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  • C O R P O R A T E P R E S E N T A T I O N

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    April 2020


    IMC International Mining Corporation is a junior exploration and development company. It is focused on creating shareholder value through the advancements of its assets which include the Cathedral Property in Northern British Columbia and the Bullard Pass Property in Arizona. The Company continues to look for further assets in North & South America as it increases its asset portfolio. International Mining will utilize its heavily experienced management team to evaluate assets that provide shareholder value.

    M I S S I O N S T A T E M E N T

  • • A heavily experienced management team led by Greg Hawkins. • Multiple high value assets location in strategic locations within areas of large gold and copper deposits • Exploring multiple other opportunities in North & South America • Tight share structure with a strong balance sheet • Greg Hawkins comes from a background of founding three different Companys which were bought out. • Mr Hawkins is currently on the board of New Pacific Metals Corp. a publicly traded Company on the TSX-V : NUAG • The Cathedral property is between two currently operating mines that are mining copper and gold.

    W H Y I M C X ?

    April 2020



    Price discovery is crucial for any market. Gold not only has a spot price, but it also has the LBMA Gold Price, as well as several regional prices. The LBMA Gold Price is used as an important benchmark throughout the gold market, while the other regional gold prices are important to local markets. This data provides the gold price over a range of time frames (daily, weekly, monthly, annually) going back to 1978, and in the major trading, producer, and consumer currencies.


  • April 2020


    Located in Quesnel Terrane, the Cathedral Project covers over 200 square kilometers. • Six areas with significant copper mineralization • Includes areas of high-grade silver and gold mineralization • Copper-gold alkalic porphyry identified at Cathedral Area • Blue sky potential

    » Numerous geophysical anomalies identified in 2015 survey » Anomalous copper-in-silt samples outside key areas

    C A T H E D R A L P R O P E R T Y : A C Q U I S I T I O N

    B R I T I S H C O L U M B I A





  • April 2020


    Located in a relatively unexplored portion of the northern Quesnel Terrane extending from the south to Centerra Gold’s Mt. Milligan Mine to it’s Kemess Underground Project and the former Kemess South Open Pit Mine in the north

    The Cathedral property is predominantly underlain by intrusive rocks of the Hogem Plutonic Suite. Intermediate volcanic rocks of the Takla Group are in contact with the intrusives at the northeastern portion of the property. The dominant intrusives types are monzonites, monzodiorites, diorites and syenites. Granites, granodiorites and other intrusives mapped tend to be smaller dyke-like units within the main intrusive types.

    Numerous dykes, sills and small stocks are noted throughout the property. To date, six mineralized areas have been identified. Four areas are hosted in the intrusive pluton (Lake, Cirque, Gail and Cathedral), one in the Takla volcanics (Mat) and one at the contact between the intrusives and the volcanics (CJL).

    C A T H E D R A L P R O P E R T Y : Q U E S N E L T E R R A N E



    • Stockwork and disseminated porphyry- type mineralization,

    • Vein-hosted, high grade mineralization

    • Late stage magnetite- chalcopyrite veins,

    • Late stage quartz- chalcopyrite veins



    • 50 billion pounds of copper

    • 28 million ounces of gold • 16 producing and

    development projects

    April 2020


    C A T H E D R A L P R O P E R T Y : S A M P L I N G R E S U L T S


    D E P O S I T P R O D U C T I O N R E S O U R C E S

    C U ( L B S ) A U ( O Z ) C U ( L B S ) A U ( O Z )

    Lorraine 372,000,000 229,000

    Kemess South 784,000,000 2,950,000

    Kemess U/G 900,000,000 2,500,000

    Mt Milligan 3,150,000,000 8,000,000

    Highland Valley 8,900,000,000 226,000 7,504,358,400

    New Afton 2,000,000,000 2,200,000

    Afton 500,000,000 476,000

    Ajax W/E 65,700,000 69,000 3,000,000,000 2,750,000

    Mt Polley 433,000,000 468,000 2,400,000,000 3,700,000

    Gibraltar 2,400,000,000 4,600 5,700,000,000

    Woodjam 1,060,000,000

    Harper Creek 5,730,000,000 924,000

    Copper Mtn 1,430,000,000 500,000 1,850,000,000 670,000

    Kwanika 2,100,000,000 2,200,000

    TOTAL 14,512,700,000 4,693,600 35,766,358,400 23,173,000

    Other Known Deposits and Producers in the Quesnel Terrane

  • IMC International Mining is dedicated to finding great properties, advancing new geological concepts and conducting the initial rounds of exploration to prove a holding’s potential for subsequent groups. IMC International Mining’s investment in the Bullard has added significant value to the exploration potential of th is property.

    B U L L A R D P A S S P R O P E R T Y : O P P O R T U N I T Y

    April 2020



    The Bullard Pass Property is located approximately 23 miles west of Wickenburg, Arizona within the Pierce mining district. The property currently consists of 22 unpatented claims in three distinct blocks totaling 454 acres. The claims are 100% owned by IMC International Mining Corp.

    A R I Z O N A



    • TUCSON

  • B U L L A R D P A S S P R O P E R T Y : D R I L L I N G P R O G R A M

    Contract Geologist Core Drilling 32 days $ 1000 per day $ 32,000 Sampler 32 days $ 450 per day $ 14,400 Room & Board 64 days $ 150 per day $ 9,600 Vehicle & Fuel 32 days $ 200 per day $ 6,400 Drill Mob / Demob $ 2,500 Footage (All In) 3500 feet $ 75 per foot $ 262,500 Analysis - Rock 700 samples $ 50 per sample $ 35,000 Data Verification 28 samples $ 25 per sample $ 700 Documentation $ 10,000 Contingency $ 1,900 Total Budget $ 375,100

    April 2020





    THE COPPERSTONE which has produced over 500,000 ounces of gold and currently reports a

    313,000 ounce reserve with an indicated category of 256,000 ounces of gold

    THE MESQUITE MINE which previously produced

    2.3 million ounces and currently New Gold reports

    a resource of 4.9 million ounces and reserves of

    3.1 million ounces

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    April 2020


    C O R P O R A T E I N F O R M A T I O N : M A N A G E M E N T continued

    GREG HAWKINS Chairman to the Board of Directors

    In 2004, awarded the Frank Woodside Past Presidents Award by the British Columbia and Yukon Chamber of Mines in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the mining industry.

    Mr. Hawkins holds a BSc in Geology from the University of Alberta and an MSc in Mineral Economics from McGill University. He has been involved in the Mining Exploration and Investment industries since 1969 and has been variously responsible for the identification and/or delineation of 10 mineral deposits in Canada, USA, Chile, Ghana, Mali and Zaire. Mr. Hawkins is currently a Director of New Pacific Metals Corp. and was the Founding Project Consultant and/or Founding Director of seven public and private Exploration/Development ventures

    and has participated in or been responsible for the definition of at least one resource/reserve in every case, with six of those cases resulting in production in the USA, Chile, Ghana, Mali and DRC, collectively accounting for over $2.1 billion in market cap at the companies’ respective peaks. In 1990 Mr. Hawkins started CME, an international full service consultancy and contracting firm with 100+ clients in 25 countries and 3000 employees. He has authored a number of papers on exploration, exploration philosophy and mineral economics since 1979.

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    April 2020


    C O R P O R A T E I N F O R M A T I O N : M A N A G E M E N T continued

    BRIAN THURSTON President | Chief Executive Officer | Corporate Secretary | Director

    Mr. Thurston is a professional geologist and holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Western Ontario. Mr. Thurston has over 26 years’ experience working as a geologist around the globe including North, Central and South America, Africa and India. He has experience working on projects from grass roots to feasibility level. Mr. Thurston was instrumental in the initial exploration,

    land acquisition and development of Aurelian Resources’ Ecuador grass roots exploration and held the position of Country Manager in Ecuador from 2004 to 2006. Kinross in 2008 acquired Aurelian Resources in a $1.2B friendly deal. Mr. Thurston transitioned from geologist to corporate positions in 2004 and has founded several pub