continent a large, unbroken land mass that is surrounded by oceans. north america south america...

Download Continent A large, unbroken land mass that is surrounded by oceans. North America South America Europe Africa Australia Asia Antarctica

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  • A large, unbroken land mass that is surrounded by oceans.North AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeAfricaAustraliaAsiaAntarctica

  • A smaller body of land, surrounded by water, such as:Hawaii

  • Another body of land, only surrounded by water on 3 sides.Attached to land on the 4thSuch as:Florida


  • OceansLakesRivers

  • A continuous, large body of salt water that covers the earth.To the west of the United States is the Pacific Ocean, To the east, is the Atlantic Ocean.

  • A body of fresh water that is surrounded by land.The Great Lakes:HuronOntarioMichiganErieSuperior

  • A natural stream of waterthat flows toward an ocean or other bodyof water.

  • A large area of sea or oceanpartially enclosed by land.

  • OCEAN:



  • Plains: a wide open area of low, flat, usually grassy land

    Wetlands: low-lying areas at the edge of lakes, and streams where land and water meet (include swamps, marshes and bogs)

    Forest: an area of dense trees and vegetation

    Desert: an arid location, with less than 10 in. of rain per year

  • Can you label each type of land?


  • Forest

  • Wetlands

  • Desert

  • A land mass that rises above its surroundingswith a peak!

  • An elevated land mass in the middle of a wide, open area with a flat top and steep sides Mesa = table

  • An area of flat, elevated land with at least one steep side (cliff)

  • Any area of lowland between mountains or hills

  • A deep valley with steep sides between cliffsCommon in arid areasIn Spanish, canon means pipe or tubeCanyon



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