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  • Anthropology ExperienceCultural Anthropology

  • Before FieldworkResearch QuestionResearch DesignImplementationFundingPermitsVisasLanguage Training

  • Participant ObservationPositivesAccess the EmicDetermine Actual BehaviorDevelop RapportBiculturalismProblemsLanguageLiesEthicsCulture ShockHawthorne Effect

  • Subsistence StrategyHow a culture gets its food may effect:Group SizePolitical StructureSedentismEconomy

  • Food CollectingForaging or Hunting/ GatheringSmall SocietiesSeasonal NomadismUse RightsEgalitarianBalanced Delayed Reciprocity

  • Food ProducingHorticultureRelying on small gardens + foragingSedentary PopulationsLarger SocietiesRanked Social StructureEconomies of SurplusBig Man/ Achieved Status

  • Food ProducingPastoralismAt least 50% subsistence from herd animalsEg. Cows, goats, reindeerLarger, more sedentary groups than foragersRely on trade

  • Food ProducingAgricultureLarge-scale domestication of plants and animalsIrrigation, machine and animal labor, fertilizersHuge surplusLarge, complex societies

  • KinshipRelationships based on genetics (consanguinal) or marriage (affinal)Fictive Kin

  • Kinship TerminologyAffinityGender, Age, GenerationSide of FamilySex of Linking RelativeDistinctions:

  • Kinship Terminology

  • Kinship Terminology

  • Kinship Terminology

  • Kinship Terminology

  • Kinship Terminology

  • Kinship Terminology

  • DescentWhat Descends?WealthPropertyNameStatusCustoms

  • DescentBilateralUnilinealAmbilinealDoubleTypes:

  • Unilineal Descent

  • Unilineal Descent

  • MarriageA ritualized union of people creating kin.AlliancesChildren

  • Types of MarriagePolygamyPolygynyPolyandry (fraternal)MonogamySerial Monogamy

  • Marriage and ExchangeBride ServiceBride PriceDowry

  • Sex vs. GenderSexBiologicalHormonesGenetaliaGeneticsGenderCulturalShared ideas Based on the sexes

  • Elements of GenderDivision of LaborGenderlectsGender IdeologySexual Dimorphism

  • Gender AsymmetryDifferentiationEvaluation+

  • Religion A Worldview involving beliefs and actions related to supernatural beings and forces.

    A cultures shared ideas and assumptions about the emicly defined universe and its cause.

  • MagicMethods associated with the attempt to manipulate the supernatural world.

  • Types of SupernaturalsAnthropomorphicZoomorphicAnimistic

  • Mythology: Narrative stories of supernatural forces and how they relate to the worldDoctrine: A religions codified ideas about the universe and often the resulting code of behavior

  • Types of CultsIndividualisticOne-on-one interface with the supernaturalShamanisticPart time religious specialistsAltered states of consciousnessEcclesiasticalFull time clergy

  • RitualRepeated, predictable behavior associated with the shared ideas and assumptions of a people.Tooth brushingCatholic MassGreetingsWeddings

  • Rites of PassageRituals of TransformationChild to adultBachelor to husbandCivilian to soldierThree StagesSeparationTransformationReintegration


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