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<ul><li><p>Journal of Immunological Methods 191 (1996) 199-200 </p><p>Contents of volume 191 (1996) Number I - 10 May 1996 </p><p>Research reports </p><p>knmunogenicity of new heterobifunctional cross-linking reagents used in the conjugation of synthetic peptides to liposomes C. Borckler, 3. Frisch. S. Muller und F. Schuher (Frunce) </p><p>Fractionation of perform and granzymes by immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) U. Winkfer, T.M. Pickett and D. Hudig (USA) </p><p>Direct assessment of junctional diversity in rearranged T cell receptor /3 chain encoding genes by combined hetcroduplex and single strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) analysis M.T.C. Ofermuns. L. Struyk, B. De Gas, F.C. Breedveld, PJ. Vun den El.sen und J. R&amp;q (Nethcrlunds) </p><p>Use of peptide immunization for porcine insulin of a very high homology with a host protein S. Kotoh, M. Terushimu, K. Tomioku und N. Hikidu (Jupun) </p><p>A method for titration of inhibiting antibodies to bacterial immunoglobulin A I proteases in human sentm and secretions J. Reinholdt (Denmurk) </p><p>A convenient method for epitope com~tition analysis of two mon~lonal antibodies for their antigen binding J.-W. Kwak und C.-S. Yoon (South Koreuf </p><p>Microtiter plate immunoassay for the evaluation of platelet adhesion to fibronectin M. Chihu. S.W. Mulik und U. Specks (USA) </p><p>Clarification of immunoblots on polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) membranes for transmission densitometry J.F. T&amp;&amp;m und P.J. Knight (UK) </p><p>The use of reverse t~sc~ption polymerase chain reaction to analyse iarge numbers of mRNA species from a single cell K.-M. ToelIner, D. Schee~-T~eliner. U. Seitzer. R. Sprenger, L. Triimper. C. Schliiter, H.-D, Ffud and J. Gerda (Grrmunyl </p><p>Evaluation of six anti-gliadin antibody assays R. Berger und G. Schmidt (Switzerlund) </p><p>Letters to the editors </p><p>fween 20 selectively enhances naturally occurring anticardiolipin antibody binding in ELBA procedures H.M. Ckzg ~Muiuy.~iu~ </p><p>Reply to the letter of H.M. Cheng A.R. Cuhruf, J.C. Contrerus ond D. Aiurcdn-Sqoviu (Mexico) </p><p>goftware notice </p><p>Two-graph receiver operating characteristic (TGROC1: update version supports optimisation of cut-off values that minimise overall misclassi~cation costs M. Greiner (GermunyJ </p><p>Notes to authors </p><p>Number 2 - 27 May 1996 </p><p>Review article </p><p>1 </p><p>II </p><p>21 </p><p>33 </p><p>39 </p><p>49 </p><p>55 </p><p>65 </p><p>71 </p><p>77 </p><p>87 </p><p>89 </p><p>93 </p><p>95 </p><p>Assays for measuring soluble cellular adhesion molecules and soluble cytokine receptors A. Mrqer, C. Bird ond A. Mire-Sluis fUKl </p></li><li><p>Conrertt.v to uolumr 191 f 1996) </p><p>97 </p><p>Research reports </p><p>Antibody production in rabbits and chickens immunized with human IgGA comparison of titre and avidity development in rabbit </p><p>serum, chicken serum and egg y ok using three different adjuvants </p><p>L. Surndsrn Bollen. A. Crowley. G. Stddsh und .I. Ha ((IKJ </p><p>Development of a flow cytometric assay to quantify lymphocyte adhesion to cytokine-stimulated human endothelial and biliary </p><p>epithelial cells </p><p>L.V.P. Korliporu. M.P. Leon. D.A. Ri.r. MS. Douglu.~, P. Gibbs. M.F. Bussendinr und J.A. Kirby (UK) </p><p>Detection and quantification of blood-derived CD8 T lymphocytes secreting tumor necrosis factor a in response to HLA-A2. I-hi- </p><p>nding melanoma and viral peptide antigens </p><p>W. Herr. .I. Schneider. A.W. Lohsc. K.-H. Meyer :um Biid~enftltfe und T. Wiilfrl (Germun~l </p><p>Introduction of the cell survival gene hcl-.r, improves the viability of CTLL-2 cells without affecting their IL-2 proliferative </p><p>response. Implications for the development of bioassays </p><p>L.H. Boiw. C.L. McShun und C.B. Thompon (USA) </p><p>A putative enzyme from various secretions specitically inhibits antibody-antigen interactions </p><p>R. Porthkr. M. Milder. I. Z&amp;Y. W. Bruchc. K. Frlgenhctwr und N. Kolhus (Germmy! </p><p>Water-soluble conductive polymer homogeneous immunoassay (SOPHIA). A novel immunoassay capable of automation </p><p>P. En,~lrhiennr und M. Wrilund (Belg,Gun) </p><p>An improved cell-ELISA for the differential screening of antibodies against cell surface molecules of viable adherent Schwann cells </p><p>K. Wraet:rr. C. Heiniger urul B. Seiihrimrr (S~vit:erluml~ </p><p>Antibodies to p24 antigen do not specifically detect HIV-infected lymphocytes in AIDS patients </p><p>A. Ku, S. Bertrum. F.T. Hufert. H. Schmit: und D. Von Leer fGrrmuny) </p><p>Limitations on the use of dihydrorhodamine I23 for flow cytometric analysis of the neutrophil respiratory burst </p><p>L J. Vun Pelt. R. Van Z~vietm. R.S. Wcenm~. D. Roes. A.J. Vrrhoeuen und B.G J.M. Bdschrr ~Nethrrlutrd.~) </p><p>Erratum </p><p>Contents of Volume I91 ( 1996) </p><p>I I3 </p><p>I21 </p><p>I.31 </p><p>I43 </p><p>I49 </p><p>I59 </p><p>I71 </p><p>179 </p><p>I87 </p><p>197 </p><p>199 </p><p>Notes to authors 201 </p></li></ul>