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A boy has been given Don’t exist injunction by his mother. To his little professor, the main priority is to work out a way of staying alive. One way is to take a counter injunction and use it to cover up the Don’t exist.


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2. Prepared ByManu Melwin JoyResearch ScholarSchool of Management StudiesCUSAT, Kerala, India.Phone 9744551114Mail manu_melwinjoy@yahoo.comKindly restrict the use of slides for personal purpose.Please seek permission to reproduce the same in publicforms and presentations. 3. Counter injunction covering an injunctionA boy has been givenDont exist injunctionby his mother. To hislittle professor, themain priority is to workout a way of stayingalive. One way is totake a counterinjunction and use it tocover up the Dontexist. 4. Counter injunction covering an injunctionHe may take hismothers work hardcounter injunction andmake the compounddecision: So long as Iwork hard, it is Ok forme to stay alive. 5. Counter injunction covering an injunctionThis kind of script setup sometimes has aparadoxical andparticularly unpleasantoutcome. In keeping onworking hard, he isfollowing the littleprofessor strategy forstaying alive. 6. Counter injunction covering an injunctionBut after years ofoverwork, he may dropdead from a heart attackor become disabled byulcers or high bloodpressure. The very set upwhich is designed todefend against ahamartic payoff hasresulted in that payoffbeing reached. 7. Counter injunction covering an injunctionIf he wants to make changesthat truly release him fromthis negative setup, we needto understand the dynamicsof his compound decisions.If he sets up to drop hisoverworking but doesnothing about theunderlying dont existmessage, the chances aregreat that he will soon slipback into working too hard. 8. Counter injunction covering an injunctionThis appear like Selfsabotage to an outsideobserver. But to him in hislittle professor, it is theexact opposite ofsabotage; it appears to behis only way of avoidingmothers death threat. 9. Counter injunction covering an injunctionTo dismantle this part ofthe script, he need todefuse the Dont existmessage first. Once he hastaken permission to keepon living despite motherscurse, he can go ahead andreduce his workcommitments. Now he willfind he can keep thepressure off comfortablyand permanently. 10. Thank You 11. Other TA topics available on slideshare1. Strokes - Games People Play - Structural Analysis - What is TA? - Cycles of Development - Stages of Cure - Transactions - Time Structuring - Life Position - Autonomy - Structural Pathology - Game Analysis - Integrated Adult - Stroke Economy -