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  • 1. Contemporary influenced in fashion Sawako Tanaka

2. Madame de Pompa (1721- 1764) 3. Shoes made by leather and silk Sleeve Ruffles 4. Bottine in style of Madame de Pompadour, blue silk satin, ribbon, lace and sequins Pompadour hairstyle 5. Marie Antoinette(1775 1793) 6. These shoes were worn on Bastille Day. Beaded mules 7. Diamond Earrings This dress is most complete garment from her wardrobe extant. 8. Napoleon Bonaparte(1769 1821) 9. Josephine de Beauharnais(1763 1814) 10. A white silk court dress 11. Chemise Cap 12. Empress Josephine Tiara White satin slippers 13. Contemporary influence Madame de Pompadour in Meadham Kirchhoff 14. Madame de Pompadour in Meadham Kirchhoff 15. Marie Antoinette with Mark Jacobs 16. Marie Antoinette in the movie 17. Napoleon in John Lawrence Sullivan 18. Napoleon and Josephine mix in Tibi 19. Reference depth/the-real-madame-de-pompadour/*/viewPage/1 bata-shoe.html allery_specimen.cfm?SpecimenID=4028&categoryID=1&categoryName=G ems&browseType=name shoes.html 20. josephine/malmaison-josephines-garden he_History_Rueil-Malmaison.asp location-on-the-map-video-about-the-museum.html spring-2013-madame-de.html


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