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Best-in-class companies know the secret to converting high value visitors: You need to engage them at the moment they are most likely to convert, while they are still on your site. Enterprise companies are re-inventing engagement strategies by moving away from treating website visitors with a one size fits all approach. These companies are identifying high impact visitors the moment they click on the web site. The secret to their success is in identifying, segmenting and targeting those who are high impact shoppers with high shopping cart values, price comparison shoppers, shoppers who want to buy more but have questions and engage each differently to convert them into lifetime customers. Best-in-class companies who are able to engage live when the stakes are high have successfully converted more of their existing visitors by at least 20%, while increasing average order value by 35%. Get your business ready for high stakes engagement today. Register for this upcoming webinar, led by Alon Waks, Director of Product Marketing and Head of Go-To-Market Strategy for LivePerson as he shares: How to identify the profile and intent of a high stakes visitor; How to intelligently engage the right visitors at the right time to increase conversions and decrease bounce rates; and Real-world examples from Home Depot and Verizon on how to target and engage high impact visitors.


  • 1. #LPTALK Convert More Visitors To Customers Enterprise-Class Secrets To High Impact Targeting Presented by Sponsored by
  • 2. Follow this webinar on Twitter #LPTalk Demand Gen Report: @DG_Report LivePerson: @LivePerson Alon Waks: @AlonWaks
  • 3. Panelists Moderated by: Alon Waks, Director of Product Marketing, LivePerson Alicia Fiorletta Demand Gen Report
  • 4. The Broken Landscape of Digital Engagement #LPTalk For every $92 marketers spend driving traffic to their websites, they spend only $1 to optimize them. 1 in 20 83% 93% of your online visitors have a disproportionately high impact on your business and need to be engaged need some form of support during their online journey of consumers see real-time help as being beneficial
  • 5. #LPTalk Just Browsing Self-Serve Purchase Visitors intend to buy but dont Leave Complete Transaction Purchase Intend to buy but need help Abandon Cart Right Engagement When stakes are high Engage Live Complete Transaction
  • 6. Intelligently Engage #LPTalk Multiple-D Algorithm Predictive: 1D Rules Targeting: Complex, tedious, manual updates Simplified & automatic Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Rule 4 Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Rule 4 Rule 5 Rule 6 Rule 7 Rule 8 Rule 5 Rule 6 Rule 7 Rule 8 Rule 9 Rule 10 Rule 11 Rule 12 Rule 9 Rule 10 Rule 11 Rule 12 Rule 13 Rule 14 Rule 15 Rule 16 Rule 13 Rule 14 Rule 15 Rule 16 Hot Lead Visitor Most Likely to Convert
  • 7. How Do You Identify Your Targets? #LPTalk Business Goals Who fits your business goals? Who of those has intent to engage, convert? Who doesnt? Cart Value > $xx High Conversion Low Csat Visitor Traffic High LTV Loyalty ? ?
  • 8. Intelligently Engage #LPTalk Business Goals Self Learning Algorithm 3rd Party Data Visitor Profile Automatically identifies audience Intent models drive visitor scoring Self learning model leverages behavior, visitor data, external Cart Value > $xx High Conversion Low Csat Visitor Traffic High LTV Loyalty
  • 9. Intelligently Engage Provide visitors, From all the right engagement type target the right ones that Generating rich chat, campaign goal fit theoffer, voice, video data, extracted from to behavior and value by best fit visitor behavior engagements, to enrich the right location customer digital investments and time Leveraging collaboration through rich media, show video, file sharing, screen share Using the right agent/representative, fit per visitor profile, language and skills #LPTalk Business Goals Cart Value > $Xx High Conversion Low Csat High LTV Loyalty Visitor Traffic ? Enriched Engagement Data Chat Optimize Agent Performance Voice Personalized Offers Paid, Organic Social Strategy Search Video CSAT, FCR Ratings, Reviews Offers
  • 10. Visitor Intent Models Closer Look #LPTalk Business Goal: Conversion Pending Invite: Based on agent availability Agent Availability: 0 1 Kelly John Mary San Francisco New York Kansas PC PC Mobile Added Items to Cart Browsed 10 Different Product Pages Referral: Free Promotion Score: 0.5 (Predict Self Serve) Removes item from Cart Score: 0.8 (needs help) Score: 0.75 (needs help shopping) On Return Policy Page Score: 0.2 (low value)
  • 11. The Moment of Truth: Reduce Cart Abandonment and Up-sell #LPTalk Home Depot: Drive cart change to up-sell Provide offer to engage live when changing cart value, abandonment and drive upsell. Customer Item added to cart browsing Agent shares New proactive invite for a item detailand customer page specifications offering different item help to proceeds to view complete the order Triggers chat invitation Proceeding through check out process customer has error on their credit card Customer expresses concern about original items size Clicks to Add to Cart Views cart and removes ottoman item Item fits customers need, adds item to their cart. Recommended use case
  • 12. Increase mobile conversions with visual engagements Personal instant assistance: Ability to quickly see customers physical requirements leads to more highly tailored recommendations. Relevant product Visitor is able to request direct recommendations drive sales design consultation on mobile chat Instant image in chat allows for more effective, on point and personalized product consultation
  • 13. Optimize Customer Acquisition & Reduce Bounce Rate Verizon: Acquisition and Bounce Reduction Capture and Engage with customers searching for commoditized products. #LPTalk Visitor searches for commoditized Personalized offer product engagement for Live to differentiate Rich multimedia to lingering customer drive sales closure Analysis of many engagements Paid search enables to identify sponsored link recurring themes Engaging each traffic with personalized offers clients see conversion increases of over 25%. When stakes are highEngage Live Recommended use case
  • 14. Increase Revenue per Visitor & Conversions from Paid Search Cisco: Paid Search Customer Intent driven engagements lead to higher conversion rate. After chat, analysis of Search shows engagements helps price conscious Personalized offer identify recurring themes visitor to engage for conversions Optimize key word ad copy by matching text to direct customer feedback. Great selection including UCSB200 & 5100 Paid search sponsored link Analysis helps refine ad text. Live engagement addressing customer intent Recommended use case
  • 15. LivePerson Company: Who Are We Creating Meaningful Connections #LPTalk Highlights 2 billion site visits per month 20 million live engagements per month Analyzes over 1.2 million documents and chat transcripts per month. Between Brands and Customers... Customers 8,500 customers around the globe, including: 8 of the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies 10 of the Top 15 Commercial Banks (Fortune 500) Top 4 of Top 5 Telecommunication Companies (Fortune 500) Generate Value 3 of the Top 5 Internet Service Companies (Fortune 500)
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