participants from many different disciplines - canopy piloting and formation flying, for example. With so many styles and techniques, one can become a student again and again.

For those who prefer to go solo on their first jump, Skydive Elsinore offers a course called Accelerated Freefall. This program teaches you everything you need to know to jump safely without going tandem. In any instance, photos and video of your first jump are a must, and are available to add

to your jump package.

Jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft at 13,000 feet isn’t for everyone. But the long-term success of Skydive Elsinore and the committed community of people who regularly jump and compete show me that the 50-plus seconds of silent freefall must be worth it.

Skydive Elsinore is located at 20701 Cereal St in Lake Elsinore. 951-245-9939 or visit them on the web at

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��� � ��������s c h o o l o f p h o t o g r a p h y

To reserve a space or for more info contact us today:951.240.7207

42031 Main St. Suite G Old Town Temecula, CA 92590

Next classSaturday 1/15

Limited to 12 Spaces

Nancy Hughes DRE# 00859916951.704.4644 – [email protected]

Andrew Bell – DRE# 01757634951.816.0520 [email protected]

Let Us Shoulder Th e Burden Of Th e Housing Crisis For You! With more than 34 years experience in the Temecula/Murrieta Valley, Th e Bell and Hughes Group has helped countless families through the loan modifi cation and short sale process. Our services are free, but our knowledge is priceless. If you or someone you know is behind on mortgage payments, please call us. You have options, and you deserve to know what they are before making any decisions!

Temecula Wine Country De Luz

Stunning 6,025 sq.ft . estate home on 5 acres with unobstructed southeastern views. 7Br+Offi ce, rock pool and NBA size lighted basketball court. Standard Sale, call for details

Views abound from atop this 5.66 acre home site in the hills above Temecula. Single story, 4BR+Offi ce+Game room with gourmet kitchen, RV parking and more. Short Sale, call for details.

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Natural JuiceBar & Deli

42031 Main Street, Suite A951.506.5200Open: Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

Coming Soon! Salad Bar & Street Tacos!

Smoothies • Natural Juices • Fruit SaladsMango • Papaya • Pineapple • Cantaloupe

Best Hot and Cold SandwichesEverything Made Fresh To Order

New Location!28459 Front Street, Suite 104

in Old Town Temeculaph (951) 699-BABY (2229)

Page 39: Country Review 120111

Lotions, Soaps Candles

& Scents–• Aromatique • Elizabeth W• Lady Primrose’s • Hearts Desired• Sir Oliver • Oak Forest

Designer Handbags –• Raviani• Betsy Johnson• Mary Frances• Carlos Falchi

Not Valid With Any Other Offer. Expires 12-24-10


Jewelry–SWAROVSKI COMPANY• Mariani Designs • Jay Strongwater • • Chamilia Charms • Lori Bonn

42030 Main St., Suite G, Old Town/TEMECULA • 699-7090

Home Accessories –• Arthur Court • Casafina • Castilian • Eastern Accents• Gracious Goods • Jay Strongwater• Mark Roberts • Sweet Dreams• Sid Dickens Memory Tiles

ANY PURCHASEof $50 with this Coupon




Add Some Panache to theHolidays!Add Some Panache to theHolidays!

28465 Old Town Front Street #103 in Temecula951-699-5100 • Open 7 Days! 10am-6pm

Mention Country Review and receive a free gift!

with purchase

Trendy, Affordable Junior & Women’s Fashion

katwalkthe clothing boutique

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38 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

helping HANDS

As parents, we often wonder what gifts we can give our children that will be the most remembered as the years of

holiday seasons blur into one long twinkling memory.

Maybe that’s because we ourselves often don’t clearly recall that magical thing, that must-have gift from our own parents that we thought was going make our personal little world, even if temporarily, a better place.

But sometimes, the real gift from our parents isn’t what they give, but rather how they give.

And that gift doesn’t have to come from our own parents—it can come through the family stories of friends or even strangers. Two of my closest friends who live in the Temecula Valley, a married couple whose first names are Steve and Lisa, recently shared some inspiring anecdotes with me about their parents who truly believed in “living the giving.”

Steve told me a story about his father Dominic who was what many would describe as a self-made man; an American success story whose own father came to this country from Sicily when the last century was still new.

But, even as Dominic reached a comfortable prosperity, he never lost sight of others in need, his son remembered. With the zeal of a joyfully-enlightened Ebenezer Scrooge ordering that big white goose to be delivered to Tiny Tim and the rest of the Cratchit household on Christmas morning, Dominic made the holiday times of many families much brighter.

“Every year before the holidays, my father would make a list of people he knew or heard about who were having financial problems or some kind of hardship,” says Steve. “Then he’d go shopping, and put together food baskets, and then, usually late

at night during the Christmas week, he would just drop off the baskets at peoples’ doorsteps.”

But Dominic always did his giving anonymously.

Those families who received his charitable largesse never did know who put together and delivered the holiday food baskets, and, for Dominic, that fact was the most fun of all, according to his son.

“Dad got the biggest kick out of imagining people’s faces when they discovered their baskets, but he didn’t believe that it was important for anybody to know that he was the one who did the giving,” Steve says. “That wasn’t what it was all about for him. And that’s been one of the great things, the great gifts, I remember from my father who has since passed on from this world.”

Like Steve’s father, Lisa’s mother, Iris, also got joy out of assisting others.

To her way of thinking, there was no higher form of human perfection, nothing quite so next to God as being helpful to those in need and asking nothing in return, say family members.

And it didn’t matter whether her gift of service was working at the auxiliary groups for her church, using her home for a voting precinct, bringing packed lunch bags to homeless people, helping children at school, or whipping up a home made lemon meringue pie just because someone asked her to make one. Iris was thinking about other people’s needs until the day she died in November, said Lisa.

Nowhere has this “give to live” gift been so clearly vibrant as when during her funeral when a friend gave a eulogy and asked everyone in attendance to stand up if Iris had, in one way or another, helped them with her acts of kindness.

To the sounds of chairs scraping, pews creaking and shoes shuffling, almost the entire assembly rose to their feet. Of the 150 or more people there, nearly everyone—men, women, and children—stood up, smiling and nodding in silent thank-yous for this ordinary and unassuming woman who went out of her way during her life to help everyone she could help.

It was a breathtaking and profoundly moving moment.

This holiday season, as my two friends quietly celebrate the festivities with family and friends, the stories they tell of their parents’ gifts of giving in service to others will be included in the stories they tell every year. And those stories will in turn hopefully inspire their children and their children’s children to try and make the world a better and kinder place.


By Sandra Shrader


Page 41: Country Review 120111

This season’s fashion options are all about being yourself for all the where’s and when’s of your life. It’s not just about the dress anymore or the skinny pant. It’s about being ready for anything; from serenity to ecstasy. How about a new jacket? You haven’t seen anything like the options at the cactus flower boutique in Old Town Temecula.

Some remarkable jewelry? We have it all; monochromes to match your moments of quiet refinement, or prints for when you’re feeling extroverted.

We’re here to serve you.


On the corner of sixth and

front street

951 699 8030


Page 42: Country Review 120111

Laughter, love, and happiness. This is what every parent desires for their Pre-School and Kindergarten-aged children when perched on the classroom doorstep hugging out the morning goodbyes. What parent wouldn’t want to bask in the comfort of knowing their child is embraced in a facility where teachers foster an atmosphere both of learning and of finding joy in the everyday?

Murrieta Ranch Pre-School and Kindergarten is the embodiment of this very ideal. For 20 years in Murrieta, Cindy Layton and her staff of caring professionals eagerly welcome students, who are filled with excitement over the limitless possibilities each new day brings. At Murrieta Ranch a heavy emphasis on art, music, literature, and socialization comes standard in conjunction with state curriculum.

Cindy began her teaching career in 1969, at Rossmoor Pre-School in Los Alamitos. For 21 years Cindy served as the Program Director of Rossmoor, while also maintaining her pre-kindergarten teaching position half-days.

In 1990 Cindy moved to Murrieta with her daughters Alisa and Amy. With the help of her father and mother, Paul and Marilyn White, and her brother Stephen, her dream of opening a pre-school became a reality. In

Murrieta RanchP R E S C H O O L & K I N D E R G A R T E N





Mom & Dad (Marilyn & Paul White)with daughter Cynthia Layton


Page 43: Country Review 120111

MRDecember 1990 Murrieta Ranch opened as a family day care; in 1993 it expanded to become Murrieta Ranch Pre-School and Kindergarten, consisting of eight creativity inspired classrooms.

Murrieta Ranch is a relaxed, fun, and joyful pre-school, sporting themed playgrounds and Old West structures to encourage exploration. “We regularly rotate the children through the four playgrounds to stimulate their minds and unleash their imaginations.” Barnyard animals, classroom creatures, large grassy play areas, and seasonal décor delight each child while uniquely contributing to their learning experience.

Cindy’s philosophy is to provide children with a safe, warm, and developmentally appropriate environment that will heighten the child’s natural curiosity and wonder of the world around them. The goal is to enhance the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of each “little one,” while integrating lessons on citizenship, respect, character, and kindness. Hands-on learning in all subjects help promote a positive attitude in children regarding school-now and in the future.

Murrieta Ranch is infinitely more than your typical four walls with some windows. It is a place where relationships between loyal staff members, children, and their parents have created a family atmosphere, and where tender care inspires devotion to one another. Cindy is humbly proud of her dedicated staff and the environment created here. “I am so grateful to the

communities support and to the families that entrusted their children’s early childhood years with us.”

Memories of a happy childhood can last a lifetime. As parents and educators “what we do today will be the memories that children carry with them into adulthood.”

Murrieta Ranch Pre-School and Kindergarten is located at 24850 Lincoln Avenue in Murrieta. You can reach them by calling 951.677.0207. Web-site

Student Memories:Derek Dunaway – One of the first students, now 23“I remember the dirt hills and Dizzy Darla visiting. To this day I still have some friends that I made in pre-school!”

Darren Holliday“I remember dressing up like an Indian and some kids were Pilgrims. I remember having a feast and pretending to “hunt” the goats for the feast. And we made Thankful books. Some of my favorite memories are of the dirt hills, having shaving cream on the tables, and spending time with the animals.”

Dominic Finetti“I remember playing and eating on the dirt hills! It was so much fun! All of the different animals Ms. Cindy had – the

(Continued on p. 42)


Page 44: Country Review 120111

MRhorses, pig, turkey and chickens. We were able to ride the horse and pick up the turkey.”

Christina Finetti“I loved going into the bird aviary and looking at all of the birds, all of the decorations, petting the goats and playing in the Treehouse in the classroom. I remember the teachers teaching us the Pledge of Allegiance while sitting on Ms. Donna’s lap, arts and crafts, especially the Thanksgiving crafts, and the Thanksgiving feast with sandwiches shaped like turkeys. I remember too, performing in the Christmas programs.”

Teachers Memories:Barbara Weldon “It has been 17 years and I look forward to my job each day because of the children and their families and the environment Cindy and staff have created. Murrieta Ranch has become an important part of my life. It is a place that is an extension of family, a warm, loving, caring, and supportive environment not only for children and their families, but for the staff. I always call it my “Home Away From Home.” Cindy and her family have truly made Murrieta Ranch feel like home.”

Donna Jamieson“I’ve been working at Murrieta Ranch since 1993. I had been

teaching at Montessori in Orange County for 12 years when I came to visit my parents who were living in Murrieta. They wanted to show me an adorable school that had just opened in Murrieta. After talking with Cindy Layton I knew that is where I wanted to be.”

Kathleen Rosa“I’ve been working at Murrieta Ranch Pre-School and Kindergarten as the Assistant Director for 17 years, as well as having had the pleasure of simultaneously teaching Pre-Kindergarten classes from time to time. Ms. Cindy and I had met in Orange County and have worked together for over 25 years. These past 17 years have been filled with the pleasure of being a part of a team who enjoys and passionately participates in the growth of young children socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. When my youngest son, Chris now 22 attended Murrieta Ranch 18 years ago, I was so pleased that his first exposure to the school was such a positive one filled with great experiences and fond memories. My son, as well as hundreds of other children who have attended Murrieta Ranch throughout the years, have been very fortunate to have spent their early childhood years in such a positive environment that appreciates, respects and fosters the natural and healthy development of young children.”

Murrieta Ranch Preschool & Kindergarten24850 Lincoln (Off Los Alamos) • Murrieta

(951) 677-0207

Murrieta Ranch... (Continued from p. 41)



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Brings HOLLYWOOD Secrets to Temecula

If you have noticed that there are alot of younger looking, middle-aged women in Temecula who are walking with more spring in their step, it is probably because they stopped by Up Your Alley women’s clothing boutique to be educated on a truly awesome, scientifically designed anti-aging system that has taken Hollywood by storm.

Stars like Nicole Kidman, Chyna Phillips, Ian Ziering and Brad Pitt use it for an instant tightening and glow before photo shoots. Sophia Loren has been using this technique for 50 years and never had a facelift.

And, THERE IS MORE GOOD NEWS! Just in from Hollywood, two new multi-million dollar researched products that further enhance looking and feeling younger!


Visit Up Your Alley women’s boutique in Old Town Temecula for not only personalized wardrobe consultation but information on these amazing discoveries. Let us give you a half face demonstration on how these science based products can work for you!

Up Your Alley is open 6 days a week, Tuesday through Sunday with special Farmer’s Market hours 7:30 am to 5 pm on Saturday.

Up Your Alley: Always dedicated to making YOU the best you can be.

41973 6th Street • Old Town Temecula951-308-1930

Country Review’s most popular feature is back; Women on the Move. Our staff asked high profile leaders and entreprenuers, women who go the extra mile in the community about their paths to success. Their answers were candid, interesting, and inspiring.

These gals with grit certainly set the standard for excellence.

Page 46: Country Review 120111

44 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

women on the MOVE

Karie Reuther is a rock star - a high energy leader in the local community.

She found her niche in 2005 with Granite Construction where her strong commitment to family and community fits right in with the Granite “Character Matters” value system. Karie is the Director of Public Relations and handles one of the most complex, challenging and controversial projects currently in the Temecula Valley. She has been asked on more than one occasion, “How do you do it?” Her answer: “With a smile on my face.” Honestly, it isn’t hard when you know the project will bring 99 new paychecks to the area, an additional 178 jobs with other companies, a well-respected company to our region and a local source of the building blocks we need for our infrastructure. It is a recipe for success…it has a little bit of everything our community needs to help maintain our quality of life.

Karie moved to the Temecula Valley ten years ago with two lovely daughters, Madison and Kali, who have now grown up in TVUSD. Today she continues to embrace Temecula as her home with her husband,

David, and the family’s newest addition, 2-year-old daughter Abigail.

Karie is an active and engaged civic leader, with a soft spot in her heart for children. One of Granite’s core values is to be good corporate citizen; they encourage their employees to have a hands-on approach to the community. This value has undoubtedly lead to the company gaining notoriety with awards such as Fortune’s Americas Most Admired Company, 2010 World’s Most Ethical Companies, Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For - five years in a row - and the list goes on and on.

For the past two years, Karie has worked with three other Rotarians to bring Imagination Library to the Valley. This Rotary service project delivers 500 books to children under the age of five every month. She has been involved in the Valley’s Student of the Month program, Committee Member for the Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizen of the Year Gala, Coalition to Improve Education, and sits on the Lake Elsinore Chamber Board.

Bonnie Brown is well known for beginning each day with her positive

attitude and smile. As a master barber and accomplished cosmetologist, she hung her shingle and opened Bonnie’s Hair Stop in 1993. Situated along the I-215 corridor, Bonnie has always known that she was in a prime spot for the eminent development to come. Throughout the past two decades, Bonnie dreamed of transforming her modest operation into a full service day spa.

Having given unto others through positive experiences and quality services, Bonnie was blessed with a loyal clientele who encouraged her to pursue her dream. Propelled by their faith in her, and her faith in God, Bonnie was led to take the first steps toward expanding her shop just 12 months ago.

Her most recent expansion phase included adding two hair stylists and two manicurists in the main salon. She also built “The Treatment Room” and developed a full skincare line. Using this

space, she has two estheticians on her team who offer facials, peels, waxes, and make-up application. Rounding out her expert team (by appointment only) are two massage therapists, a permanent make-up artist and a physician offering cosmetic injections of Botox®, Juvederm®, and Radiesse®.

Through her commitment to help others enhance their lives with professional services and quality products, Bonnie continues to have a positive impact on her clients and the community. She credits her success to her faith and her family and friends who have stepped up with their support throughout this long journey.

Karie Reuther

Bonnie BrownBonnie’s Hair Stop

The Place for Hair-Skin-Nails (951) 672-1964

“Women on the Move” Special - $85Includes manicure, pedicure,

haircut & style, and European facial!Good thru 1-31-2011

Appointment required.

Page 47: Country Review 120111

December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 45

women on the MOVE

When I was asked by CRM to tell a story about my wife and business partner,

Christy Puma, I told them it would be no problem whatsoever. The success story of the little Mexican Restaurant in Old Town that Christy and I purchased in February of 2007 is every bit a story of the American Dream.

Since she was 13 years old Christy has had a very strong relationship with God. She volunteered as a Eucharistic minister at St. Catherine’s Catholic Church, she held positions as PTA Vice President as well as President , which not only took hours of meeting time, but preparation for the various events was like a third job. Christy also was heavily involved with the beginning stages of the Old Town Temecula Association. She continues to be a huge help at various meetings, mixers and other events. Anytime help is needed, Christy is there quietly working behind the scenes. She never looks for recognition and smiles every step of the way.

Currently, Christy is Vice President of the Chaparral High School Football Booster Club. She works hard to help raise money

for team needs. Additionally, she has been instrumental in the donations of thousands of dollars to the team for weekly needs for meals at away games. She either personally delivers food from The Bank or sometimes goes to Subway or another restaurant to feed the team. She also has donated all the food for the year end banquets.

Christy is a giving, hard working, wonderful, loving wife, mother, boss, employee, volunteer and an all around high class woman who is an important part of our business, and a community minded person who works tirelessly for the benefit of others. During all this time she has raised two wonderful children, Kaylee (19) and Christopher (16).

You could say that I may have been the face of the business the last 3 ½ years, but Christy was the heart soul and backbone. Without her it would never have worked out, we would never have enjoyed the success we have and we would probably have lost everything. She is an amazing woman who trusted her husband enough to put everything on the line for a seemingly crazy dream and then immediately got to work to make it a success.

Inspired by my grandmother, (‘Lillibets’ is the nickname my grandmother gave

me as a young child), and born out of an expressed need in my Alzheimer’s support groups, Lillibet’s Place Senior Adult Day Program provides a much needed service to our community; affordable, licensed care for our frail elderly in the community. With over twenty years of experience in the health care and assisted living industry, and working with the elderly population, Lillibet’s Place owner, Elizabeth Whittington’s background includes an education in Sociology and as an ordained minister. Additionally, Elizabeth assists business owners in the senior industry, offering private consulting with their activity programs, marketing, state licensing paperwork and staff training.

She currently is involved with the start up and opening of Sunny Rose Glen, an assisted living and memory care facility in Menifee, California. As an advocate

for the elderly and an affiliated member of the Alzheimer’s Association Speaker’s Bureau and as a Support Group Facilitator, Elizabeth offers community services including: Support groups, counseling and education for caregivers

Provides Public Speaking and Education on Aging, Alzheimer’s and Dementia related diseases to Community Organizations, Churches, Service Clubs, Hospitals and Hospice Services, Doctor’s offices, other assisted living facilities, etc.

“It is with great compassion and passion that I am able to provide a much needed service to our frail elderly in the community. The same care that I would provide for my own Grandmother.”

Christy Puma


Lillibet’s PlaceLillibet’s Place opened in April of this year and is located in beautiful Old Town Murrieta at:

24710 Washington Avenue, Suites 8/9, Murrieta, 92562. Tel # 951-696-4747/Fax # 951-696-4003 Lic#336424318

28645 Old Town Front Streetin Temecula • (866) 713-3881

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46 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

women on the MOVE

Amy Dawnelle is Portrait Photographer in Murrieta. Her brand new studio

is located at 40663 Murrieta Hot Springs Road, right next to Richies Diner.

Amy specializes in maternity and baby photography but also offers photography for families and high school seniors. Amy refers to her portraiture as “Modern Heirloom Photography” because of her unique combination of traditional posing style as well as non traditional lifestyle photography and fashion photography. “I felt like my style didn’t fit well in any one category so I just created my own.”

Amy creates artistic family portraits that capture the love that you and your family share and believes that this type of portraiture will be honored and preserved for generations.

Amy Dawnelle has won Professional Photographers of America’s bronze level Photographer of the Year 2010 award and Professional Photographers of San Diego County’s Children’s Photographer of the Year 2010 award.

Amy Dawnelle’s inspiration for photography comes from her three children who, if you ask her “are her purpose for everything.” “There are two things that I love the more than anything. One Being a mom and two being a photographer. That’s all I need and I’m complete!”

Amy feels so lucky so thankful and so honored to be doing what she loves, photographing the families in her community. She welcomes you to stop by the studio or check out her online photography galleries.

Alysha Miller is a woman of many talents; a stay-at-home, home-

schooling, mother of five, and a successful entrepreneur with a passion for Shabby Chic Furniture and home decor. Alysha runs a top ranked online boutique, creates her own designs, and still manages to run a ship-shape home. Her attention to detail and courteous, friendly service have

brought her success, not just locally, but from all over the world.

Alysha was deeply inspired by the shabby chic style a few years ago when a friend passed along a home decor magazine. She began developing her unique style by painting all of the furniture in her home, with support from her husband Joel. “If my husband did not complete me the way that he does, none of this would have ever been possible. He is definitely the best part of me,” she says. Her passion and flair for all things romantic are evident in her work.

A successful home business soon outgrew their space, and Alysha opened her first store in Sun City, CA called Romantic Home Treasures. The store features her own work along with consignment and other rare pieces. Customers who come in the store are greeted with a friendly smile and helpful service, and many return for more.

Visit Alysha’s business online at or stop

by the store Monday through Saturday.

Amy Dawnelle

Alysha MillerAlysha Miller’s

Shabby Chic Furniture

Families: • Babies: TemeculaMaternityPhotographer.comSeniors: • 951.294.1059

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December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 47

women on the MOVE

Trinity Hair Studio and Skincare co-owners Lynda Kinnsch and daughter Laurel Preston feel very blessed to continue to serve

our community in a time when many salons are closing their doors! “It was somewhat of a challenge to start a business that caters to not only our public community, but also our Christian community.” says Lynda. Now opened for nearly four years, the Christian hair salon is well known for their exceptional services!

“Service is so important to us and we want everyone that leaves our doors to feel special,” says Linda. Our Esthetician specializes in Zesty Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, and Deep Pore Cleansing. Our facials are so invigorating and stand out with names like the “My Fair Lady” for a smoothing and cleansing treatment, and the “Audrey” which is infused with jasmine, rose, and grapefruit that hydrates the skin. Our Infusion Peels are vitamin A treatments that work from below the surface of the skin. Many clients are returning for a second and third time to get it’s maximum result! She also does waxing and full Brazilians too!

Trinity stylists use their advanced training with services that include the Keratin Complex Smoothing treatments. Also many of our stylist’s are trained in hair extension services. We use 100% human hair that is imported to the U.S. We have many gentleman clients that come in not only for their haircuts...but also to receive color and facials, too! We also offer Wedding Services, in the salon or on location.

You can purchase your favorite line of haircare products and skincare products at Trinity! We carry the full line of Sebastian hair care and the very popular Moroccan Oil Products! Our skincare line is the Yonka of Paris yummy aroma therapy line with ingredients like rosemary and jasmine,. We also carry our very popular Osmosis Skincare line, which go hand in hand with our Infusion skin treatments.

Walk in or schedule an appointment or consultation with a stylist or esthetician to completely change your look. Treat yourself or loved one to a day of beauty! At Trinity, we are waiting to welcome you!

Trinity Hair Studio • 41667 Ivy Street in Murrieta • 951.894.4545

Lynda Kinnsch & Laurel Preston

As a true professional in the art of “beauty” we encourage you to meet Jannice Hart, owner and founder of MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS AND WIGS in Temecula/Murrieta. Jannice has been serving the Temecula/Murrieta community since she established her first studio in 1987.

“Try Before You Buy” and receive a complete free make over at the professional and well-trained hands of Jannice. You will be introduced to the best beauty product lines, specializing in every type of skin

type. New to her Studio are products from Luxiva®, an innovative line of anti-wrinkle treatment products, like creams and serums.

The Fashion Wigs by Raquel Welch and Ava Gabor, whose exclusive features are the ultimate in natural, light weight comfort and total ease in maintenance, are of the finest quality. Her Studio is equipped with a private fitting room for customers and she also provides professional wig styling.

For the holidays, Jannice is offering a free Holiday Makeover! To look your best this season, visit Jannice in her Studio, and allow her to bring out the true, beautiful you!

As a true professional in the art of “beauty” we encourage you to meet Jannice Hart, owner and founder of MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS AND WIGS in Temecula/Murrieta. Jannice has been serving the Temecula/Murrieta community since she established her first studio in 1987.

“Try Before You Buy” and receive a complete free make over at the professional and well-trained hands of Jannice. You will be introduced to the best beauty product lines, specializing in every type of skin

type. New to her Studio are products from Luxiva®, an innovative line of anti-wrinkle treatment products, like creams and serums.

The Fashion Wigs by Raquel Welch and Ava Gabor, whose exclusive features are the ultimate in natural, light weight comfort and total ease in maintenance, are of the finest quality. Her Studio is equipped with a private fitting room for customers and she also provides professional wig styling.

For the holidays, Jannice is offering a free Holiday Makeover! To look your best this season, visit Jannice in her Studio, and allow her to bring out the true, beautiful you!

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48 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

women on the MOVE

Charismatic, vivacious, and visionary sum up Sheila Havens-Ryle and her

ability to inspire others to follow their dreams. Her personal dream of bringing Shakespeare alive in a unique setting is now one of Temecula Wine Country’s annual gems. Shakespeare in the Vines (SITV) will present its sixth season with the participation of top billing actors, promising understudies, and thriving performers.

In the beginning Sheila always dreamed of creating a Shakespeare Theatre Festival like that in Ashland, Oregon, where almost a million people attend annually. When she moved to Temecula, she was driving through wine country and knew it would be the perfect place to create it. Along with the first class wineries, it would surely bring renown to the Temecula Valley. The first step was to talk to people and everywhere she turned there was someone who would help in some way. She shares that the synchronicity of chance meetings with those who believed in Shakespeare in the Vines was like nothing she had ever experienced before. “I am so grateful to all of those people and organizations!”

Local theater is often the springboard needed for developing careers in the performing arts. Each season, SITV has given theatrical opportunities to adults and children, both on the stage and behind the curtain. With the participation of so many talented individuals, SITV has won more than 20 theatrical awards and honored with membership in the Shakespeare Theatre Association of America. What once was a dream is now an amazing cultural event in Wine Country. Sheila participated in community theatre growing up and found a special love for musicals. In college, Sheila began to dabble in non-musical theatre and went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Conducting and Education at Occidental College. Her career includes 25 years of teaching and developing numerous award winning choir and theatre programs.

Sheila and her husband, Geoff, live in Temecula and are raising two talented teenagers, Shanti and Devon.

Sheila Havens-Ryle

Becky Young, Fleet Director for Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac in Temecula, has

worked at Paradise for 11 years and has been with General Motors for over 30 years.

Becky moved to Temecula from Salt Lake City and was raised in a small Utah town.The small town feel of Temecula is one of the things she loves most about our valley. She began her career with GM as co-owner of two small town Chevrolet dealerships also in Utah. Becky has won numerous awards from General Motors throughout her career. Her success can be attributed to her strong work ethic and goal driven approach.

Becky enjoys serving and giving to her community. As a young girl she watched her Father give to their small town and has found joy following in his footsteps. You can see Becky at most every community event in the valley representing Paradise. She spends the rest of her time at the dealership selling new and pre-owned vehicles. What ever she does at work, in the community or with her family, she does it with passion. Becky

contributes her success to the commitment she has for the things she believes in. “It is easy to sell what I believe in and I believe in my dealer, the dealership and in the Chevrolet and Cadillac product.” When Becky started in the car business she made a commitment to make it her career, not just a job until something better came along. Then she started meeting the customers, who soon became her friends, and that’s when she really started loving her job.

Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac, Dealer/Operator, Terry Gilmore says, “Becky has been a positive influence in our community and for our dealership since she came to work here eleven years ago. Loyalty such as hers is hard to find.”

Becky has four sons and eight grandchildren. “My love for my family is my true joy,” says Becky. “Similarly, my customers become my family and friends.” Becky genuinely cares about the people she does business with and strives to make their experience at the dealership a positive one, ending in lasting relationships.

Becky YoungParadise

27360 Ynez RoadTemecula, CA 92591-4602

(951) 699-2699

Shakespeare in the Vines 2011 Season: As You Like It, Hamlet, and Taming of the Shrew • 951-240-2565

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December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 49

women on the MOVE

Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center is home to many Women on the Move. Dr. Brian Eichenberg M.D. has built

the premier cosmetic surgery center in the Temecula Valley, with a nationally accredited AAAASF surgery center and full service Medical Spa to service any lady’s needs right here in Murrieta. Dr. Eichenberg performs multiple cosmetic surgeries including Breast Augmentation, Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, Facelift, Eye Lifts, Mommy Makeovers and much more. Dr. Eichenberg is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Please review your options thoroughly before choosing a surgeon as many surgeons in our area do not have this training and qualification.

The full service Medical Spa offers many non-surgical innovations to improve women’s appearance and maintain a youthful look. Dr Eichenberg has staffed his full service medical spa with a talented group of Women on the Move. His registered nurses Tammy Jankay, RN, Kristin Juve, RN, Kelly Kline, RN, and Shellee Phelps, RN have been extensively trained in all injectables including Botox and Juvederm, laser hair removal, Fraxel Laser Therapy for hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, Thermage for skin tightening, Smoothbeam Laser Therapy for acne and acne scarring, vein therapy, and skin care products. Rest assured, these nurses have been working with him for over secen years and have more than 20 years combined experience. Dr. Eichenberg oversees all treatments at his Murrieta plastic surgery center, Renuance, and is on-site during aesthetic treatments. He and his caring staff are dedicated to ensuring each patient is cared for in a safe and professional manner.

Many of these Women on the Move chose Dr. Eichenberg as their plastic surgeon before coming to work with him. We

encourage potential clients to visit our pleasant, spacious facility. We know you will be impressed. Dr Eichenberg would like to thank and show his appreciation for all of the staff members in his office who keep it running smoothly.

These Women on the Move include:

Bren DeBus – Patient Coordinator

Patti Dobozin, LPN– Surgery Scheduler

Debbie Eichenberg, M.D. – Practice Manager

Tammy Jankay, R.N. – Aesthetic Nurse and Operating Room Nurse

Kristen Juve, R.N. – Aesthetic Nurse and Operating Room Nurse

Layla Naasz – Administrative Assistant, Medical Assistant and Surgical Technologist

Erin Nickerson – Marketing Director

Shelle Phelps, R.N. – Aesthetic Nurse and Operating Room Nurse

Kelly Kline, R.N. – Aesthetic Nurse and Operating Room Nurse

Affordable financing is available for all of our surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Please call our office today for an appointment 951 506-1040. Visit our websites and

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50 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

My husband, Pete, and I moved to Murrieta in 1989. We were

immediately sold on the hometown atmosphere. Everyone was looking for a good place to raise a family. New businesses were springing up and when I joined Toyota of Temecula Valley I was excited to help them open the doors in 1991. Working in the automotive business continues to be an exciting career.

As Director of Operations I am making day to day decisions that affect the entire dealership. Dan & Jon Atwood have always supported my ambition to help move the company forward without sacrificing my family. My son arrived in 1994 and both of my children, Giuliana, now 21, and Salvatore, now 16, have literally grown up in the car business. It has been a blessing to live and work in this community. “Come join our Happy Family” truly defines how Toyota of Temecula Valley feels about our co-workers and customers – they are part of our extended family.

In addition to the dealership, I am proud to support charitable organizations such SAFE, Oakgrove, the Rescue Mission and Race for the Cure. I also recently joined the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Riverside County. It is my greatest desire to help this organization continue its incredible work here in the valley.

As a mother I truly understand the importance of positive outside influences on our children. My children are almost grown now and I know that their positive upbringing is not accredited to just my husband and I. It was family, teachers, coaches, friends, and strangers who also took the time to make an impression on their young lives. If I can do this with another child then I will consider that my greatest success!

Toyota Of Temecula Valley26631 Ynez Road, Temecula, CA 92591

951/694-0575 •

Melissa Donaldson is one of many people behind the organization

of S.A.F.E., and the first employee of the organization which officially began on September 11, of 2001. Since Melissa started, S.A.F.E. has grown to eight employees and numerous volunteers. The organization serves over 13, oofamilies per year.

As the Executive Director of Safe Alternatives for Everyone I have had the honor and privilege of meeting and working with so many fabulous people in Southwest Riverside County. S.A.F.E. has given me the opportunity to work in the town in which I raised two beautiful and talented children. Kristin is a senior at San Diego State (YIPPEE almost done) and my son Kyle is a junior at Northridge State University. I have been married for 26 years to my husband Dan who works for Habitat for Humanity. He sold his business and retired to find himself ready for a new challenge. I so miss having dinner done and the house clean

though, his retirement had its perks. When I have some down time I love to read, take long hot baths and take walks. I also love hanging out with our local law enforcement officers and our P.A.L. kids. Sailing and kayaking are my favorite things to do with them every summer. Just recently, together with some friends, I started a book club which is so much fun! Our drink of choice seems to be Atwood Syrah, I mean the books we read are very interesting. I think in my prior life I might have been a dog hoarder, okay maybe a dog breeder would be better, as I just love my sweet puppies Sophie and Cooper. I also serve on Operation for Hope Board of Directors. I feel it’s important to step outside your own doors and help other nonprofits doing this very difficult work along with my Rotary membership and other agencies that keep me busy. I love my job, all the great people I work with and most of all the people we are able to help each and every day. Life is good, for sure!

women on the MOVE

Melissa Donaldson

Silvia Provenzano

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December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 51

women on the MOVE

Donna Niehouse is an integral part of the Lake Elsinore Community. She and her

husband of 27 years, Paul, moved to Elsinore in 1980. They opened their State Farm Insurance agency in 1983, and have been serving the community with outstanding service and charitable involvement ever since. Donna acts as Office Manager of the agency on Mission Trail, but is also a licensed agent. Those who know Donna love her exuberance and outgoing personality, and her passion for service and the community she loves is evident. In fact, Donna and Paul have built their business and home in Lake Elsinore, and feel that the personal, dedicated service they provide to their customers is what makes them successful. They have two grown children and three grandchildren.

Donna is currently President of the Cops for Kids, Inc. Board of Directors. Cops for Kids is a non-profit organization in Lake Elsinore that assists needy children and seniors with assistance throughout the year, but primarily focuses on providing holiday cheer to those that otherwise might have none. The “Christmas at the Diamond,” this

year taking place on December 18 at Storm Stadium, will provide over 800 children with toys, as well as photos with Santa and refreshments. Cops for Kids also delivers packages, companionship and caroling to shut-in senior citizens around the City every year. In conjunction with the Lake Elsinore Rotary Club, they provide a complimentary Senior Luncheon every holiday season - this year, for the second time, it will be catered by the Culinary Arts Program at Lakeside High School.

Donna is currently 1st Vice Chairwoman of the Elsinore Chamber of Commerce, has sat on the Board since 1994, and is past Chairwoman 1999-2000. She works with the Boy Scouts of America each year for the Distinguished Citizen Dinner, is a member of the Lake Elsinore Women’s Club - she was honored in 2010 with the Gardener of the Year distinction - and is on the EVMWD Financial Non-Profit Board of Directors. Donna is a wonderful example of how a successful businesswoman makes herself more successful in many, many ways by giving back to others.

Fortitude and passion are at Darci Castillejos’ core, and both feed her

desire to excel at all of her endeavors. From successful banker and free spirited sky diver to courageous U.S. Naval Reservist and thriving restaurant owner, Darci is always hard at work. Her latest restaurant venture is now a decade old, opening in 2000, she transformed an empty space in the French Valley Airport terminal into a destination all its own.

Providing friendly service with a spectacular runway view, French Valley Café guests enjoy great food, prepared with the finest ingredients including homemade soups and sauces. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the menu offers a large variety sure to please every palate. The casual atmosphere is most relaxing, inviting diners to sit back and enjoy a delicious meal while watching the planes take off and land right outside the windows. The newest addition to the menu is the handmade veggie burger. With black quinoa, zucchini, carrots,

mushrooms & oats (along with a few secrets ingredients) this burger will make you re-think meat.

For more than 16 years now, Darci proudly serves her country in the U.S. Navy Reserves rising to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. She is currently stationed at NAS North Island with Navy Cargo Handling Battalian 3 Service Company Bravo as Assistant Company Commander. Her 32 sailors are trained to support cargo missions throughout the World.

In her down time, Darci enjoys spending time with her husband Mike and playing with their four-year-old granddaughter, Alyssa.

French Valley Café 37552 Winchester Road, Murrieta CA

(951) 600-7396

Wednesday: Karaoke 8pm to MidnightFriday & Saturday: Prime Rib $13.95

Donna Niehouse

Niehouse State Farm Agency is located at 31801 Mission Trail in Lake Elsinore. 951-674-0735

Darci Castillejos

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52 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

women on the MOVE

Approachable, compassionate, and consistent are values that guide Darcy

Kuenzi in her daily life as a public servant. As a founding Menifee City Councilmember, Darcy sees her role in the community as an opportunity to foster positive change for the quality of life for all citizens.

Darcy takes pride in her ability to navigate the complexities of government processes to help build the city with the necessary tools to be self-sustaining. Mapping the path toward this success has required strategic planning and coalition building, two of Darcy’s strong suits. Some of her most challenging endeavors include balancing the needs of very different interest groups to bring about new policies that benefit the majority. She finds it rewarding to work with people who are willing to come together to share their viewpoints and collaborate toward a resolution.

Building a community takes a vision, and establishing the vision can be the hardest part. Decisions are made by those who show up and Darcy is an example of how one voice can make a difference through community participation.

In addition to her elected position, in her daily profession, Darcy serves as a Legislative Assistant to Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley, fulfilling a vital role for regional planning to accommodate the anticipated growth in the county. She is a policy advisor on key regional issues including water, transportation and economic development. Her interaction with federal, state, and local agencies gives Darcy a unique perspective on how to pursue solutions.

Darcy and her husband, Tom, moved their three daughters to Menifee in 1992. Throughout the past two decades, Darcy has contributed to the area through her involvement with the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard, Kay Ceniceros Senior Center, and the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce. Her knowledge and dedication were instrumental in the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee; the Measure Z Committee for the development of the new Heritage High School; and the annual Celebrity Karaoke charity event benefitting the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard.

For the last five years, Janet Borland has been the Human Resources Manager

for Pechanga Resort & Casino. No small task, with over 4,000 team members. Janet loves her position at Pechanga, and feels the best part of her job is helping someone change their focus, and therefore their life. In the current economy, offering someone a new opportunity is exciting and rewarding. She attended San Francisco State University with a major in Hospitality Management and a minor in Spanish - she feels that in her current position she has the best of both worlds, and is grateful for the incredible mentorship she has received along the way. With a Human Resources Professional Certification from Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and over twenty years’ experience in HR and Recruiting, Janet feels she has found her home at Pechanga.

Janet and her husband Justin moved to Temecula in 2001 after living in San Francisco. They loved the quaint feeling of the area and the beauty of the Valley, and decided to relocate with plans of starting a

family. Outside of work, Janet spends a lot of quality time with her husband and their 8-year-old son, Hunter. A self-proclaimed “soccer mom,” the ability to have this quality of life for her family is what attracted Janet to the area in the first place. In the past, Janet showed Dogue De Bordeaux (French Mastiff) dogs, and used to take them into senior homes and hospitals as therapy dogs. An avid animal lover, Janet’s childhood aspirations included becoming a veterinarian as well as opening shelters in Bolivia for the countless homeless animals on the streets there.

Janet’s love for her job also spills over to the organization itself. She sees herself at Pechanga until she retires. Janet has the highest level of respect for the tribal members - she sees how involved and giving they are to the community as well as to their team members - she describes it as being a part of a family. Impressive, with the number of team members! She is proud to be a member of the Pechanga management team, and feels blessed every day to be a part of the organization.

Darcy Kuenzi

Janet Borland


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December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 53

women on the MOVE

Eight years ago I opened Tanya Gray Salon & Design Team. I have been in the beauty industry for 25 years. I have been very blessed to have my team, which I believe, are an extremely talented group of women. We all share a common goal; “To provide the best beauty care for our clients.”

Every client is treated with the utmost of importance. Our product lines for hair and skin care are also the “best” found in the industry – many are exclusive to the salon! Every stylist is product knowledgeable.

I would like to invite you to enjoy a pampering beauty experience. Allow a member of our talented and well-trained Design Team indulge your beauty desires. Call for your appointment today.

Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley is staffed by a group of overachieving

women who are motivated each day to provide the best in financial services. We are on the “move” tailoring our services to fit your needs. Blanca, Jannie and Lillian welcome you to our Bank with fast, efficient service, opening your account at your convenience - We are happy to fax, e-mail and deliver documents so you never have to come to the bank, leaving you time to service your customers. Connie, Sandra and Jennifer handle your daily transactions quickly, professionally and confidentially.

Enjoy their terrific personalities when you need to visit the Branch or take advantage of our on-line banking and bill pay and even make your deposits from your office, using our Remote Deposit Services.

If you have a problem, you can always reach us with a phone call – NO pick a number recording with CBTV – We all answer the phone and are ready to help without transferring you to someone you don’t know. Kari, our Operations Manager is usually in the office by 7AM and available for those early morning requests and problem solving. When it comes to loans, just call Jean, our Note Department Manager and she will facilitate new loan requests or answer questions regarding your existing loans with CBTV. Eva, our messenger, is truly the “Woman on the Move’.” She delivers and picks up deposits and documents and even helps out some of our non-profit organizations with deliveries to make their processes smoother.

Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley provides professional banking, with a personal, hometown feel.

Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley25220 Hancock Avenue #140


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women on the MOVE

Lisa Neugebauer grew up in rural North County San Diego in the City of

Poway. Her parents owned a local family restaurant, and instilled in Lisa that “small business work ethic.” Lisa and her husband, Rick, moved to Murrieta in 1989 primarily because Lisa wanted to raise her family in the small-community lifestyle she had so loved when she was growing up. As a Real Estate Agent in our Valley, she loves helping people find homes in this beautiful area.

Lisa has been in the Real Estate and Insurance industry for over 30 years. She began her career as a Real Estate Agent for a small builder in San Bernardino. Following that, Lisa worked as a Title Insurance Representative until 1994, when she got her Insurance Broker’s License, and sold home and auto insurance for the Auto Club of Southern California. Since 2004, she has been with Rancon Real Estate in Murrieta as a Broker Associate, getting back to her roots and true love of Real Estate. With her experience in both mortgage lending and title insurance, Lisa truly has a full picture of the processes involved in Real Estate

transactions, as proven by her impressive list of credentials and awards, as well as her reputation with her peers and clients. Lisa puts her clients first, and enjoys nothing more than helping them reach their Real Estate goals.

Lisa is on the Board of Directors for SRCAR (South Riverside County Association of Realtors) and is in fact President-Elect of the Board, as well as Chairwoman of the Orientation Committee that mentors new Realtors coming into the Board. She also is a State Director for the California Association of Realtors, and has been named “Affiliate of the Year” numerous times from many local communities. Lisa’s tagline: “I make it happen, you make it home.”

Lisa and Rick have four children - Jon, Amanda, Ted and Jim, and five grandchildren - Miah, Savoy, Vaughn, Vienna and Lilah. When she’s not busy finding people the homes of their dreams, Lisa loves to go hiking or hit her gym, to travel and is a talented cook.

As a young family with a one year old son, Tracy and Mike LaPaglia

moved from the Bay area to Murrieta in 1989. They bought North County Sand and Gravel from Mike’s father and have grown the company from a small fleet of 5 trucks to a company that includes 18 trucks, 5 sand & rock pits and a new Rock Crushing Operation. During the last 21 years Tracy and Mike had two more sons and now the two oldest have joined in running the business. Tracy works in the office handling the financial affairs for the company.

Tracy and her family stay very connected to the community. Tracy started her volunteering at school when the boys were young and continued with their high school sports and activities. She joined the Temecula Valley Woman’s Club in 2003 and chaired the Holiday Home Tour for several years. She found her true passion when she became the Chairperson for the TVWC Scholarship committee. She is in charge of rewarding local high school

seniors with over $16,000 in college scholarships every year. She believes, “The young people in our community are truly amazing!”

In 2009 she was asked to sit on the Board of Directors for the newly formed Murrieta Public Library Foundation. She says the work has just begun and is looking forward to the future of a larger and more diverse public library system in Murrieta. The foundation’s mission statement is “Building a Stronger, Educated & Cultured Community through the Library.”

Tracy along with Mike and the boys are committed to this community. They strongly support the Murrieta Public Library, Michelle’s Place, SAFE, Oak Grove, Little League and, of course, the public schools.

“I can’t imagine being anywhere else”, explains Tracy, “Owning a family business can be hard and trying at times, but the reward is that we are doing it together.”

Sales Manager/Finance DirectorActive Motorcycle Enthusiast

Tracy LaPaglia

Lisa Neugebauer

Filomena Powers

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December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 55

women on the MOVE

Sales Manager/Finance DirectorActive Motorcycle Enthusiast

Lisa Neugebauer

Woman On The MoveKathleen Barlow


Kathleen Barlow is celebrating her 20th year in business in the Temecula/Murrieta area. She wants her clients to experience the joy and peace that comes with a comfortable and aesthetic home. Her team implements a total design plan for your home or offi ce, eliminating costly mistakes.

Kathleen has CCDIC Interior Design Certifi cation and is designer certifi ed in the State of California. Kathleen has 30 years of experience in the interior design profession and has designed projects of all sizes and types all over the country, from remodels, to new home construction and model homes for builders as well as commercial and retail shops and offi ces. She has an excellent support team of subcontractors and a team of design assistants.




Kathleen Barlow Interior Design C.I.D.

In her jeans and boots, Fillie kicks a leg over her 2011 Harley-Davidson Black & White

Softail Deluxe and lets loose a “she ‘devil’ smile,” she gets her motor running and loves nothing more than to cruise through the beautiful Temecula Wine Country, letting the wind whip through her hair.

When she’s not riding, Fillie gears up for another day at the Harley-Davidson store; Quaid Temecula Harley-Davidson that is. She has worked for the Quaid Family for the last 27 years in every position in the Business Office and Service Dept to Finance Director and Sales Manager. She says Harley-Davidson is a great company to work for. The customers are the best and the life style is awesome. It is like having a second family and there’s always good food at the BBQ’s, great friends & rock and roll music.

Fillie has lived in the Inland Valley all her life and has been happily married for the last 27 years. She is a proud mom of her son, Michael, a Licensed Commercial Pilot who graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She started out riding motorcycles at age 12 that has

included Dirt bikes, 3 & 4 wheeler’s, crotch rockets and for the past eight years Harley-Davidson’s.

Local Charities are near and dear to Fillie’s heart. She is actively involved with Denim & Diamonds SAFE, the Women’s Assistance League, and says the most rewarding charity she has ever been involved with is Support our Troups for which Quaid Harley-Davidson holds a holiday event at the store every year in December to help make the holidays special for the families of our servicemen and women. The next event will be on December 4th, 2010!!!

Happy Riding!Filomena Powers

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women on the MOVE

Kathi Parlapiano, Vice President of Operations for A-Check America, is a

true example of an American success story. She has been with the Howroyd Group, the parent company for A-Check, since 1993. She began her journey working with the Academy of Computer Technology. When she left ACT, she was Director of Schools. In 1999 Kathi transitioned to the newly created A-Check America, and started as one of six employees as a records clerk. The company now employs over 160 people, and Kathi has worked her way up the ranks of this organization to a leadership role that perfectly fits her mission - to enlighten clients about ways to protect themselves and their staff, and to educate them about how background checks can help to create a safe and constructive work environment. She constantly strives to provide training and mentorship for all A-Check staff members to further their advancement within the company.

A-Check America provide employers with solutions for mitigating their hiring risks, while at the same time offering outstanding customer service and state-of-the-art technology. Background checks, drug screening, and behavior assessments are

just a few of the services they offer. Account Executives with A-Check work directly with the Client to determine their specific needs and create a plan that fits those needs precisely. With over 3,000 client-companies from all industries and of all sizes, and a dedication to constant innovation, A-Check makes sure they provide companies with the information they need, when they need it.

Kathi is a native Southern California girl that has lived in Ontario since 1984, and has been married since 1977. She loves to work in her garden and dreams of having her own greenhouse so that she can grow organic and genetically unaltered produce. She and her husband plan on retiring in Washington State, and living among the trees. At A-Check, Kathi promoted a fundraiser for Breast Cancer month - in a company where professional attire is the norm, employees could pay $5 for the privilege of wearing jeans on Wednesdays during the month of October - which led to them raising over $1,000 to donate to breast cancer research. A funny and fun-loving, loyal manager, Kathi certainly is a Woman on the Move.

Lisa Dana moved to the Temecula Valley with her husband Mark in 1998, just a

few months after they both received their Bachelor’s Degrees from California State University, Chico. As newlyweds, they were starting their lives in a new area while Mark continued his education at the Professional Golfers Career College located in Temecula. Lisa walked into AppleOne Employment Services seeking a “temporary” job until she would find the “career” she was seeking. Little did she know that AppleOne was actually the company that was going to offer her the ideal career opportunity! Over the course of the twelve years that Lisa has worked for AppleOne, she has received promotion opportunities and has now served as the Branch Manager for the Temecula office for the past six years.

What Lisa loves most about her career is that her job positions her to make a direct positive impact on the local economy. By partnering with companies to provide outstanding candidates with opportunities to move into their own ideal careers, AppleOne’s professional services so far in 2010 have provided more than $3 Million

of income to Temecula Valley residents, including both temporary and direct-hire positions. This figure is up over $1 Million in comparison to 2009. It is true, the local economy is improving and companies are hiring!

Lisa is very active in the local Human Resources community as well. Lisa is one of the Founding Board Members of the newly established Chapter for SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) known as Southern California Wine Country SHRM. Lisa has also previously served on the PIHRA (Professionals in Human Resources Association) Board. Lisa and her husband have put their “roots” into the Temecula Valley and are proud to be raising their two children in such a beautiful community.

Working at AppleOne allows Lisa the opportunity to partner with professionals to “Find, Understand and Fulfill” the needs of both their candidates and client companies who hire through their services. It is a very fulfilling job and one that offers many rewards and she cannot imagine doing anything else!

Lisa Dana

Kathi Parlapiano Linda Wunderlich

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December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 57

women on the MOVE

Kathi Parlapiano

Denise Walker was raised in a home where the cultural arts were

incorporated into every day as a way of living life to its fullest. Growing up, her parents exposed her to theatres, ballets, operas, and symphonies on a regular basis. Perhaps this is why the arts are so easily included into her life still today.

Denise has had the good fortune to travel the world, seeking culture flavor from every destination. Having earned her Master’s in Business, she has owned several successful business ventures. Looking back, she credits her photography company with helping her to look through the lens of life and focus back on the arts.

Moving to Murrieta in 2005, Denise saw the need for a dance academy that would provide instruction with a classical learning foundation. After considerable research, Denise formed the Inland Valley Conservatory and has opened the Murrieta Dance Studio for students to enroll in educationally based dance classes.

While the first style of dance adopted was a ballet program, she offers a variety of cultural dance programs that are authentic

to their core. The guiding body of her instruction is the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus (RAD). This standard requires a variety of methods to be learned by each student, producing a dancer who is classically trained and well rounded. Unlike any other program in the Inland Empire, this instructional method provides a foundation for a career in dance.

Continuing in her quest to provide new cultural opportunities, Denise is working on bringing an international ballet competition to the Temecula Valley, premiering with a summer intensive in 2011.

It is through her vision that professional dancers will be trained and educated here, putting our valley on the cultural map of excellence.

In her spare time, Denise enjoys making memories with her husband Duncan and daughter Keahe. She continues her family tradition of traveling the globe for cultural flare. In the coming year she plans to visit Austin, Texas to attend the American Ballet Competition International Event. Hopefully this will be the last year that event is held in Austin.

Denise Walker

23811 Washington Ave., #C109, Murrieta951.696.9800

Linda Wunderlich is a 21-year resident of the Temecula/Murrieta area and

the Editor/Publisher/CEO of The Valley Business Journal, Inc. The Valley Business Journal’s mission is to help businesses gain a greater understanding of the tools available to them through their community, peers and other support services such as their local Chambers of Commerce.

She is currently an Executive Board Member for Hospice of the Valleys, a 14-year Temecula Rotary Club member, a club that she credits for making her a better person and the source of strength and wonderful friendships. Additional affiliations include Women’s Council of Realtors as well as other local organizations. Helping non-profits with publicity for their endless efforts in the community has always been a priority for her when each monthly issue is put together.

Over the past ten years, Linda has been honored for her work with the Valley Business Journal for: State of California ‘Journalist of the Year’ as awarded by the U.S. Small Business Administration, The City of Temecula Special Achievement Award, Certificates of Special Recognition from

Congress, The State Senate, and The State Assembly, Nominee for the North County Times ‘Women of Merit’ award, Murrieta Chamber of Commerce ‘Business of the Year’ winner in 2000, 2003, 2007 and the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce ‘Business of the Year’ nominee 2004, 2010.

Having worked in a corporate environment her entire career, Linda has found owning a small business very hard work but also very rewarding. “This is the most wonderful community any small business owner could ever hope for. Even in these difficult times, everyone is so willing to help each other overcome challenges to reach success,” she says.

Previous to publishing The Valley Business Journal, she spent 8 years at The Californian, the last 3 years there as the Publisher.

When all is said and done, Linda’s proudest role is that of mom to her two grown children. Her son, Dane, is a successful Realtor in the Temecula Valley with Coldwell Banker in Wildomar, and daughter, Tara, is a hair stylist at Bella Capelli Salon in Temecula. Linda will be the first one to tell you they are her very best friends.


(951) 461-0400

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58 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

women on the MOVE

Brings HOLLYWOOD Secrets to Temecula

If you have noticed that there are alot of younger looking, middle-aged women in Temecula who are walking with more spring in their step, it is probably because they stopped by Up Your Alley women’s clothing boutique to be educated on a truly awesome, scientifically designed anti-aging system that has taken Hollywood by storm.

Stars like Nicole Kidman, Chyna Phillips, Ian Ziering and Brad Pitt use it for an instant tightening and glow before photo shoots. Sophia Loren has been using this technique for 50 years and never had a facelift.

And, THERE IS MORE GOOD NEWS! Just in from Hollywood, two new multi-million dollar researched products that further enhance looking and feeling younger!


Visit Up Your Alley women’s boutique in Old Town Temecula for not only personalized wardrobe consultation but information on these amazing discoveries. Let us give you a half face demonstration on how these science based products can work for you!

Up Your Alley is open 6 days a week, Tuesday through Sunday with special Farmer’s Market hours 7:30 am to 5 pm on Saturday.

Up Your Alley: Always dedicated to making YOU the best you can be.

41973 6th Street • Old Town Temecula951-308-1930

Mo and her husband Rick are the owners of “Mo’s Egg House” and

the proud parents of four boys, two grand-daughters, and one grandson.

Inspired by Rick’s father who opened one of the first coffee shops in Simi Valley in the 60s, the Daniells always wanted to be restaurant entrepreneurs. Eight years into their marriage, they bought their first restaurant, which they remodeled and reopened as Omlette’s and Things. Their first restaurant was known for a fantastic menu and amazing food. The Daniel’s sold Omlette’s and Things and opened a breakfast house in Hawaii. Success in Hawaii was short-lived however, when Mo’s mother, and best friend, Sonia, was diagnosed with lung cancer. The family moved to Temecula to be near Mo’s mom, and began looking for new restaurant sites. As Mo says, God works his magic, as it took six months to get the restaurant ready to open. During this time, Mo was able to

spend every morning and every evening with her mother. This was a true blessing as it was the last six months Mo had with her mother. Mo’s Egg House is now open and off to an amazing start. Mo credits her terrific customers and employees, whom she feels as though she has known forever. Mo’s restaurant is all about good service and terrific quality food with an old-fashioned home feeling. Mo is a good-hearted business owner who brings a great local flavor to her family friendly restaurant.

27405 Jefferson AvenueTemecula, CA 951-506-7708

Monica “Mo” Daniells

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“SHERRY BIRCHALLDecorating Den Interiors | Studio 951-308-9221Email: [email protected]/sbirchall

All Designers are Not Created Equal…Experience the Difference



Our homes are where we begin and end every single day. Therefore, your home should be a sanctuary that you love to wake up in and a place you enjoy coming home to at the end of a busy day.

My goal as an interior decorator, is to help my clients achieve their decorating goals with ease and even a little fun! The three biggest obstacles most of my clients face are: being overwhelmed by all the options, knowledge on how to pull a room together, and a lack of time. This is where I come in.

From our initial consultation, I go to work creating a design plan just for you. I handle all the details of your project from the initial concept all the way until the last picture is placed perfectly on the wall.

By choosing to work with a designer, you are assured there is a definite plan to achieve the end results you desire – a beautiful space that reflects YOU.

Decorating success comes from a precise plan. By working together, you and I can create your dream home – one gorgeous room at a time.

Sherry is a great designer. She is easy to work with and really listens and has great ideas on how to achieve the look you want. The look, feel and comfort of our home has been transformed. Having never worked with an interior decorator before, we were a little apprehensive, but she put all of our concerns to rest. We’ve done several rooms and will be doing more soon.”

–Rich and Kathy Warner

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60 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011


t’s a horse rider’s true heaven that intertwines with Temecula Wine Country. Known over the last half-century as the Valle de Los Caballos, or the Valley of the Horses, the 2,000-acre

spot today has more than 30 miles of riding trails in and around the grape fields and local wineries.

But since the late 1960s when horse lovers first enjoyed riding across the more than 70 miles of horse trails covering the one-time cattle ranch, many of the original trails have been encroached upon by development and the connector trails have been cut off at the pass.

Hoping to keep that “wide open” feeling and preserve the trails in the still largely unincorporated area, one local riding association is working with Riverside County planning officials to keep the trails available for future use. Additionally, hiking and biking groups have joined forces with the horse riders to form the “Coalition of Trails Enthusiasts” and local wineries including Renzoni Vineyards and Keyways, Leonnesse, Wiens Family Cellars ,Wilson Creek and South Coast wineries have also ponied up support for the trails by providing hitching areas for horses.

“Our community is truly ‘horse and wine’ country,” says Lorraine Harrington, board member of the Rancho California Horsemen’s Association which is working with a county advisory panel for a plan to keep trail segments connected. “I don’t know of any place in the state that mixes horse country with wine country. We’ve got something very unique here.”

And it’s no small number of horse lovers who use the trails, said Harrington.

“Our association is always putting together group rides of 20 or 30 people at a time,” she says, adding that the organization includes more than a hundred members. “But RCHA isn’t the only riders’ group who uses the trails. The Temecula Eq-Wine Riders is perhaps the most active local club in terms of group rides, and they have really helped us get the permissions we currently have to ride on winery property. And there are other groups who come here from Orange County, La Cresta, Santa Rosa plateau area, San Bernardino and Norco.”

In 1985, the county did approve a land use plan of horse trails and connector trails, but, according to Harrington, not all the mapped trails were included in a formalized plan, and in subsequent years, keeping many connector roads linked has been challenging. RCHA, along with putting up horse crossing signs and horse safety signs, is working with the country to acquire some of the existing easements, but “we’ve discovered 256 easements, and it’s a patchwork with some of the easements not leading anywhere right now,” she adds.

With boundaries roughly stretching from De Portola, Butterfield Stage and Rancho California roads to Lake Skinner, the region was originally planned for horse ranches by the developer of Rancho California which later became known as Temecula.

Pat Ommert, long-time Temeculan and early trails advocate and member of the RCHA when it was formed in the late 1960s, has loved riding in the valley all these decades.

“It was, and still is, such great riding country. At one time, there were many bridle trails, connector roads and dry creek beds, which is great because horses generally love to migrate to riverbeds,” recalls Ommert, who now lives near Griffith Park

Photos and article by Sandra Shrader

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December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 61

day TRIPPER“Not only do they have Olympic-quality events there, the miles of trails out here in Wine Country are a great way for riders who

are competing at Galway Downs to take their horses out for a long stretch,” she says.

And that is what trail riding in the Valle de Los Caballos is all about, said Ommert.

“Sure, the area for riding is sizeably reduced from what it was, but it’s still nice riding out here, and there’s plenty of space where horses can stretch their legs,” she says. “And when you

add in the scenery of grape vines and the hospitality of the wineries, it does make for a great time.”

For more information, visit

in Los Angeles, but travels to Temecula for many riding events during the year.

“It was part of the Vail Ranch, so it was like riding on your own cattle ranch without the work,” she adds. “There were riding trails before the first grape was even planted and the area which is thought of as Wine Country now we called the ‘mesas’ then.”

Adding to the horse country cachet, says both Harrington and Ommert, is the Southern California Equestrian Center which has hosted several prestigious national and international horse competitions showcasing events such as dressage, jumping and cross-country.

“The Southern California Equestrian Center is one of the most famous equine businesses in the world,” says Harrington, referring to the respected 240-acre facility, formerly known as Galway Downs until new owners took over the center in 2004. The facility has been part of the Valle de Los Caballos since 1968.

Temecula Valley’s OnlyNon-Pro� t, Dually Accredited,

Nonsectarian Private School


Academics • Character • LeadershipChallenging Academics

Caring, Character-Oriented EnvironmentMiddle School Leadership Program

Performing & Visual ArtsFrench/Spanish Language Instruction

Competitive Athletic ProgramCommunity Service Learning

Enriching Field TripsAll Grade Sustainable Garden Program

Before & After School Day Care

Since 1977

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Collegesand the California Association of Independent Schools

Visit our website: www.hillcrestacademy.org27275 Santiago Road, Temecula, CA 92592

951.676.4754 • [email protected]

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helping HANDS

The holidays are right around the corner. While the economy this year has been trying for most of us, there are those who have it worse. California Family Life Center (CFLC), for the past 22 years, has been helping to make the holidays a little brighter for children in our Valley who otherwise might have nothing to look forward to. Around town you will find CFLC’s Giving Trees (for example, Promenade Mall, Hemet Mall and various businesses). On these trees are Angel Cards representing the more than 600 children and teenagers that are from the lowest 8% of the poverty index that CFLC assists. Children that are in foster families, or being raised by grandparents or in group homes. CFLC interviews each child and comes up with three wishes that the child has for the holidays, each costing under $35. Their wishes might surprise you. Some simply want warm

socks, or maybe a dress shirt and tie for interviewing.

The program is not meant to instill materialism in these youth, but instead to give them a light, something to look forward to - the fact that they receive a personalized, desired gift shows them that someone does care about them and gives them something to be excited about. CFLC’s region

runs from Indio to Valley Center. CFLC’s mission: “California Family Life Center’s mission is to provide safety, comfort and healing to children suffering abuse and abandonment; to teach love and trust; to instill self-esteem, values and hope for the future - and in so doing, assist children trapped in hopelessness and despair become compassionate and contributing members of the community.” Items purchased for the kids are turned back in to CFLC, who then wraps and delivers the gifts to the children in time for the holidays. Donors can even purchase items online (so many sites are offering free shipping!) and have them delivered straight to the organization’s offices. Please consider, while you are out doing your holiday shopping, picking up an Angel card and answering a wish for one of these kids. For more information please visit or contact Ozzie at 951-765-6955.

Sobriety International cares. Sobriety International encourages people who would otherwise have no hope of recovery. Developing countries throughout the world rarely have recovery programs that reach the people where they live. Sobriety International works through local churches in these countries.

Sobriety International teaches life transformation skills through a Christ Centered 12-Step Program. They teach awareness, acceptance, repentance, reconciliation, restitution, accountability and ambassadorship. The goal is to assist people who will, in turn, assist other people with similar troubles. The act of empowering leaders allows for the work of Sobriety International to continue.

In the words of founder Dave Kentish “Basically, we are trying to stop some of the cycles of alcoholism. We are trying to help families and bring them back together. And our ultimate goal is to put the word out to police, mayors, and anyone with civic responsibility that we are here in this community with the goal of reaching out, giving hope, and challenging people to get better.”

For more information on Sobriety International contact:[email protected] 951-691-8038

P.O. Box 253, Murrieta , CA 92564

Sobriety International Brings Traditional Support for Families

Dealing with Alcoholism

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At Kid’s World Preschool we…

Provide a secure and creative high quality comprehensive

learning environment

Offer everyday interactive activities that encourage self expression, helping children develop

various motor skills, self help skills and over all self-confidence

Foster social, emotional, academic and physical development in a fun-loving

and nurturing environment

Regularly expose children to various types of literature and poetry and promote a

love for Music, Science and Nature

Have an Enhancing Emergent Literacy Program

Teach Phonics, Saxon Math and Physical Education in our daily curriculum

Offer a safe outdoor space that emphasizes physical activities

Kid’s World Preschool teachers are true professionals in the field of education. Our

experienced staff is dedicated to making your child’s time with us full of love, learning and fun

each and every day! We are very proud of our Directors who have all been with us for

over 31 years, nurturing and educating pre-schoolers in the Valley!

**Now enrolling students – 2 years-old to Advanced Pre-Kindergarten**

Sister schools to Van Avery Prep, a fully accredited private

elementary school for grades K through 8th

Founded by: John and Christine McCusker

NPSAG Accreditation 41956 Third St. ~ Temecula, CA ~ 951-676-5445 Accredited Teachers 29879 Santiago Road ~ Temecula, CA ~ 951-699-9777 in early childhood education

Kid’s World Preschool I Staff Third Street - Temecula Kid’s World Preschool II Staff Santiago Road - Temecula

Facility #330908751 Facility #334830762

Our Kid’s World I and II Staff and Directors show their support every

Friday by wearing their pink shirts to help promote

Breast Cancer Awareness

Salutes our awesome staff!

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by: Dr. Ron Jenson, Co-Founder Future Achievement International®

If you are like most people, you are faced with a variety of personal and professional challenges, where at times you simply may want to just give up or quit. However, giving up

or quitting will never allow you to achieve your personal and professional goals. Your personal leadership effectiveness is critical whether you are the Chairman of the Board, President, Manager or simply a valued employee within any organization private or public sector, a government agency or community organization. In fact, your personal leadership effectiveness has a positive or negative impact upon your personal relationships (spouse, children, friends, etc.).

MAXIMIZERS Insights™The 10 Secrets for Personal

Leadership Effectiveness

1. Take charge and make a difference. Avoid having a victim mentality and take responsibility for developing disciplines and new habits that lead to being proactive and positive.

2. Live life with a sense of significance. Develop a healthy self-concept, recognize your uniqueness and realize you can make a difference. Look for opportunities to grow.

3. Embrace problems as positive opportunities. It is CRITICAL to have a positive attitude. Embracing a negative situation can cause stress that can demoralize your individual performance and overall productivity.

4. Build and sustain a values-based lifestyle. Learn to build a values system around foundational “character-based principles."

5. Define your vision, mission and purpose. Live with a sense of destiny, excitement and meaning.

6. Gain balance in all aspects of your life. When a person is out of control and loses balance, they become highly susceptible to distress, anger, fear, depression and even burnout. It critical to build balance into your life if you are to maximize our personal leadership efficiency.

7. Resolve personal challenges and conflicts. Learn the importance of listening, how to confront people properly and to know when to empathize at the right time.

8. Cultivate your individual character. Your character will determine ultimately the quality of your relationships, your contribution at work, in your community…and in society at large.

9. Keep adjusting to obstacles. You must learn to make mid-course corrections and how to deal with constant change. History is filled with success stories, whereby individuals overcame enormous challenges and barriers in their lives to press on and accomplish great things.

10. Never give up or quit on the things you choose are important. Those who succeed at healthy, dynamic whole lives fail often, but they fail forward. They learn how to stick with it and persist…they simply do not quit.

dr. LOVE

Your Success In Life Depends Upon Your Personal Leadership Effectiveness!

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Murrieta Chamber of Commerce


A Banner Ad?

An Expo Booth?

Sponsor An Event?

A Soapbox Minute?

A Murrieta T-Shirt?

A Breakfast Speed Pass?

Reverse Drawing Tickets?

Tickets To The Installation Dinner?

How About A Chamber Membership?

An Upgraded Listing On Our Website?

...and a partridge in a pear tree?

Call us for more information (951) 677-7916

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name of SECTION

The Mission Inn, now known as The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, is a historic landmark hotel in downtown Riverside, California. Although a composite of many architectural

styles, it is generally considered the largest Mission Revival Style building in the United States.

Miller’s vision for the eclectic structure was drawn from many historical design periods, revivals, influences, and styles. Some of the different styles of archetecture are Spanish Gothic, Mission Revival Style, Moorish Revival, Spanish Colonial, Spanish Colonial Revival, Renaissance Revival, and Mediterranean Revival. With one section over another, addition upon addition, the result is an enormously complicated and intricately built structure, comparable to the Winchester House. It contains narrow passageways, exterior arcades, a medieval-style clock, a five-story rotunda, numerous patios and windows, castle towers, minarets, a Cloister Wing (with Catacombs), flying buttresses, Mediterranean domes and a pedestrian skybridge among many other features.

The Festival of Lights is well known for its nearly three million Christmas lights, and over 400 animated figures. Although the Festival lasts all throughout the holiday season, the day after Thanksgiving is the lighting ceremony. On this day city

fireworks light up the sky and nearly 25,000 people attend annually to view the unique hotel and its holiday decorations. During the festival of lights, decorations including musical angels, carolers on the balconies, and a Santa Claus climbing the chimney are featured.

The Festival offers five weeks of holiday merriment in Downtown Riverside, celebrating the season with family activities that include the “Switch-On Ceremony”; holiday decorations and lights on The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Mission Inn Avenue and on City-owned buildings; the Inland Empire’s first outdoor ice skating rink; holiday-themed vendors; family-friendly live entertainment; and of course, Santa Claus.

The Riverside Festival of Lights allows everyone - no matter what age - to be charged with wonder and anticipation of the magic of the holidays. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this wonderful Riverside tradition.

The 18th annual Festival of Lights begins Friday, November 26, 2010 at sunset and continues through Sunday, January 2, 2011. For more information, please visit or

Start Your Holiday Tradition at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS


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mr. FIX-IT

If you’re hosting upcoming holiday parties, you want your home to look its best. If the wood table has watermarks, the dining room chairs are wobbly, or the couch’s upholstery is unsightly, consider doing some furniture “TLC.”

Easy, minor touch-ups can make your furniture look like new, and your local Ace Hardware store has the products you need to give your furniture a fresh look.

Here are several furniture fix-up suggestions to get your home ready for holiday entertaining:

REPAIR A WOBBLY CHAIRIf a chair is so wobbly that there’s an old paperback jammed under the leg for balance, it’s time for a repair. Knock the loose joint apart with a hammer. Then, with sandpaper or steel wool, remove any old glue from both parts that need to be reattached. If the glue is difficult to take off, try adding vinegar to it. Spread wood glue on both surfaces and then, using a wood clamp or tourniquet, apply pressure on the chair joint for 24 hours allowing the glue ample time to dry. Adding a small screw to the joint will assure a tight hold.

REMOVE RESIDUE FROM WOODSome common residue can be removed without the help of a professional furniture refinisher. Bear in mind, though, that you should always test your remedy in a small, inconspicuous area first just to be sure it doesn’t damage the finish. For watermarks and rings caused by cups without coasters, use a wood amalgamator like Howard’s Restore-A-Finish or Formby’s® Conditioning Furniture Refinisher. Use with #0000 steel wool. The more zeros in the code, the finer the weave is. Drench the wool and squeeze out lightly. Apply pressure with the grain, and your woodwork will look like new again. Finish by wiping clean with a tack cloth.

Cloths referred to as white ring removers also work to remove marks caused by heat and water and even minor scratches and will not remove finish from the wood surface.

If candle wax is the culprit, harden the substance by holding an ice cube wrapped in cloth against it. Then, use a plastic credit card or a dull knife to scrape it off. Rub the wax with an extra-fine steel wool dipped in mineral spirits, wipe dry and set with wax or polish.

Happy Holidays!From Your Temecula Ace Hardware Folks


Located in:Temecula Ace Hardware30733 Temecula Pkwy.

Temecula, Ca 92592951.491.6090

Mon-Sat 7-7pmSun 8-4:30pm

Riverside/Woodcrest • Temecula •



We Can HelpA Better Tomorrow understands that a person suffering from

substance addiction may be afraid when making decisions on detox centers and drug intervention programs.

Whether the choice is pills or cocaine, alcohol or marijuana, detox isn’t considered the

best day of an addicts’ life; it’s obviously considered the worst. However, while many addicts fear the withdrawal off

drugs and alcohol, a positive outcome intervention solves this problem in many ways. We focus in addiction and mental health issues plaguing the addicted because of a chemical dependency.

Positive Outcome Intervention has an expert staff of interventionists who are trained in many methods and techniques based upon the work of a director with over 1,000 successful interventions.

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taking care of BUSINESS

Temecula, CA—AppleOne Employment Services reports that as of September 2010, its Temecula location has contributed $2,884.429 by way of jobs to the city’s economy—and the number is projected to pass the $3 million mark by the end of the year. This number, a 35% growth over September 2009’s $1,876,930, represents income generated by the nearly 1,000 job seekers placed on Temporary assignments as well as the more than 50 placed Direct Hire or full-time employees.

“We regularly monitor the income that our professional services bring into our local community and are very excited by the growth in AppleOne placements,” says Temecula Branch Manager Lisa Dana. “Our branch is experiencing increased momentum, and this is a great sign for the economy overall.” Staffing agencies are traditionally known to be economic barometers because they are either first to grow or to contract depending on which direction the economy is heading.

Committed to the Temecula CommunityLisa and Paul are two of the seven recruiters on AppleOne Temecula’s tenured staff—which also includes Debra Andriacchi, Karen DiDominic, Kristen Holdren, Vivian Silva and Chelsea Kenton. All are deeply rooted in the City, both as professionals and as residents. “We have been part of the Temecula landscape since way back in 1987,” says Andriacchi. “Many members of our community—job seekers and employers alike—have had the opportunity to experience our service. Our belief that the applicant is the center of the universe has enabled us to consistently attract the top local talent. As a recruiter, I’m very proud to know that we have assisted so many of our local residents in finding work that helped them succeed during the recent recession.”

“AppleOne started in Temecula before it was even a City,” says AppleOne Division Vice President Gregg Hassler, who joined AppleOne 23 years ago and led the company’s expansion to the Inland Empire and helmed the opening of the Temecula office. “At that time, the future growth of the region was only a thought. We’ve been here practically since day one and we’ve grown with Temecula, and have out-serviced and out-lasted most other local and national employment services in the area. I have had the experience of seeing many great people and great companies meet these past two decades—and we are looking forward to the next 20 years of careers to come!”

AppleOne Temecula’s community involvement has earned them a nomination for Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Year award.

Temecula Job Seekers Paying it ForwardAccording to Regional Vice President Shane Riley, another significant contributor to job creation in Temecula is the job seekers themselves. “It is truly amazing how the Temecula community came together to weather and now recover from the recession. One great example of this is our applicants here at AppleOne. Having been unemployed for longer than most of them ever experienced, they now return to work with renewed appreciation and enthusiasm. These are exceptional professionals who have been displaced and are now working once again—but with so much more commitment and motivation. Just as importantly, it’s as if they have taken it upon themselves to be ambassadors for displaced workers. By being such great employees, they demonstrate to employers the caliber of job seekers to be found there. I really applaud our associates—their excellent work ethic, dedication and ability to get the job done are really encouraging businesses to hire, which means they are creating job opportunities for more locals. Kudos to the Temecula professional community for paying it forward!”

Boosting Employer Confidence“Local companies are starting to see their business pick up and feel ‘safe’ hiring employees on a Temporary-to-Hire basis,” says Dana. “In many cases, the talent that we place perform so well that our client asks to hire them. This creates a win-win for both our client company and the workers we represent.”

Further making hiring through AppleOne a winning proposition for employers is the exclusive 5/50 Assurance Plan. “Word quickly spread that AppleOne is the ONLY staffing firm to offer a five-year Guarantee,” says Assistant Branch Manager Paul Villamil. “Businesses like being able to hire with confidence knowing that in the event the position reopens for ANY reason, including a promotion of the candidate placed, a 50% credit would be applied by us to refill the position.” This unprecedented guarantee is among the many uniquely AppleOne solutions that came from the company’s commitment to ‘client for life’ relationships. “Our strong partnerships with employer companies were earned by our carefully listening to their specific needs and most importantly, creating a great result.”

To learn more about AppleOne, visit or call (800) 564-5644. Businesses and job seekers may contact AppleOne’s Temecula office directly by phone at (951)296.5430 or by e-mail at [email protected]



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Electronic I-9 & E-VerifyEasyApp Assistant MERIT Profi leInternational ScreeningDirect Court Connections

Background Checks • Drug & Alcohol TestingReal-time Data • Fast Report Turnaround

Chris SullensRegional Account Manager

Contact A-Check today!A-Check America, Inc.1501 Research Park Dr.Riverside, CA (714) 328-0337

Fast and Aff ordable Employee Screening

Reduce unnecessary hiring risk.A-Check’s technology helps deliver the

best people with compliant and eff ective employee screening programs.

Take Your NextCareer Step With



• Accounting

• Administrative

• Data Entry

• General Clerical

• Filing

• Reception

• Customer Service

• Inventory

•And More!

30,000 EYESWILL READ THIS ADToo Bad It Wasn’t Yours...

Advertise with Country Review!Call (951) 677-8128

or e-mail us at [email protected]

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taking care of BUSINESS

OLIVEWOOD GROUNDBREAKING IN MURRIETAGroundbreaking ceremonies were held on Monday, November 15 for Olivewood, a retail/office project across from the Murrieta Town Center at Kalmia and Jefferson. A previously under-used Federal immigration program is providing this project with otherwise non-available funding. The project will consist of six buildings: some office, some retail, and one of the buildings is an existing structure that will be renovated and become The Farmstead Market - an independent, community lifestyle grocery store.

Oak Grove Equities, the Murrieta Developer of the project, has teamed up with American Redevelopment Solutions, a company headed by Ron Darling of Newport Beach. His company is a US Government approved Regional Center that facilitates investments in the US by foreign nationals. In exchange for the investment, a conditional green card is issued to the family of the investor. The program is called EB5, and has been in existence for about 20 years, although it was not used extensively until around 2008 when the government began encouraging its use in order to spur job-creating investments. Creation of new jobs is one of the criteria for an approved EB5 project, a designation that this site in Murrieta now has.

Bruce Coleman of the City’s Business Development Department was instrumental in getting American Redevelopment Solutions teamed up with Oak Grove Equities. Grading and construction should begin in early 2011, with the first tenant opening for business later that same year.

Left to right: Garrie Aspengren (Murrieta Chamber), Rick Gibbs(City Council) Craig Schleuniger, Rick Neugebauer, Rex Oliver (Chamber), Glen Daigle, Steve Saunders(Chamber), Ron Darling (ARS) and Steve Levin9Chamber), and Bruce

Coleman(Economic Development Director) City of Murrieta). .

Now, more than ever...

IS IT TIME TO RETILE OR REPLASTER YOUR POOL?Call Temecula Pool & Spa and ask us about Silk Products for softer water

with no hard water build-up!



Visit us today for your FREE water testing.

We Have Been In The Valley For Over 25 Years!



(Near Target)29700 Rancho California Rd. Suite G-11

In Temecula

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PHONE: 951.658.2411 • [email protected] 31915 RANCHO CALIFORNIA ROAD, SUITE 200-195 TEMECULA, CA 92591

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72 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

retro REWIND

One of the most fun experiences in my 30 years of DJing and hosting TV shows was producing both seasons of

VH1’s Bands Reunited. When I was approached to do the show I grasped the concept immediately – find a great band who had broken up, track down all the members wherever they were now and convince them to get back together for a one-off live concert – and do it all within the space of seven days!!! It sounded fun if impossible, which is why VH1 had brought me in – they’d been unsuccessfully trying to get a pilot episode made for over a year – and they figured my contacts in the music world would be a definite plus.

I was the behind-the-scenes man, the Sherlock Holmes of VH1, hunting down all these different groups to try and convince them to get back together. I knew that in some cases it would take a lot of work, quite a few of the break-ups had been very painful, one even involvied punches – and that was between two brothers.

Straight away we established some inflexible criteria. There had to be at least three visible members in the band – that ruled out Tears For Fears to my dismay – and they couldn’t have played together live for at least a decade – there goes Madness, Culture Club and The Go-Gos! We put together a long wish list and then found that three of our top 10 already had plans to reunite by themselves, The Police, Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran. Quickly getting over those disappointments we finally got the first season line-up ready, ten bands whose former members were now scattered across the globe, from New Zealand to New Jersey, from Florida to France. The bands we were set to reunite were Berlin, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Alarm, Kajagoogoo, A Flock of Seagulls, Klymaxx, Romeo Void, Dramarama, Extreme and New Kids on the Block.

Armed with an office in Los Angeles and another in London, I set out on the quest for bands and frequent flyer miles (it was during Bands Reunited that I hit TWO MILLION! Platinum for life!). Our first band was relatively local, Berlin. Most of the members were up and down the West Coast with only two of the originals living back East. Terri Nunn and John Crawford from Berlin were at first very hesitant to do it, their split had been anything but pleasant. The last time they had seen each other

was more than a decade ago when harsh words in a lawyer’s office caused them both to storm out in anger. We contacted them individually – actually ‘ambushed’ was the term we used – with the cameras rolling and our brilliant host, Aamer Haleem, convinced them to give it a shot. Four days later they met up in an LA rehearsal studio. We left Terri in the room alone (with cameras on her of course, this was TV after all) and you could cut her nervousness with a knife. When John Crawford walked in carrying flowers for Terri they both erupted in tears and she ran up to him and hugged him for all those lost years. I can tell you there wasn’t a dry eye amongst the production crew either. The rest of the band members then joined them and it was like a family reunion or the best Thanksgiving ever! We had to tell them to break it up and start rehearsing as they had less than 48 hours before their live show.

Other reunions with major heartfelt moments included the two brothers behind the Grammy-winning Liverpool band, A Flock of Seagulls. Mike and Ali Score had actually come to blows over the musical direction of the band and had not spoken to each other since, even avoiding seeing each other at family get-togethers. When we were able to persuade them to forgive and forget the two brothers became an amazing musical team picking up where they left off almost instantly. At their reunion show at La Scala in London we made sure we flew in Mike and Ali’s mum to be there. She was brimming with tears, pride and emotion as she watched her two boys finally back together and performing to a packed crowd at one of London’s best venues.

Not all reunions went that well, and I have to credit VH1 for making sure that what we aired was 100% real – this was not a faked reality series. We tracked the members of Frankie Goes To Hollywood from Liverpool to Florida, from London to New Zealand and got them all back together. The

REUNITE Richard Blade with the reunited Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Richard Blade and A Flock Of Seagulls

Page 75: Country Review 120111

December 2010/January 2011 The Country Review | 73

retro REWINDvenue was booked, the gear loaded in and the audience alerted. Then it all fell apart. Lead singer Holly Johnson’s partner decided that it wouldn’t be right for him to do the show and insisted he quit the reunion. Holly went along with that and left the other band members devastated. This group of tough guys who came from the wrong side of the tracks of the gritty, industrial city of Liverpool sat there in tears as Holly walked out. Then they in turn shook hands and quietly went back to their normal lives. The band who in 1984 were being heralded as ‘the next Beatles” were not to relive their former glory.

People ask me all the time if there will be another season of “Bands Reunited” and I have to sadly answer “probably not.” The show never wanted to just go after one-hit-wonders, but to focus on groups that had great music as part of their history. But there are a couple of huge groups that still have the potential for an amazing reunion. Who? Well, if I was put on the spot and asked what band I would most like to see get back together outside of the show, perhaps on a mega-tour like the recent excursion by The Police who would it be? I’d have to give you two bands. First, The Smiths. This is a reunion that music fans like myself can only dream of, but this Manchester band has one of the most loyal cult followings of any group, anywhere. Getting them back together would take more than a TV show, it would take a miracle. Multiple lawsuits, massive egos and bad blood stand between them. Morrissey was once asked by the Los Angeles Times about Bands Reunited and replied “I’m waiting in my bedroom with a BB gun for Richard Blade and his crew to come to my door.” But then again, if Sting and Stewart Copeland can set aside their differences then why not Morrissey and Johnny Marr?

The other group I’d love to see reunite is a rock band whose songs may just be more popular now than they were back in the day – Journey! I met Steve Perry (the lead singer) recently while doing my show at the Sirius XM studios and he said a reunion was not in the cards, that ‘Journey’ tour without him with a sound-alike singer and that he is working on new music. Such a shame, because thanks to Glee, “Guitar Hero” “Rock Band” “Grand Theft Auto” and The Sopranos, Journey’s music and Steve Perry’s voice is inescapable and I know that at virtually every party and wedding I DJ that “Don’t Stop Believin’” is a highlight. To see Journey with Steve Perry at a stadium joined on the chorus by 60,000 enraptured concert goers would be an unforgettable experience. So in the spirit of ‘never say never’ until they finally do decide to reunite, either by themselves or perhaps prodded by TV cameras, I won’t stop believin’!

That’s my choice, but what band would you most like to see get back together?

Richard Blade is heard daily nationwide on Sirius XM’s First Wave. Richard also DJs weddings, private parties and special events and can be reached at [email protected]

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74 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011

legal EASE

Government contracts provide a significant business opportunity for Women Owned Small Businesses

(WOSBs). The U.S. Small Business Administration published a final rule effective February 4, 2011, aimed at expanding federal contracting opportunities for WOSBs. The rule helps assure compliance with the current statutory law that awards at least 5% of government prime and subcontract dollars to WOSBs.

A WOSB is a small business that is at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens. The ownership must be direct, cannot be subject to conditions and the woman must manage the day-to-day operations of the business. She must make the long term decisions for the business, hold the highest officer position in the concern, and have managerial experience of the extent and complexity needed to run the concern. The woman manager need not have the technical expertise or possess the required license to be found to control the concern if she can demonstrate that she has ultimate managerial and supervisory control over those who possess the required licenses or technical expertise. However, if a man possesses the required license and has an equity interest in the concern, he may be found to control the concern.

A WOSB must be able to provide documentation demonstrating that it meets the requirements and must be certified by the government. This can be a tricky process. You will need your birth certificate and/or Naturalization papers. LLCs will need articles of organization and an operating agreement. Corporations will need articles of incorporation, by-laws, issued stock certificates, including the front and back copies signed in accord with the by-laws, stock ledger and any voting agreements.

The SBA has designated 83 industries as underrepresented. Just a few examples are: Specialized Freight Trucking; Motion Picture and Video Industries; Investigation and Security Services; and Travel Reservation Services. A WOSB can look on the Federal Business Opportunities web site ( to find Federal government solicitations. There is more good news on the horizon - a senate bill was introduced in 2010 to remove the 5% limit on the anticipated award price for contracts awarded under the procurement program for WOSBs.

Finally, beware that the Federal government can seek administrative, civil and criminal remedies if someone falsely self certifies, misrepresents its status as a WOSB or provides false information to the Government.

29975 Technology Drive, Suite 101Murrieta, California 92563Brad Jefferson Landon, ESQ.

Family Law • Business LawIncorporations • LLC’s

Construction LawPersonal Injury


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76 | The Country Review December 2010/January 2011


The New Halloween Classic: The Rocky Horror Picture Show had a stellar debut at Monte de Oro Winery on Saturday, October 30th.

Playing to a full house, the Halloween event of the season featured a full screen version of The Rocky Horror picture show, complete with the live stage production of Rocky Horror featuring the cast of the Inland Stage Company.

Photos by RK Green

On Saturday, October 23rd Lukas Nelson and Gilby Clarke came to town for the 2nd Annual Help Ride event in Old Town Temecula. It was a day filled with motorcycles, music, and vendors.



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Support for Liberty Quarry means support for 99direct and 178 indirect new family wage jobs

for local workers.

Go to www.LibertySupportLetter.comsend a support letter today!send a support letter today!

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