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These are exciting times at Airedale Air Conditioning, this presentation will inform you of the refresh we are implementing to our brand. We want to assure you that we are still the same great company with the same genuine values and nearly forty years unrivalled experience. We have taken the decision to merge all Airedale Air Conditioning sub-brands under the one Airedale brand (removing the Service and Controls brands). Presenting Airedale as a single brand will strengthen Airedales brand identity and will also make it easier for customers going forward by eliminating any ambiguity. Our new brand includes a new strapline which complements our parent company, Modine and encompasses all areas of our business, our product offerings and most importantly, our vision. Our new brand is clear, contemporary and is much more representative of our four key brand values; innovation, quality, service and environmental responsibility.


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2. Quality Innovation Experience Support 3. Our brand is more than just our logo, its how our customers perceive us, its our reputation, the way we work and our company ethos.Clive ParkmanManaging Director, 4. 5. 6. We are extremely proud of our heritage and believe Britishmanufacturing stands for: Innovation Quality 7. Our products and services are designed to optimise themovement of air to increase operational efficiency. Wedecided to echo this in the design of our new 8. Efficient transfer of heat is at the heart of what we do.Managing this process effectively is one of our 9. Efficiency is at the core of everything we do from designand manufacture through to operation. Our goal is toreduce your operational costs throughout the lifecycle ofyour 10. Our goal is to deliver integrated efficient thermal solutionsto our customers, increasing the added value that wedeliver to 11. To provide integrated thermal management solutionsdifferentiated through innovation and 12. Our new brand is:Our brand represents: Clear Quality and Innovation Contemporary Experience Distinctive Support and Service Memorable Our heritage Universal Our vision 13. To build brand consistency: To provide our customers with a stronger brand proposition To create one umbrella brand To develop a brand which reflects our vision To reflect our product offering To support our company ethos of continuous 14. Simplify our message Achieve our corporate objectives Strengthen our brand identity Evolve with our customers and 15. The rebrand is not just about revamping our logo.It also means improvements to: Customer service Support Communication Specification 16. Please contact your account manager for more information orcontact marketing on: 0113 239 1000