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Individual pop artists will be wearing an array of brightly coloured costume, it should be modern and in fashion. The costume will reflect personality and determine the mood of the magazine. Monotone colours will barely be used but will be present to indicate power and individuality.

Personality is often reflected through the use of colourful clothing, for example in this image of Katy Perry she has been dressed in extremely bright clothing, this portrays her all round bright personality and the style of music which she sings. Yellow clothing for example connotes warm cheerful vibes, whereas red can represent power, love and passion. Black on the other hand can convey formality and make a person seem serious.

Within a girlband each outfit should complement one another, traditionally female pop musicians in bands will convey their own sense of fashion through clothing, by allowing each artist in the band to choose their own outfit generates a personality for each member and allows the audience to produce an opinion based on style.

Denim jackets are a great way to make artists look young and hip, they seem to always be in fashion and can be worn with almost any outfit. Sunglasses will be used to prompt the audiences minds and make the ask questions as the use of blacked out glasses can come across as edgy and mysterious, but at the same time they emphasise power, especially with solo artists.

The outfit itself does not portray friendship but the colours are a major key to showing the audience how close the band are. For example Little Mix often can be seen displaying the same colours through some aspects of their outfit, even down to minor accesories any part of mise en scene can create the visionary that they are very close.

Country orientated colour schemes will be used. They are embraced in pop, British bands and solo artists can usually be seen wearing the colours red, white and blue to represent Great Britain, fans from other countries can reflect upon Britain based on their favourite celebrities so it is important to convey a positive relationship between an artist/band and their country as they are representing it.

Girls will wear heels, this creates a sense of empowerment and entices young girls who idolise their picturesque figures and therefore aspire to be like their idols. High heels are the perfect choice to display femininity, fun and quirkiness, they accentuate features and emphasises power.

Lipstick colour can determine the overall vibe given off, bright lipstick such as red will depict many themes such as love, strength, power and passion, it will enforce an uplifting mood, leaving the artist feeling and looking upbeat and bubbly.