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COSPLA Y Presented By: Joey Kokilan Vencent

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COSPLAYPresented By:Joey KokilanVencent

What is Cosplay ? Cosplay (kosupure in Japanese ) Costume Play Origin Japan It is a type of performance art that the participants dress up with costumes and accessories to represent a specific character. Cosplay is one of the subculture

Characteristic Cosplayers imitate their favorite characters. Cosplay also include crossplay which participants imitate the characters of opposite sex. The styles of cosplay are highly depending on the geographical factor. In Japan Anime or Video Western Countries Sci-Fi Characters or Renaissance Characters

InfluenceWhat influence Cosplay? Video game, comic book, anime, fantasy movie, manga, graphic novel and etc. Cosplay Community

What Cosplay influences the society? Cosplay could influence next generation fashion trends around the world.Cosplay may influence the interest of the society in the coming future.

Cosplayer Happiness and Joyful Satisfied and Excited. Sadness Cool Emotion Audience Happiness and Enjoy Annoyed and Uncomfortable Embarrassment Cosplayers make real expressions for their personalities. They experiencing the character that they admire such as the personalities. They are expressing the passion onward cosplay.


Social issuesIn Malaysia, there are so control compare to other countries like Japan and United States. Cosplayers are also not allowed to wear sexy costume due to the culture of Islamic. Crossplaying is not usual to be seen in Malaysia because Malaysian may not accept the cosplayers imitating the characters of opposite sex.

Target audiencesDemographicAge: 14-24 years oldGeneration: Generation Y and ZGender: BothIncome: Normally from parents/ some part time jobsOccupation: Students

Target audiencesPsychographicAttitudeThey wanted to bring the character of animate to reality.They want to improve their imitation skills through their experiences.They wanted to get indulge in fantasy world.They believe that the characters from the comic books, anime, games, and movies have spirit and they just follow the spirit and play roles of the characters.

Target audiencesLifestyleThey see anime and video game as their lifestyle centre. The lifestyle of cosplayers is actually quite similar to the peoples who didnt involve in cosplay.

InterestThey like to play video game, watch animate and fantasy movie for more understanding about the characters.They will also like to research on the characters that they wish to imitate in order to reach the level of professional.

communication messageCosplayers are delivering non-verbal communication process through their costume. Cosplayers communicate the specific message of the characters they represented by imitate the characters and acting the characters through attitude, mannerism and body language.They wanted to communicate the messages of how they love and respect the characters.They are actually promoting the cosplay culture.

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Publics reactionFollowers and People who Like CosplayThey enjoy watching other people cosplay.They may like to take photo with the cosplayers.They will observe the cosplayers costumes, accessories, attitude, body language and etc and discuss with their friends.They start guessing what the characters that the cosplayers representing.

Publics reactionPeople who Hate CosplayThey will feel embarrassing when seeing people cosplay.They will point at the cosplayers and laugh at them. They start criticize the cosplayers with bad words. They start asking questions like Whats is their costumes for?, What happening in this place? or Why are they wasting money and time on this?. Cosplay is horrible and they feel like killing the cosplayers.