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  • ELSEVIER Journal of Immunological Methods 198 (1996) 21 l-212

    Contents of volume 198 (1996) Number 1 - 30 October 1996

    Research reports


    Quantitation of eosinophil and neutrophil infiltration into rat lung by specific assays for eosinophil peroxidase and myeloperoxidase. Application in a Brown Norway rat model of allergic pulmonary inflammation T. Schneider and A.C. Issekutz (Canadai

    Effect of isolation protocol on eosinophil function: Percoll gradients versus immunomagnetic beads J. B. Sedpvick. Y. Shikama, M. Nagata. K. Brener and W. W. Busse f USAI

    Multi-well ELISA based on independent peptide antigens for antibody capture. Application to Lyme disease serodiagnosis Z. Yu. J.M. Carter, L.H. Sigal and S. Stein (USA)

    Characterization of peptide diffusion into electropermeabilized neutrophils F.R. DeLeo, M.A. J&i/a and M.T. Quinn (USAJ

    Selection of binders from phage displayed antibody libraries using the BIAcore biosensor A.-C. MaImborg, M. Duefias, M. Ohlin. E. SZderlind and C.A.K. Borrebaeck (Sweden)

    Generation of mutant cells with constitutively active fi,-integrin LFA-I H. Hedrnarl and E. Lundgren (Sweden)

    Chicken anti-protein A prevents Staphylococcus aweus protein A from binding to human and rabbit IgG in immunoassays and eliminates most false positive results W.L. Hoflmnn. A.O. RugRles and D. Tabapa (USA)

    Enzyme immunometric assay of thyroliberin (TRH) E. Etienne, C. Cr&ninon, J. Grassi, D. GrouselIe. J. Roland and P. Prude//es (France)

    Comparative analysis of flow cytometric methods for apoptosis quantitation in murine thymocytes and human peripheral lymphocytes from controls and HIV-infected persons. Evidence for interference by granulocytes and erythrocytes H. Lecoeur and M.-L. Gougeon (Francei

    Generation of soluble recombinant human acute phase serum amyloid A2 (A-SAA2) protein and its use in development of a A-SAA specific ELISA C.C. McCormack. A.H. Hohson. S. Doyle, J. Jackson, C. Kile and A.S. Whitehead (Ireland)

    Notes to authors

    Number 2 - 13 November 1996

    Research reports

    Particle concentration fluorescence as an alternative to radioactivity for cytokine receptor binding assays E. Sarabbi Oftalyi

    Estimation of antigen-responsive T cell frequencies in PBMC from human subjects K. Broman. T. Speed and M. Tigges (USA)

    In vitro investigation of factors influencing IgE synthesis

    S. Haba and A. Nisonoff (USA) Application of immunoprinting for assessment of fibroblast secretory heterogeneity

    A.I. DonRNri~Bagt,-oglou and J. L. Ebersole (USA)

    Characterization of two ELISAs for NGAL. a newly described lipocalin in human neutrophils L. Kjeldsen. C. Koch, K. A&jots and N. Borregaard (Denmark)

    An evaluation of the accuracy of four ELISA methods for measuring natural and recombinant human interferon-y B.D. Paasch, B.R. Reed, R. Keck. B.K. Sandlund. E. Gilkerson and R. Shalaby (USA)











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  • 312 C0ntrnt.s to r~ollmze IYe( f 19Y61

    Herpes virus saimiri transformation of T cells in CD37 immunodeficiency: phenotypic and functional characterization C. Rod&ye:-Gallego, A. Corell, A. Pcrcheco, M. Tin&, J.R. Regueiro, L.M. Allende, A. Mmlroiio md A. Amnk-Villma (Spain) 177

    Mapping of epitopes recognized by PM/W autoantibodies with gene-fragment phage display libraries M. Blithner, E.K.F. Bautz and F.A. Bnut: (Gernranyl 187

    A simple and rapid method for removal of specific cell populations from whole blood R. K. Zwerner, R.J. Schrnittling and T. R. Russell f USA) 199

    A nitric oxide production bioassay for interferon-y Y.-M. Kim and K. Son (USA) 203

    Notes to ctuthors 213