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  • ELSEVIER Journal of Immunological Methods 192 (1996) 199-200

    Contents of volume 192 (1996)

    Number 1 - 10 June 1996

    Reseurch reports


    Quantification of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) by dissociation-enhanced lanthanide fluorescence immunoassay. Comparison of im-

    munoreactivity of LPL mass and enzyme activity of LPL I. Wither, W. Sattler. A. Ihocnik. G.M. Kostner, R. Zechner and E. Malle (Austria)

    Construction of recombinant extended single-chain antibody peptide conjugates for use in the diagnosis of HIV-l and HIV-2 G. Coia. P.J. Hudson und G.G. Liiley (Australia)

    Preparation and characterization of poly-(D.L-lactide-co-glycolide) and poly-(L-lactic acid) microspheres with entrapped pneu

    motropic bacterial antigens N. Kofe,; C. Rued/, J. Klima. H. Recheis. G. Biick. G. Wick and H. Wolf (Austria)

    CTL lysis: there is a hyperbolic relation of killing rate to exocytosable granzyme A for highly cytotoxic murine cytotoxic T

    lymphocytes M. Poe. J. K. Wu. A. Talent0 and G.C. Koo (USA)

    Combined Hoechst 33342 and merocyanine 540 staining to examine murine B cell cycle stage. viability and apoptosis S. Reid, R. Cross and E.C. Snow (USA)

    Biodistribution of clodronate and liposomes used in the liposome mediated macrophage suicide approach A.M.J. Baiting, F. Zhou. J.A.J. Bakker, N. Van Rooijen and L. Huang (Netherlands, USA)

    Enhancing immunoelectrochemiluminescence (IECL) for sensitive bacterial detection H. Yu f USA)

    An alternative ELISA for T4 determination based on idiotype anti-idiotype interaction and a latex method for anti-idiotype monoclonal antibody selection M.I. Becker. J.E. Aguayo. A. Jutnett. F. Juica, A. Yudelevich. A. Foradori and A.E. De Ioannes (Chile)

    Novel monoclonal antibody, SO-MU], against human gastric MUCSAC apomucin

    M.-u. Sotozono. Y. Okada. T. Sasagawa, T. Nakatou. A. Yoshida. T Yokoi. M. Kuhota and T. Tsuji (Japan)

    Nitric oxide inducing factor as a measure of antigen and mitogen-specific T cell responses in chickens K. Karaca. I.-J. Kim, S.K. Reddy and J.M. Sharma (USA)

    In vivo CTL immunity can be elicited by in vitro reconstituted MHC/peptide complex 1. Sakita. H. Hiirig, R. Sun, F. Wang and S.G. Nathenson (USA)

    Use of [35S]methionine-labelled rat lymphoblasts in micro-cytotoxic and limiting dilution assays

    C. Andoins. D. De Fornel. P. Fontet und P. Duturtre (France) A strategy for the synthesis and screening of thiol-modified peptide variants recognized by T cells

    T.C. Manning. B.A. Schodin and D.M. Kran: f USA) A rapid and sensitive enzyme linked immunofilter assay (ELIFA) for whole bacterial cells

    S. M. Paffard. R.J. Miles, C.R. Clark and R.G. Price (UK. USA) Generation of novel killer hybridomas derived from proliferation-suppressed somatic cell hybrids between YACUT T cell lymphoma

    and normal lymphocytes activated in secondary mixed lymphocyte cultures K. Kubota. K. Nakazato. H. Tamuuchi, T. Sasahara and H. Kutoh (Japan)

    Determination of T cell epitopes with random peptide libraries B.R. Grrndlalh, K.-H. Wirsmiiller. T. Junt. S. Kienle. G. Jung and P. Walden (Germany)

    A simple immunomagnetic bead-based technique for the detection of surface molecules capable of inducing T cell functional polarisation C. P. Rubbi and D. Richood (UK)

    A fluorogenic assay of endogenous phosphatase for assessment of cell adhesion E. Tolora and S. Shun (IJSA)



















  • 200

    A simple chemiluminescence assay for the determination of reactive oxygen species produced by human neutrophila L. Liu, C. Dahlgren. H. E/wing and H. Lundql,ist (Sweden1 173

    A light-scattering assay for lymphocyte shape and its application to T and B lymphocyte responses to cultured high-walled endothelial cells

    H. Harris. C. Jollrv and N.G. Millrr (l/K) 179

    Technical note

    Enhanced sensitivity of a two-site acridinium ester based immunochemiluminometric assay for rat growth hormone-releasing hormone using simple modifications in assay procedure J. W. Leidr Jr. (USA) 187

    Lrttrrs to the editors

    Assessment of variation in trypsin-sensitive neutralizable antigenic site of type 0 foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) isolates using a Mab-binding inhibition assay

    B. Pattnnik, S.J. Jadhao. R. Venkutaramanan and A.K. Mukhopadhyay (India)

    Alteration of the trypsin-sensitive antigenic site of foot-and-mouth disease virus following direct binding to an ELISA plate

    B. Patmaik, R. Venkataramanan and A.K. Mukhopadhyaya (India)



    Conterzts of Volume 192 C 1996) 199

    Notes to the authors 201