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Ever been worried about re-using an image or someone else's story on social media? A presentation for Social Media Adelaide #socadl.


  • 1. Copyright + Social Media + Archival Collections Tues 29 April, 2014, 5:30pm, The Astor

2. Bottom line Breach of copyright is serious. Even if you dont believe in copyright, it is a civil offence. There are criminal provisions for commercial-scale infringement. SLSA B21925/9 3. Creative Commons SLSA has identified over 100,000 images in its online catalogue as being out of copyright Added the Creative Commons Public Domain mark Working on applying the CC-BY license to in-copyright images and other online collections Creative Commons search page is a great place to start when looking for material you can reuse 4. In copyright. Astor Hotel, ca. 1990. SLSA, B70869/18613 5. Out of copyright. Perseverance Hotel (now the Astor Hotel), ca. 1927. SLSA, B4265 6. What next? Copyright owners Moral rights Requests for permission SLSA PRG 280/1/6/109 7. SARCIB Who owns the copyright for these letters? 8. Risk management Record keeping Take down notices 9. More info Copyright tag bundle on Delicious Creative Commons Australia SLSA Copyright & our collections 10. Contact e t @katykat f m 0421 34 69 78


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