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this presentation is very useful to teach nouns classes


  • 1.NOUNS

2. A noun tells us what someone or something is called. Many nouns combine with other words to form a noun phrase. Nouns and verbs distinguished by stress. 3. COMPOUND NOUNS Nouns formed from two parts or three or more. 4. A) single word compound nouns: B) Nouns formed from two parts or three or more. 5. C) Nouns formed with gerund + noun D) Nouns formed with noun + gerund 6. E) Nouns formed with adverb particles. F) Noun formed with noun+ noun 7. TYPES OF NOUNS Nouns 8. Remember! Many nouns can be either countable or uncountable depending on how they are used. There is a difference in meaning. We can use: 9. NOUNS WHICH CAN BE EITHER COUNTABLE OR UNCOUNTABLE 1- Some nouns are countable when they refer to single items,but they are uncountable when they refer to substances. 10. 2- Animals, vegetales and fruit are uncountable when we cut or divide them. 3- Nouns for feelings are usually uncountable. 11. 4- Some abstract nouns can be used with a/ a or plural but they can also be uncountable after some, any, lot of, much, little. 5- Nouns not normally countable in English.


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