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CORPORATE UPDATE AFRINIC 17 Anne-Rachel Inné. Team Work : activity plans, improvement of services Ongoing projects ISO certification Performance Management System. Member Services H igh-level value services to AFRINIC’s members and stakeholders . Member Services team. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Anne-Rachel Inn

TeamWork: activity plans, improvement of servicesOngoing projectsISO certificationPerformance Management System

Member Services

High-level value services to AFRINICs members and stakeholders

Member Services teamMember ServicesImprove services delivered to members in a timely and efficient mannerBuild and keep updated reliable and flexible members information database Complete data Integrity Improve tools supporting services delivered to membersImprove IPv6 uptake within the community

Member ServicesLaunched IPv6 World day for Africa in Mauritius (06 June 2012) and supported some countries local eventsCarried out the first AFRINIC members and Stakeholders survey 2012 from 8th Oct to 19 Nov 2012. Developed some innovative tools that support services to members (e-voting, 6spot portal learning portal, etc.)Member ServicesComplete data consistency (clean up of AFRINIC IP resources database)Completed the Extended Stats project for NRO operationsImplemented abuse Contact Information policy AFPUB-2010-GEN-006MS achievements to date 250+ attended the 5 IPv6 Webinars (3 in English and 2 in French)500+ Engineers attended the IPv6 for Engineers Workshops 200+ Decision-makers participated in IPv6 for Managers workshopsAFRINIC training Unit obtained the IPv6 Forum certificationMS achievements to date Completed French translation of HE IPv6 materials Registered 118+ new members (2012)Completed AFRINIC Welcome pack for new-membersDrafted a review new member registration process proposal Completing the interface MyAFRINIC-PASTEL Billing toolMS working on ..Recruiting additional IP Analysts for hostmaster queues. Implementing new members recruiting strategies to increase membershipCleaning up and updating member contacts informationDeveloping Customer Relationship Management Tool (Member Information Management Project)

MS working on ..Improving the member Registration processCompleting the IPv6 portal (6spot project)Developing new members IP resources management tools: Resource Inventory Automation, new WHOIS, WEIRDS, WHOWAS, New-member Registration Portal, etc.

IT & Engineering Department

reliability, performance, security

IT & ENGINEERING in a nutshell Head of IT & EngineeringService DeskInfrastructureApplications ManagementSecurity & RiskManagement 13IT & ENGINEERINGEnhance Information Technology Processes Improve Service Delivery levels Improve Change Management Implement IT performance monitoring and evaluation

Enhance Resiliency Strategy Virtualize server infrastructure. Review of Disaster Recovery plan. Articulate a Business Continuity Program.

IT & ENGINEERINGImprove Systems Security Enhance risk evaluation and management Enhance security policies, standard and procedures

Lay down foundations for ISO certifications Define IT control objectives Evaluate maturity level

IT & ENGINEERINGEnhance Resiliency StrategyDisaster Recovery Plan MoU to be signed with Teraco (Cape Town datacenter) with Seacom (Mombassa datacenter) Egypt remains backup site

Human resources Two new staff joined the team1 system administrator1 network engineer

Engineering Projects RPKIWorking on implementing a new version with MAX LENGTH support as per RFC6482Upgrade the Issue ROA interface on MyAFRINIC to add more validationWorking on testing the UP/DOWN protocolIn process of acquiring HSMs

Engineering Projects DNSSECFully operational since May 2012 statistics:51 DS records 26 distinct DS (i.e. having a distinct DNSKEY)3 AFRINIC members with signed zones47 DS with records4 DS with records0 DS records received from zonelets

Engineering Projects DNS AnycastService for our infrastructure and ccTLDsMore than 10 ccTLDs using the service nowFew still waiting for update at IANA level

e-VotingPlatform deployment and integration into MyAFRINIC


Provide timely and effective communication services to achieve AFRINICs mission

Team CommunicationsHead of CommunicationsPRMarketingTech CommunicationsWeb Dev & MaintenanceDesignerEvents Coordinator (to be hired)CommunicationsCommunications: internal, externalPR and marketing marketing AFRINIC through various strategies and platforms, brandingEvents and sponsorship organise and manage meetings, sponsorships and relationships

CommunicationsTechnical communications: communiqus, reports, annual report, handouts, factsheetsWeb development and maintenance websitesMaterial designs

Achievements 2012Two meetings AFRINIC 16, Serekunda, The Gambia, AFRINIC 18, Khartoum, SudanVisual rebranding new logo, new colours, new website, new philosophy built on IPv6 and future of InternetLaunch of Africa Internet SummitCTO meeting in MauritiusFire Programme first award winner Mauritius Cybersecurity days

Africa Internet Summit

Fund for Internet Research and Education (FIRE)

What next?Be a household name in our region:Build a strong an efficient AFRINIC teamGive a lot more visibility to AFRINIC and its work in AfricaEnhance old and build new relationships, agreements, sponsorshipsMore partnerships and work with regional bodiesNew publications and websites geared to activities, members and community