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<ul><li> 1. Continental Drift TheoryContinental Drift TheoryNo need to take notesNo need to take notesI have taken them for youI have taken them for you</li></ul> <p> 2. "Doesnt the east coast of SouthAmerica fit exactly against the westcoast of Africa, as if they had oncebeen joined?" wrote Wegener tohis future wife in December 1910."This is an idea Ill have to pursue."Alfred was trying to get hisgirlfriends father to like him. Herfather was a well-known geologist!! 3. Alfred Wegener (Vegener)Alfred Wegener (Vegener) As a young scientist,As a young scientist,Wegener was curiousWegener was curiousabout Earths continents.about Earths continents. In 1910, Mr. WegenerIn 1910, Mr. Wegenerformed a hypothesisformed a hypothesiswhich stated all thewhich stated all thecontinents were oncecontinents were oncejoined together in a giantjoined together in a giantlandmass.landmass. He named this landmassHe named this landmassPANGAEA.PANGAEA. 4. Wegener used 3 types of evidenceWegener used 3 types of evidenceto prove his theory!to prove his theory!1.Evidence from landforms1.Evidence from landforms2.Evidence from fossils2.Evidence from fossils3.Evidence from climate3.Evidence from climate 5. Evidence from landformsEvidence from landforms The shapes of theThe shapes of thecontinents seemed tocontinents seemed tofit together. Mountain ranges andMountain ranges andother features alsoother features alsolined up.lined up. 6. The jig-saw puzzleEvidenceEvidence from landformsfrom landforms 7. The jig-saw puzzleEvidence from landformsEvidence from landforms 8. The jig-saw puzzleEvidence from landformsEvidence from landforms 9. Evidence from FossilsEvidence from Fossils Fossils from oneFossils from onecontinent matchedcontinent matchedfossils from otherfossils from othercontinents.continents. Wegener used bothWegener used bothplant and animalplant and animalfossils.fossils.Glossopteris: a fernfound on the southerncontinentsMesosaurus: afreshwater swimmingreptile found in Africaand South America 10. fossil matchesEvidence from Fossils 11. fossil matchesEvidence from Fossils 12. Evidence from ClimateEvidence from Climate Wegener looked atWegener looked atcertain areas on Earthcertain areas on Earthand their climatesand their climates He noted that theHe noted that thefossils he found onfossils he found oncertain sections ofcertain sections ofEarth did not matchEarth did not matchthe current climatethe current climate Glacier scratches inGlacier scratches inS. AfricaS. Africa 13. Antarctic iceEvidence from ClimateEvidence from Climate 14. Ice could not have extended this far.So...continents MUST have moved..Evidence from ClimateEvidence from Climate 15. Drift awayDrift awayContinental Drift TheoryAt firstnobodybelievedAlfredWegenerstheory..WHY YOUASK!He couldnot provehow orwhy thecontinentsmoved. 16. Scientists still do not appear to understand sufficiently that allearth sciences must contribute evidence toward unveiling thestate of our planet in earlier times, and that the truth of thematter can only be reached by combing all this evidence. . .It is only by combing the information furnished by all theearth sciences that we can hope to determine truth here,that is to say, to find the picture that sets out all the knownfacts in the best arrangement and that therefore has thehighest degree of probability. Further, we have to beprepared always for the possibility that each new discovery,no matter what science furnishes it, may modify theconclusions we draw."Alfred Wegener.The Origins of Continents and Oceans (4th edition)</p>


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