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<ul><li><p>International Journal of Fracture </p><p>CONTENTS OF VOLUME 79 (1996) </p><p>R81 </p><p>Vol. 79, No. 1, 1996 </p><p>Meetings calendar </p><p>Assessment of force balance method used to cal- culate stress intensity factors for center cracked finite strips - I. Loaded by two parts of uniformly distributed stress acting on the crack </p><p>LIU JIAN-ZHONG and X.R. WU </p><p>Repeatedly-superimposed large elastic defor- mation V.A. LEVIN </p><p>The breaking crack build-up in perforated planes by uniform ring switching </p><p>V.M. MIRSALIMOV and E.A. ALLAHYAROV </p><p>R2 </p><p>R3-R10 </p><p>R11-R15 </p><p>R17-R21 </p><p>Vol. 79, No. 2, 1996 </p><p>Meetings calendar </p><p>An invariance property of local energy release rate in a strip saturation model of piezoelectric fracture </p><p>HUAJIAN GAO and DAVID M. BARNETT </p><p>On conservation integrals for incremental elastic-plastic materials YAO ZHENG and ZUPEI YUAN </p><p>Equivalence of multi-parameter stress field equa- tions in fracture mechanics </p><p>K. RAMESH, S. GUPTA and A.K. SRIVASTAVA </p><p>R24 </p><p>R25-R29 </p><p>R31-R35 </p><p>R37-R41 </p><p>Vol. 79, No. 3, 1996 </p><p>Meetings calendar </p><p>Numerical evaluation of stress distributions ahead of crack tip for finite-width center-cracked specimens. V. Loaded by two pairs of symmetric concentrated forces on the crack </p><p>C.H. LIU, J.Y. HE, D.L. CHEN, B. WEISS and R. STICKLER </p><p>On the Griffith crack in a nonhomogeneous inter- layer of adjoining two different elastic materials </p><p>WANG XUYUE, WANG DUO and ZOU ZHENZHU </p><p>COD compliance of edge-cracked three-point bend round bars calculated with slice synthesis method QI-ZHI WANG </p><p>R44 </p><p>R45-R50 </p><p>R51-R56 </p><p>R57-R60 </p></li><li><p>R82 International Journal of Fracture </p><p>Vol. 79, No. 4, 1996 </p><p>Meetings calendar </p><p>The effect of self-affine roughness on crack mechanics in elastic solids </p><p>A general method for solving the problem of both open and closed multiple cracks </p><p>Influence of moisture content on fracture tough- ness of wood </p><p>Corrigendum </p><p>Volume contents/Author index </p><p>A.S. BALANKIN, A. BRAVO-ORTEGA, M.A. GALICIA-CORTES and O. SUSAREY </p><p>HAN XUELI and WANG TZUCHIANG </p><p>G. PROKOPSKI </p><p>M. ZHENG and E. NIEMI </p><p>R62 </p><p>R63-R68 </p><p>R69-R72 </p><p>R73-R77 </p><p>R79 </p><p>R81-R82 </p><p>AUTHOR INDEX, VOL. 79 (1996) </p><p>Allahyarov, E.A., R17 Balankin, A.S., R63 Barnett, D.M., R25 Bravo-Ortega, A., R63 Chen, D.L., R45 Galicia-Cortes, M.A., R63 Gao, Huajian, R25 Gupta, S., R37 Han Xueli, R69 He, J.Y., R45 </p><p>Levin, V.A., R11 Liu, C.H., R45 Liu Jian-Zhong, R3 Mirsalimov, V.M., 17 Niemi, E., R79 Prokopski, G., R73 Ramesh, K., R37 Srivastava, A.K., R37 Stickler, R., R45 Susarey, O., R63 </p><p>Wang Duo, R51 Wang, Qi-Zhi, R57 Wang Tzuchiang, R69 Wang Xuyue, R51 Weiss, B., R45 Wu, X.R., R3 Yuan, Zupei, R31 Zheng, M., R79 Zheng, Yao, R31 Zou Zhenzhu, R51 </p></li></ul>