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  • Pearls and Lagniappe

    Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry

    Robert L. Delarosa, DDS

    La. Dental Hygienists’ Association

    April 12, 2013

    Lafayette, La.

  • Topics:

     Practice Management Concepts on systems analysis, recall programs, marketing strategies, AIPD business, associates/partnerships, common aspects of successful practices, etc.

     Clinical Pearls with emphasis on materials, procedures and other “gems” accumulated over 25 years of practice.

     Political and economic trends in dentistry— what is our future??

  • Ned Savide, Past President AAPD

    “The passion, compassion,

    empathy and purpose for

    treating children frames the

    rest of our activities both

    personally and


  • AIPD Vision: Culture Day

     Associates in Pediatric Dentistry will become a

    world-class oral health care provider, committed to

    excellence through passionate, accurate, and

    consistent solution focused health care. We will

    achieve our vision by building and sustaining high

    quality relationships with those we serve: our

    team, our patients, their families and our

    community. We will provide patient experiences

    that are fun and educational, and implement only

    the finest scientifically proven technologies


  • Robert L. Delarosa, DDS

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to truly care about our

    patients. We work enthusiastically as a

    team to provide the highest quality dental

    care. Our practice is dedicated to the

    prevention of dental disease because we

    understand that prevention is the key to the

    well being of our patients. It is our

    responsibility to our patients and our

    community as a whole to deliver our

    message of dental health.

  • Ann Page Griffin-mentor,

    colleague, friend

    Practice Management


    CEO- Practicon

    Dental Health Educator

    12 Common Aspects of the Most Successful Practices


  • Information Transfer

     Surveys

     Evaluations

     Questionnaires

     Goals

    Weekly Focus Reports

     Dental Health Educator

     Overdue Recall Program

  • InformationTransfer:Surveys

    Source of “focused” information from families, team and other stakeholders

    Beginning and end points

    Determined outcomes

    Keep your promise

    Be careful what you ask for

  • Information Transfer:

    Practice Survey

    Name 5 things about our practice that set us apart from anyone else: 1. Our attitude toward our patients is triple

    TLC. We go overboard to make the child comfortable and happy. Our practice revolves around the patients and their feelings.

    2. Our communication with the parents is excellent. We allow parents to be with the children at all times. We allow parents in the back. We are honest and upfront, we don’t try to hide anything.

    3. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are not satisfied with what we have done in the past, we are always looking forward.

  • Information Transfer:

    Practice Survey

    4. A unique office with state of the art

    equipment. Pleasant physical

    surrounding with lots of windows and

    open bays.

    5. Our practice is always clean,

    organized and well-run. We are

    updated on all the new and latest

    technology available. Always being the

    first to try new products.

  • Information Transfer: Boss Survey

    Billy Arcement

    President, The Results Group

    “Searching for Success”

    Retreat leader, speaker

  • Are You the Perfect Boss?

    1. Keep the lines of communication open

    2. Practice integrity in all you do

    3. Be a straight shooter

    4. Be an encourager of creative thinking

    5. Be a positive thinker

  • Are You the Perfect Boss?

    6. Choose good people

    7. Teach your employees to understand the bottom line

    8. Provide positive strokes for positive folks

    9. Demonstrate empathy for everyone

    10. Coach

  • Are You the Perfect Boss?

    Your action steps:

    1. Ask staff members to rate you on scale of 1 to 10

    for each point (anonymously)

    2. Use school grading system to rate your

    performance; A=100-94, B=93-88, etc

    3. Resolve to take every issue that surfaces and seek

    improvement when necessary

  • Information Transfer:


    Evaluations always have some style of

    individual input

    Provide a point of reference for past,

    present and future behavior

    Reminder of who you want to be

  • Evaluation Questions:

    Six questions that have to be completed at

    each evaluation, and at selected individual

    times for non-performers.

    These are purposely bi-directed to elicit the

    most valuable information that will lead to

    success for the team member and the team.

    These are also used to generate new goals

    and directives for the coming year.

  • Evaluation Questions 1. Have you attained your own professional/personal goals


    2. What are the biggest challenges we face in becoming

    “world class”?

    3. What changes do you/we need to make to attain our vision?

    4. What are your world-class contributions to our practice?

    5. What is your niche skill that when maximized we can’t be

    world-class without?

    6. What have been your less than world class contributions-

    events, situations, staff relations- or any other area that is

    getting in your way and not allowing you to reach your

    world-class potential?

  • Information Transfer:

    Annual Goals

     Reference point from previous year’s

    achievements in 1, 3, and 5 year goals

     Measure of progress

     Forward thinking exercise

     Analysis and adaptation

     “where are we now?”

  • Information Transfer:

    Weekly Focus Report

     Clinical positive performances

     Clinic needs improvement ( this could consist of

    anything from a situation with an employee,

    parent/patient or equipment )

     Administrative positive performances

     Administration needs improvement ( this could

    consist of anything from a situation with an

    employee, parent/patient or equipment )

  • Weekly Focus Report

     Week in review ( Positive and negative issues regarding any procedural, staff or other issues with positive solutions )

     Positive performances of excellence ( Top 3 list per office which means you identify the top 3 people/performances that represent excellence )

     Lack of Excellence ( Top 3 list that represent the lack of excellence. In this section, included should be a clear list of what you plan to do relative to specific coaching interventions with deadlines. Each manager is responsible for following up with Docs at the established deadline. )

  • Dental Health Educator

     “Community Voice” of the practice

    Organizer for school programs, health fairs, and other public functions

    Hygienist, PR Student, Marketing Coordinator

     Year round activities with staff and doctor involvement

     Invest, commit, give back

  • 12 Common Aspects of the

    Most Successful Practices

    6. Recall system at least 80% effective

    an effective recall system is

    essential and vital in a busy

    practice, and can be responsible for

    as much as 80% of daily production

    recall patients generate all other

    services to the practice- restorative,

    orthodontic and preventive

  • Overdue Recall Program

    keeping the recall system current prevents

    patients from falling through the cracks and

    allows the inactivation of patients who have

    transferred, moved or have elected to not

    be in our practice

    the overdue recall program must be kept

    active and reviewed monthly for effective

    recapture of patients

  • Overdue Recall Program

    The goal of the overdue recall program is to successfully schedule and hold appointments for active patients at regular six month intervals who are overdue for recall appointments.

    This allows both doctors and staff members to work efficiently as a team to increase production and provide routine oral hygiene instructions, up-to- date dental education, and optimal preventive oral health for our patients.

  • Overdue Recal