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  • 8/4/2019 Coron, amazingly beautiful



    Coron, amazingly beautifulby Ramon T. Ayco

    December 2008

    (First publish in the Travel Section of the December 2008 issue of Pinoy Reporter.)

    Banol Beach, Coron, Palawan.

    I have been in Coron, Palawan for many times because the

    institution I am working with has an office there. By this, I am very

    confident in recommending this island to anybody who is looking

    for a beautiful place to go.

    Coron the ancestral homeland of the Tagbanuas, is part of the

    Calamian Group of Islands. It is situated at the Northern tip of

    Palawan, the Philippines last frontier.

    The island is a tropical Shangri-la nestled upon a coral jewel set

    amidst Palawans sparkling turquoise waters. Comely and idyllic,

    this island resort is a perfect hideaway for those who seek both

    relaxation and discovery.

    For one, the sea of Coron was the main setting for Dyesebel, the

    famous just concluded GMA-7 teleserye featuring Marian Rivera as

    the mermaid Dysebel together Dingdong Dantes as her leading man.

    On September 24, 1944 this island was a witness to the USNavys aerial bombardment of the Japanese cargo and

    support vessels, seeking shelter in its waters. These have

    now become a sanctuary for a variety of marine creatures

    that call these wrecks their home.

    The aquatic views from these sunken Japanese warships are

    listed in Forbes Traveler Magazines top 10 best scuba sites

    in the world.

    Our institutions, which help Tagbanuas in their ancestraldomain claim, own a motorized banca which we use in visiting villages in the island. So I am proud to say

    that I have almost seen every inch of seashore around Coron. It is amazingly beautiful.

    Aside from sight-seeing, the main activity which I would like to recommend to any visitor is of course

    swimming and diving to feel the water and see the beauties of life under the sea. Snorkel in its marine rich

    coral reefs with unbelievable underwater visibility.
  • 8/4/2019 Coron, amazingly beautiful


    The quality of the sea water in this part of the Philippine archipelago is believed to be most ideal for

    cultured south sea pearls. Pearl farms are in the vicinity but their locations are strictly classified.

    After a long day of sea and sand frolic, you can treat yourself to a hot spa courtesy of mother-nature, the

    Makinit Hot springs. Free-flowing hot mineral rich salt water trapped in a man-made pool will surely

    soothe your weary bones.

    A dip in this pool will relax tense and soothe aching muscles. Rejuvenated, one is ready for another day of

    adventure in Coron.

    The author (right) together with his guide (left)

    at Kayangan Lake.

    You can also visit beautiful lakes with very cold waters: the

    Kayangan, Barakuda and Twin lakes. The Twin Lake is the

    most unforgettable to me because as the two lakes are

    separated by a dark narrow cave, we made a more or less

    twenty seconds deep dive in order to reach the other lake. I

    began catching my last breath in the middle of the cave so Ihad to swim as fast as I can with no blink of an eye looking

    to the bright light of the opposite cave opening. I was

    gasping so hard when we reach the other lake. But my guide

    said we should not stay longer because there is a big fish

    that attacks people there. So again we made a deep dive

    back to the other lake via that dark narrow cave.

    Trekking the 720 steps up to Mt.Tapyas for a 360 degrees scenic view of the harbor, limestone cliffs and

    the island of Busuangais a wonderful experience. Trekking to Uson Summit can bring you to natural bliss,

    the 30 to 45-minutes trek brings you to the top of Uson Island, one can see from the summit the neasrby

    islands of Coron. A good time to trek Uson is during sunrise and sunset.

    You can also experience a safari in the middle of a tropical

    setting. Witness giraffes, zebras and gazelles running

    freely in the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary. Trapped in time?

    These animals were brought to this island courtesy of the

    Marcos family in the early 80s.

    Other possible activities are island hopping, horseback

    riding, challenging motorbike tours, kayaking, wind

    surfing, sea safaris, and night life in interesting

    restaurants, discos and karaoke bars where fresh and

    delicious sea-foods are always available

    You can have a quality holiday in a resort at budget prices and a budget holiday which leaves you lots to

    spend on souvenir items and other pasalubong which are available at Coron market and local souvenir

    shops as you bid goodbye to the island in going back home.