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  • 1. Inner Light Foundation Kumar Krishnamoorthy Founder & Chairman

2. Established in the year 2004 AIM To spread the knowledge of Meditation and awareness about the vast potential of Meditation and its benefits. More than 100 workshops & lectures conducted till now for Corporates, Banks, BPOs, scientific community , Yoga centers, Community centers, Rotary, Lions & Giants clubs, all over India. Inner Light Foundation 3. Meditation Guru Kumar Krishnamoorthy 4 decades of research in Meditation and is still on Has formatted a simple and easy technique to do Meditation which requires no changes in your life style. The duration,time and place for Meditation are flexible and there are no rigid rules. Currently guiding IITian in DNA changes during Meditation. 4. This book unfolds Meditation in a manner that can be practiced by all within the frame work of their busy life 5. Former Prime Minister Shri Chandra Shekar Releasing book at the Habitat Centre, New Delhi Complimented the efforts to simplify the Tradition of Meditation 6. Book translated into Marathi Dhyan Prakash released by Jyotirbhaskar Shri Jayantrao Salgaonkar of Kalanirnay Speaking at the function Shri Jayantrao Salgaonkar said this book will reach every home . 7. Kumar Krishnamoorthy Conducting Meditation Workshops 8. @ Fine Arts Chembur Making Corporates do Meditation at Habitat Center, New Delhi @ IMC Churchgate, Mumbai 9. Book travels far & near on its own Thursday, November 25, 2010 Excerpts: Self should be the highest priority in ones life believes Kumar Krishnamoorthy, meditation guru. He said, Life begins with the Self however in pursuit of the dream of life, people tend to ignore the self and end up losing touch with the thread of life. Dubai News paper Gulf Today carried his interview on Meditation. 10. Former Supreme Court Judge What a Joy to receive your communication and a greater joy to get a copy of your profound book on Cosmic Meditation. Indeed, humanity's deliverance from stress and sorrow is possible only through Cosmic Meditation. V. R. Krishna Iyer 11. Every word in this book are Pearls of Wisdom, after reading the book one realizes that anyone can do Meditation Former Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai Shri K.Nalinakshan 12. Awards And Appreciation 13. People from different parts of the world have got in touch after reading the book to thank for the guidance received through the book Scientific community is interested in doing further research. Big B with the book presented by Arjun Kumar in Dubai 14. Kumar Krishnamoorthys Corporate Career Former India Head of an Italian Shipping Company Youngest President of Foreign Steamers Agents Association of India in 1992 Conducted several workshops, seminars and Conferences for UN-ESCAP Held senior positions in Western India Shippers Association and Indian Merchants Chamber. Orator par excellence in several languages. 15. Who better than a successful corporate like Kumar Krishnamoorthy can understand the useful role of Meditation in Stress-Management 16. For Lectures, Workshops & Books contact Mobile no: +91 9320018042 INNER LIGHT FOUNDATION, Mumbai, INDIA Meditation Expert and Author of The Inner Light Cosmic Meditation invites you to read the book and as you read, experience the showers of bliss !