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<ul><li><p>International Journal o f Fracture </p><p>CONTENTS OF VOLUME 76 (1996) </p><p>393 </p><p>Vol. 76, No. 1, 1996 </p><p>Optimization of the adhesive joint Iosipescu specimen for pure shear test </p><p>S. DING, I. ERDINC, F.-G. BUCHHOLZ and M. KUMOSA </p><p>Analytical solution for orthotropic composite plate containing a mode I crack along principle axis C.D. LIU </p><p>Elastic-plastic stress-strain calculation in notched bodies subjected to non-proportional loading </p><p>M.N.K. SINGH, G. GLINKA and N. DUBEY </p><p>Asymptotic and finite element analyses of mode III dynamic crack growth at a ductile- brittle interface </p><p>K. RANJITH and R. NARASIMHAN </p><p>Analytical solution for mode I crack orthogonal to free surface A.Y.T. LEUNG and R.K.L. SU </p><p>1-20 </p><p>21-38 </p><p>39-60 </p><p>61-77 </p><p>79-95 </p><p>VoL 76, No. 2, 1996 </p><p>An energy method for calculating the stress intensities in orthotropic bimaterial fracture </p><p>P.G. CHARALAMBIDES and W. ZHANG </p><p>A stochastic nonlocal damage model I. LAALAI and K. SAB </p><p>T-stress evaluations of mixed mode I/II fracture specimens and T-effects on mixed mode failure of aluminium N. HALLBACK and N. JONSSON </p><p>A numerical mode I weight function for calculating stress intensity factors of three- dimensional cracked bodies </p><p>L. BANKS-SILLS and E. MAKEVET </p><p>97-120 </p><p>121-140 </p><p>141-168 </p><p>169-191 </p></li><li><p>394 International Journal of Fracture </p><p>Vol. 76, No. 3, 1996 </p><p>Application of the weight function method to two-dimensional elastodynamic fracture mechanics </p><p>P.H. WEN, M.H. ALIABADI and D.P. ROOKE </p><p>Collinear periodic cracks in an anisotropic medium </p><p>HU YIANTAI and ZHAO XINGHUA </p><p>Nickel-alumina interfacial fracture toughness: experiments and analysis of residual stress effects </p><p>M.E. THURSTON and ALAN T. ZEHNDER </p><p>Analysis of newly-defined stress intensity factors for angular comers using singular integral equations of the body force method </p><p>N.-A. NODA, K. ODA and T. INOUE </p><p>The interaction between an interface crack and a microcrack under antiplane loading X.D. WANG and S.A. MEGUID </p><p>Interaction between an interface crack and a parallel subinterface crack L.-G. ZHAO and Y.-H. CHEN </p><p>193-206 </p><p>207-220 </p><p>221-241 </p><p>243-261 </p><p>263-277 </p><p>279-291 </p><p>Vol. 76, No. 4, 1996 </p><p>Characterization of isochromatic fringe patterns for a dynamically propagating interface crack R.P. SINGH and A. SHUKLA </p><p>Structural mechanics modeling of the impact of a double cantilever beam J.F. DOYLE and T.N. FARRIS </p><p>Crack-resistance behavior as a consequence of self-similar fracture topologies A. CARPINTERI and B. CHIAIA </p><p>The stress intensity factor for grooved DCB specimens loaded by splitting forces G. STAM </p><p>A semi-infinite-crack model for determining mode I stress intensity factors using crack surface displacements S.W. NG and K.J. LAU </p><p>Interaction of a main crack with ordered distributions of microcracks: a numerical technique by displacement discontinuity boundary elements A. BRENCICH and </p><p>A. CARPINTERI </p><p>Author index </p><p>Volume contents </p><p>293-310 </p><p>311-326 </p><p>327-340 </p><p>341-354 </p><p>355-371 </p><p>373-389 </p><p>391 </p><p>393-394 </p></li></ul>