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ContiSys OBD Professional. For maximum efficiency and reliability: ContiSys OBD Professional Always the right solution at your fingertips.

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ContiSys OBD


For maximum effi ciency

and reliability:

ContiSys OBD Professional

Always the right solution atyour fi ngertips.

For efficient workshop processes, test

devices must allow fast EOBD diagnostics

for a wide range of vehicle makes.

ContiSys OBD Professional delivers this and

much more, supporting numerous functions

that you need as a professional technician

on a daily basis. With ContiSys OBD Pro-fessional, you can test systems such as

ABS/ESP, SRS (airbags and pretensioners),

electric parking brakes (EPB) TPMS and air

conditioning systems faster and more easi-

ly than ever before. The range of functions

also includes service interval indicator re-

setting and calibration of the steering angle

sensor. This represents a valuable upgrade

to the services you offer.

The multi-brand OBD

scanner from VDO.

Clear benefits.

With its wide range of functions and ease of use,

the versatile ContiSys OBD Professional scanner is the

ideal service tool for many workshop applications:

• Efficient and reliable downloading of data from elec-

tronic control units for a fast initial overview of the vehicle

thanks to high coverage via the new multiplex cable

• Engine diagnostics – in addition to the EOBD fault

codes ContiSys OBD contains over 20,000 manu-

facturer-specific faults

• Clearing airbags and pretensioners faults – perfect for

body shops

• Support for electric parking brakes, ABS/ESP and

MB SBC systems – ideal for brake service operators

• For the control and calibration of tire pressure

monitoring systems (TPMS)

• Resetting service systems (incl. BMW CBS, Mercedes

Assist Plus and VAG CAN)

• Resetting oil change interval indicators

• Or just as a practical instrument for fast

diagnostic results

ContiSys OBD Scanner

Multifunctional and

always up-to-date.


ContiSys OBD Professional – Scan Tool Kit

(including multiplex cable)

VDO prod. code A2C59513375 ATE prod. code 03.9301-2002.4

ContiSys OBD product accessories

ContiSys OBD – BMW cable

VDO prod. code A2C59512067 ATE prod. code 03.9301-2015.1

ContiSys OBD – Fiat/Alfa/Lancia cable

VDO prod. code A2C59512069 ATE prod. code 03.9301-2017.1

ContiSys OBD – Mercedes cable

VDO prod. code A2C59512066 ATE prod. code 03.9301-2014.1

ContiSys OBD – Mercedes Sprinter cable

VDO prod. code A2C59512065 ATE prod. code 03.9301-2013.1

ContiSys OBD – PSA cable

VDO prod. code A2C59512061 ATE prod. code 03.9301-2011.1

ContiSys OBD – VAG cable

VDO prod. code A2C59512060 ATE prod. code 03.9301-2010.1

Software update service

ContiSys Update Plus OBD

VDO prod. code A2C59512077 ATE prod. code 03.9301-2105.1

The optional ContiSys Update Plus service

uses the internet to ensure that your

diagnostics device is always up-to-date.

ContiSys OBD Professional –capabilities*.

ContiSys OBD Professional supports engine diagnostics

for many types of petrol and diesel vehicle used in

Europe. The functionality also includes a range of other

key workshop service functions for many models pro-

duced by the manufacturers listed below.

ABS SRSAirbag/preten-sioner


Alfa Romeo X X X X X

Audi X X X X X X X


Citroen X X X X

Fiat X X X X X X

Ford X X X X X X X

Opel X X X X X

Lancia X X X X X X

Land Rover X X X X X X X

Mercedes X X X X

MG Rover X X

Mini X X X X X

Peugeot X X X X

Renault X X X X X

Saab X

Seat X X X X X X

Skoda X X X X X X

Volkswagen X X X X X X X

Volvo X X X X X

* Model-dependent – see application list for details (; functionality

corresponds to software version 3.0.0; available from February 2010

The information provided in this brochure contains only general

descriptions or performance characteristics. Actual operation on

specifi c vehicles may vary or change as a result of further develop-

ment of the products. This information is a technical description of

the product, and is not meant or intended to be a guarantee for a

particular quality or durability. An obligation to provide the respec-

tive characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms

of contract. We reserve the right to make changes in availability as

well as technical changes without prior notice.

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