contents page step by step editing process

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Step by Step Editing Process

Step by Step Editing Process

Step 1- First Step In Editing Process

My first step was to create the brand identity logo at the top of my contents page. This is to ensure the magazine looks like it is still owned by UNHEARD company. IThe idea of this layout came from the Q magazine contents page, that was used as my style model in my contents page analysis. It has a particularly similar layout to the one I have created here, and also includes a caption under my title, to ensure brand identity. Step 2- Features Page and Issue Number

Step 3- Text

Step 4- Images and Subscription

Step 5- Finished Product

Here is my finished contents page with a variety of typical magazine features. I have included text boxes with information directed to certain pages. This is a very typical feature of a magazine contents page. I have also included a variety of images which may explain the caption of the magazine if it isn't understandable. Lastly I have created a subscription box, which is a general feature of a magazine. Therefore It makes the magazine seem more professional and successful.