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1. Content Mastery: An Overview Ben Howard Tracy Trinkle Anna Tuttle 2. Content Mastery- History

  • Developed out of University of Houston
  • A system to assist classroom teachers regarding appropriate instructional content and strategies for students with learning disabilities (Riegel & Mathey, 1981)

3. Content Mastery- Purpose

  • To act as LD supplement to Regular Education Curriculum.
  • Nota full-time program.
  • Set students on a path to success in mainstream classrooms.

4. Content Mastery- Process

  • Students attend CM workshops as needed.
  • During this time, they receive instruction from CM teachers and aides.
  • After instruction is completed, students return to classroom.

5. Content Mastery-Process

  • Tools used to aid students:
  • Taped Textbooks
  • Highlighted Materials
  • Assignments and tests read aloud
  • Speech recognition software
  • Study groups (Patty, 2008)

6. Content Mastery- Teacher Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with other involved school personnel.
  • Providing consultative assistance to general education teacher.
  • Provide appropriate environment guidance and learning climate.
  • Keep accurate and complete sign-in records.
  • Complete all requested forms and records including walk-in data, failure data, grade checks, etc.

7. Content Mastery- Teacher Responsibilities cont.

  • Establish and maintain student and teacher files, content mastery files, sign-in sheets, lesson plans worksheets, and teacher notes.
  • Implement specific I.E.P. objectives at the students level of competency.
  • Evaluate students progress in terms of stated objectives.
  • Participate in admission, review, and dismissal committee meetings (Patty, 2008).


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