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<ul><li><p>ELSEVIER Journal of Immunological Methods 198 (1996) 21 l-212 </p><p>Contents of volume 198 (1996) Number 1 - 30 October 1996 </p><p>Research reports </p><p>JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGICAL METHODS </p><p>Quantitation of eosinophil and neutrophil infiltration into rat lung by specific assays for eosinophil peroxidase and myeloperoxidase. Application in a Brown Norway rat model of allergic pulmonary inflammation T. Schneider and A.C. Issekutz (Canadai </p><p>Effect of isolation protocol on eosinophil function: Percoll gradients versus immunomagnetic beads J. B. Sedpvick. Y. Shikama, M. Nagata. K. Brener and W. W. Busse f USAI </p><p>Multi-well ELISA based on independent peptide antigens for antibody capture. Application to Lyme disease serodiagnosis Z. Yu. J.M. Carter, L.H. Sigal and S. Stein (USA) </p><p>Characterization of peptide diffusion into electropermeabilized neutrophils F.R. DeLeo, M.A. J&amp;i/a and M.T. Quinn (USAJ </p><p>Selection of binders from phage displayed antibody libraries using the BIAcore biosensor A.-C. MaImborg, M. Duefias, M. Ohlin. E. SZderlind and C.A.K. Borrebaeck (Sweden) </p><p>Generation of mutant cells with constitutively active fi,-integrin LFA-I H. Hedrnarl and E. Lundgren (Sweden) </p><p>Chicken anti-protein A prevents Staphylococcus aweus protein A from binding to human and rabbit IgG in immunoassays and eliminates most false positive results W.L. Hoflmnn. A.O. RugRles and D. Tabapa (USA) </p><p>Enzyme immunometric assay of thyroliberin (TRH) E. Etienne, C. Cr&amp;ninon, J. Grassi, D. GrouselIe. J. Roland and P. Prude//es (France) </p><p>Comparative analysis of flow cytometric methods for apoptosis quantitation in murine thymocytes and human peripheral lymphocytes from controls and HIV-infected persons. Evidence for interference by granulocytes and erythrocytes H. Lecoeur and M.-L. Gougeon (Francei </p><p>Generation of soluble recombinant human acute phase serum amyloid A2 (A-SAA2) protein and its use in development of a A-SAA specific ELISA C.C. McCormack. A.H. Hohson. S. Doyle, J. Jackson, C. Kile and A.S. Whitehead (Ireland) </p><p>Notes to authors </p><p>Number 2 - 13 November 1996 </p><p>Research reports </p><p>Particle concentration fluorescence as an alternative to radioactivity for cytokine receptor binding assays E. Sarabbi Oftalyi </p><p>Estimation of antigen-responsive T cell frequencies in PBMC from human subjects K. Broman. T. Speed and M. Tigges (USA) </p><p>In vitro investigation of factors influencing IgE synthesis </p><p>S. Haba and A. Nisonoff (USA) Application of immunoprinting for assessment of fibroblast secretory heterogeneity </p><p>A.I. DonRNri~Bagt,-oglou and J. L. Ebersole (USA) </p><p>Characterization of two ELISAs for NGAL. a newly described lipocalin in human neutrophils L. Kjeldsen. C. Koch, K. A&amp;jots and N. Borregaard (Denmark) </p><p>An evaluation of the accuracy of four ELISA methods for measuring natural and recombinant human interferon-y B.D. Paasch, B.R. Reed, R. Keck. B.K. Sandlund. E. Gilkerson and R. Shalaby (USA) </p><p>I5 </p><p>25 </p><p>35 </p><p>51 </p><p>59 </p><p>67 </p><p>79 </p><p>87 </p><p>IO1 </p><p>III </p><p>1 I3 </p><p>I I9 </p><p>133 </p><p>I45 </p><p>I55 </p><p>I65 </p></li><li><p>312 C0ntrnt.s to r~ollmze IYe( f 19Y61 </p><p>Herpes virus saimiri transformation of T cells in CD37 immunodeficiency: phenotypic and functional characterization C. Rod&amp;ye:-Gallego, A. Corell, A. Pcrcheco, M. Tin&amp;, J.R. Regueiro, L.M. Allende, A. Mmlroiio md A. Amnk-Villma (Spain) 177 </p><p>Mapping of epitopes recognized by PM/W autoantibodies with gene-fragment phage display libraries M. Blithner, E.K.F. Bautz and F.A. Bnut: (Gernranyl 187 </p><p>A simple and rapid method for removal of specific cell populations from whole blood R. K. Zwerner, R.J. Schrnittling and T. R. Russell f USA) 199 </p><p>A nitric oxide production bioassay for interferon-y Y.-M. Kim and K. Son (USA) 203 </p><p>Notes to ctuthors 213 </p></li></ul>