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  • Journal of Immunological Methods 191 (1996) 199-200

    Contents of volume 191 (1996) Number I - 10 May 1996

    Research reports

    knmunogenicity of new heterobifunctional cross-linking reagents used in the conjugation of synthetic peptides to liposomes C. Borckler, 3. Frisch. S. Muller und F. Schuher (Frunce)

    Fractionation of perform and granzymes by immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) U. Winkfer, T.M. Pickett and D. Hudig (USA)

    Direct assessment of junctional diversity in rearranged T cell receptor /3 chain encoding genes by combined hetcroduplex and single strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) analysis M.T.C. Ofermuns. L. Struyk, B. De Gas, F.C. Breedveld, PJ. Vun den El.sen und J. R&q (Nethcrlunds)

    Use of peptide immunization for porcine insulin of a very high homology with a host protein S. Kotoh, M. Terushimu, K. Tomioku und N. Hikidu (Jupun)

    A method for titration of inhibiting antibodies to bacterial immunoglobulin A I proteases in human sentm and secretions J. Reinholdt (Denmurk)

    A convenient method for epitope com~tition analysis of two mon~lonal antibodies for their antigen binding J.-W. Kwak und C.-S. Yoon (South Koreuf

    Microtiter plate immunoassay for the evaluation of platelet adhesion to fibronectin M. Chihu. S.W. Mulik und U. Specks (USA)

    Clarification of immunoblots on polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) membranes for transmission densitometry J.F. T&&m und P.J. Knight (UK)

    The use of reverse t~sc~ption polymerase chain reaction to analyse iarge numbers of mRNA species from a single cell K.-M. ToelIner, D. Schee~-T~eliner. U. Seitzer. R. Sprenger, L. Triimper. C. Schliiter, H.-D, Ffud and J. Gerda (Grrmunyl

    Evaluation of six anti-gliadin antibody assays R. Berger und G. Schmidt (Switzerlund)

    Letters to the editors

    fween 20 selectively enhances naturally occurring anticardiolipin antibody binding in ELBA procedures H.M. Ckzg ~Muiuy.~iu~

    Reply to the letter of H.M. Cheng A.R. Cuhruf, J.C. Contrerus ond D. Aiurcdn-Sqoviu (Mexico)

    goftware notice

    Two-graph receiver operating characteristic (TGROC1: update version supports optimisation of cut-off values that minimise overall misclassi~cation costs M. Greiner (GermunyJ

    Notes to authors

    Number 2 - 27 May 1996

    Review article















    Assays for measuring soluble cellular adhesion molecules and soluble cytokine receptors A. Mrqer, C. Bird ond A. Mire-Sluis fUKl

  • Conrertt.v to uolumr 191 f 1996)


    Research reports

    Antibody production in rabbits and chickens immunized with human IgGA comparison of titre and avidity development in rabbit

    serum, chicken serum and egg y ok using three different adjuvants

    L. Surndsrn Bollen. A. Crowley. G. Stddsh und .I. Ha ((IKJ

    Development of a flow cytometric assay to quantify lymphocyte adhesion to cytokine-stimulated human endothelial and biliary

    epithelial cells

    L.V.P. Korliporu. M.P. Leon. D.A. Ri.r. MS. Douglu.~, P. Gibbs. M.F. Bussendinr und J.A. Kirby (UK)

    Detection and quantification of blood-derived CD8 T lymphocytes secreting tumor necrosis factor a in response to HLA-A2. I-hi-

    nding melanoma and viral peptide antigens

    W. Herr. .I. Schneider. A.W. Lohsc. K.-H. Meyer :um Biid~enftltfe und T. Wiilfrl (Germun~l

    Introduction of the cell survival gene hcl-.r, improves the viability of CTLL-2 cells without affecting their IL-2 proliferative

    response. Implications for the development of bioassays

    L.H. Boiw. C.L. McShun und C.B. Thompon (USA)

    A putative enzyme from various secretions specitically inhibits antibody-antigen interactions

    R. Porthkr. M. Milder. I. Z&Y. W. Bruchc. K. Frlgenhctwr und N. Kolhus (Germmy!

    Water-soluble conductive polymer homogeneous immunoassay (SOPHIA). A novel immunoassay capable of automation

    P. En,~lrhiennr und M. Wrilund (Belg,Gun)

    An improved cell-ELISA for the differential screening of antibodies against cell surface molecules of viable adherent Schwann cells

    K. Wraet:rr. C. Heiniger urul B. Seiihrimrr (S~vit:erluml~

    Antibodies to p24 antigen do not specifically detect HIV-infected lymphocytes in AIDS patients

    A. Ku, S. Bertrum. F.T. Hufert. H. Schmit: und D. Von Leer fGrrmuny)

    Limitations on the use of dihydrorhodamine I23 for flow cytometric analysis of the neutrophil respiratory burst

    L J. Vun Pelt. R. Van Z~vietm. R.S. Wcenm~. D. Roes. A.J. Vrrhoeuen und B.G J.M. Bdschrr ~Nethrrlutrd.~)


    Contents of Volume I91 ( 1996)

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