coping with conflict and negotiation

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  • 2. What is CONFLICT?
  • 3. Everybody happy
  • 4. Everybody not happy
  • 5. Transitions in Conflict Thought
  • 6. Conflict is viewed negativelyThe Traditional View of Conflict Conflict is a natural occurrence The Human Relations View of Conflict
  • 7. Conflict is absolutely necessary for a group to perform effectively The Interactionist View of Conflict
  • 8. The Conflict Process has five stages
  • 9. STAGE I:Potential Opposition or Incompatibility
  • 10. Three Categories Communication -misunderstandings and noise Structure -degree of specialization, leadership styles, reward systems Personal Variables -include personality, emotions, values
  • 11. WHAT?!
  • 12. LEADERS?!
  • 13. WHYHAPPY?!
  • 14. STAGE II:Cognition and Personalization
  • 15. Perceived Conflict
  • 16. Felt Conflict
  • 17. Keep in mind two points.. Stage II is important because its where conflict issues tend to be defined. Emotions play a major role in shaping perceptions.
  • 18. Stage 3: Intentions COLLABORATING Assertive COMPETINGAssertiveness COMPROMISING Unassertive AVOIDING ACCOMODATING Uncooperative Cooperative Cooperativeness
  • 19. Stage 4: BehaviorAnnihilatory Overt efforts to destroy the other party Conflict Aggressive physical attacks Threats and ultimatum Assertive verbal attacks Overt questioning or challenging of others Minor disagreements or misunderstandingNo Conflict
  • 20. Stage 4: BehaviorConflict-resolution Techniques Problem Solving Super ordinate Goals Expansion of Resources Avoidance Smoothing Compromise Authoritative Command Altering the Human Variable Altering the Structural Variables
  • 21. Stage 4: BehaviorConflict-Stimulation Techniques Communication Bringing in OutsidersRestructuring the OrganizationAppointing a Devils Advocate
  • 22. Stage 5: OutcomesFunctional OutcomesDysfunctional Outcomes