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All temperature controlled areas need to be monitored continuously and a deviation from the defined range will not be acceptable even for a short duration.\n - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


10 Oct 2015 Control, Monitor and Voice Call Alert system for ColdStorages/Freezer/RefrigeratorsAll temperature controlled areas need to be monitored continuously and a deviation from the definedrange will not be acceptable even for a short duration.Challenges FacedThe temperature of the Cold Storage/Freezer/Fridge has to be constantly maintained at a narrowrange of temperature eg. Between 2C and 8C for medicines. In normal monitoring solutions the data will be recorded, but a proper alert system will not beavailable. Especially on holidays and after office hours a faulty condition may go unnoticed. Such a faulty condition is an emergency and need to be attended immediately.If a faulty condition occurs for a short duration, the temperature may come back to normalafter a brief gap. In such cases the fault will never be noticed, but the stored items may havealready been spoilt without anyones knowledge. Our Integrated Solution This solution can be provided for Temperature & Humidity or any such parameters at these general applications:a.Cold Storages/Freezer/Refrigerators/Pharmacies b.Furnaces to monitor high temperatureOur integrated Solution provides: Continuous monitoring & recording every second or as per frequency defined by you. In case of any failure conditions, the device will make phone calls upto 8 operators anddeliver voice message on the type of fault until one of them picks up and acknowledges bypressing # button. Simultaneously a SMS will be delivered to all these 8 operators indicatingthe fault condition.Fault conditions that can be monitored:a.Temperature goes above or below the defined range for a defined duration.b.AC Power failure c.Compressor trips due to any faultd.Door is kept open for a long duratione.Fire Alarm activation f. Water leakage The same facility can be provided for refrigerated delivery vans The data can be stored in the device itself for up to one year and the data will never be losteven in case of power failure. Alternatively you may connect and transfer the data to your local Computer networkcontinuously. If you have multiple locations, you can connect through the internet for remote monitoring.Also if your supplier wants to monitor your cold room/freezer, you can give access throughinternet. Any authorized person can send a SMS to the device on a holiday and get a reply SMSindicating the current temperature of the cold room/freezer An authorized operator can send SMS to the device and switch ON/OFF the AC An authorized operator can increase/decrease the temperature by sending a SMS It has its own battery which will last for 40 hours in case of power failure. Operating range is -200C to 1000C No monthly or yearly fees. Can be used for Hospital Freezers, Mortuaries, Industrial Freezers, Art Galleries,Manufacturing plants, Furnaces etc.Vacker LLCl PO Box 92438 l Dubai lUAE Phone : (+971) 42 66 11 44l Fax :(+971) 42 66 11 55 Offices: UAE, USA, Kuwait, Oman & India