Cook County College Teachers Suburban Triton ... the Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600 AFT, ... By executing this Memorandum of Understanding

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  • Cook County College Teachers Union 208 West Kinzie Street Chicago, IL 60654 (312) 755-9400 Fax (312) 755-1030

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    March 30, 2016


    Please find the Online MOU agreed upon by you and David Richmond. I have signed and dated it. Once you have signed it, please scan and send it to me at and Kaitlyn Skoirchet at

    Please have it posted on the CCC website in the union contracts section. Our members are inquiring about it.

    Thanks. Still waiting to hear from Rochelle Robinson about the dates your proposed to meet. It looks like it will be April 8 but will confirm soon.


    The Board of Community Colleges District No. 508 ("City Colleges" or "the District") and the Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600 AFT, AFL-CIO ("Local 1600") are parties to a collective bargaining agreement ("CSA") which establishes conditions of employment including faculty participation in the District's online courses.

    By executing this Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU"), the parties agree that

    1. 1600 and the City Colleges adopt the Selection Procedure for teaching on line courses outlined in this MOU.

    2. City Colleges will provide and all Local 1600 faculty members participating in online courses will use a course management system such as Blackboard that provides an archive of instructional materials, grades, and all other information pertaining to the online course.

    3. City Colleges will provide certain Local 1600 faculty members release time, pursuant to the selection criteria and procedures outlined in this MOU.

    4. This MOU does not change any other provisions in Article 111. Q and subparts and Appendix G.3 of the CBA, except as stated herein.

    5. Within one (1) year of the execution date of this MOU, the District and Local 1600 will review the terms of this MOU with the intent of providing the opportunity to make adjustments agreed upon by both parties, which may be memorialized in a new memorandum of understanding.

    Tony Johnston President

    Rasmus Lynnerup Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Strategy Officer

  • Selection Procedure

    City Colleges will manage all online courses through Harold Washington College (HWC) regardless of any faculty members' home campus. Hybrid courses will be managed by each College, but HWC will provide templates, recommendations for best practice and faculty development to ensure quality.

    Step 1: Faculty members complete and submit an online application, including official transcripts (if needed), current curriculum vitae or resume, and a letter of interest in teaching an online course. Full-time faculty who have been credentialed to teach online courses will not need to be re-credentialed to teach courses that they are currently credentialed to teach.

    Step 2: Faculty members qualify to teach online and hybrid courses by completing the necessary City Colleges-provided online training by the end of the semester prior to the course selection semester. City Colleges agrees to grandfather in full-time faculty members who have taught hybrid classes.

    Step 3: The online course schedule will be sent to all full-time faculty. The online course schedule will be available at the same time that face-to-face schedules are available for course selection.

    Step 4: Faculty members who select online courses follow the online procedures set forth in this document to request the courses and submit their full program (on campus as well as online courses), indicating whether they select an online course for load or stipend. Full-time faculty are allowed to teach one online course for load and one online course for stipend, or two online courses for stipend Full-time faculty seeking to teach additional online courses must receive the approval of the College Vice President at the faculty member's campus. Faculty members are required to follow requirements outlined in the online lectureship assignment to continue teaching online classes.

    Step 5: Mirroring the process that follows on-campus faculty course assignments, which is based on seniority, the Department Chairs at Harold Washington assign courses based on system-wide seniority. In any instance of identical seniority, the faculty member with the lowest employee number will get the assignment. Harold Washington notifies faculty members and College Vice Presidents of the assignment of courses and provides Local 1600 with a list of course assignments.

    Step 6: After full-time faculty members choose their online courses, Harold Washington will complete the staffing of online courses with adjuncts based on seniority. Any adjunct faculty member who has been credentialed to teach online will be contacted by the Vice President at Harold Washington College to be credentialed as an adjunct at Harold Washington College.

  • Step 7: If any online course still remains unassigned, Harold Washington College will post the open position through its online job posting program and assign courses to qualified applicants.

  • Release Time

    Academic Online Coordinator (AOC) Based on the average number of online class sections during the previous academic year, Harold Washington College academic departments that offer online sections will select an Academic Online Coordinator to assist in overseeing course quality and faculty teaching. The Academic Online Coordinator preferably will have taught online courses for CCC. The Academic Online Coordinator will be granted three (3) release hours per term (including summer). The Academic Online Coordinator will be chosen by department vote and, in the event of a tie, seniority. The selection will be approved by administration in the same manner by which extra work is approved.

    Union Online Administration Committee

    The Union Online Administration Committee shall be changed to accommodate faculty and staff representation from each College. The Committee shall be composed of seven (7) administrators and one faculty member from each of the seven Colleges. The committee will be renamed the Online Advisory Committee. This committee will research and analyze issues related to online and hybrid courses and provide recommendation to the Administration at Harold Washington College.