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The talk will illustrate PayPal’s usage of Couchbase to light up two distinct infrastructures of Personalization and Server Side Cookies respectively.PayPal’s ecosystem of customers is vast & diverse. It connects with its customer through Omni-channel – across both Online & Retail – touch-points to provide tailored, adaptive and predictive experiences to customer’s needs . The goal is to deliver right experience to the right user at the right time on the right device through Personalization. The talk will showcase how we have architected our Real time Personalization system with key principals of linear scalability, availability, flexibility and extensibility using Couchbase, which provides it both a distributed cache & persistence to manage identities & profiles. This use case will illustrate on how we separate read and write workloads. On the other hand the Cookie Infrastructure will provide an overview of how to deploy Couchbase in a multi data center scenario. Along the way it will share certain scale, workload patterns and practical tips which might be useful as you plan to adopt it for your enterprise.


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