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How countable and uncountable nouns affect the verb 'to be'


<p>Welcomes you to its quiz roo</p> <p>09/02/08</p> <p>Important Hint Countable nouns are always plural.</p> <p> Book s, pe ople, boxe s... Unountable nouns are always singular.</p> <p> Wate r, su gar, bagga ge...Madrasati2010</p> <p>Do this quiz</p> <p>Of TWENTY questions</p> <p>Madrasati2010</p> <p>Hover your mouse and click</p> <p>Madrasati2010</p> <p>Madrasati2010</p> <p>Water _____ a very precious substance.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>There _____ some sugar in the box.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>How many white mice _____ there in your laboratory?</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>_____ there any cheese left in the fridge?</p> <p>Is</p> <p>AreMadrasati2010</p> <p>There _____ some chocolate tablets on the table.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>There ______ some more chocolate in the fridge.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>There _____ not any luggage on the porters cart.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>How much wood _____ there in the factory?</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>There ______ no meat in the kitchen.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p> No news _____ good news. Proverb</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>There _____ some cheese slices in the plate.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>There ______ work for everybody.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>How much bread _____ there on the bakers shelves?</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>There _____ some loaves of bread left.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>_____ a lot of butter good for health?</p> <p>Is</p> <p>AreMadrasati2010</p> <p>There _____ some banknotes in the drawer.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>How many pieces of furniture _____ there for sale?</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>How much ketchup _____ there in that tube?</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>There _____ as many ketchup tubes as you like.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>There _____ is not any milk left in the bottle.</p> <p>is</p> <p>areMadrasati2010</p> <p>CONGRATULATIONS</p> <p> Yes you did it.</p> <p>Madrasati2010</p> <p></p> <p>Madrasati2010</p>