constructing our digipak

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Constructing our Digipak and booklet!

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  • 1. Constructing our Digipak andbooklet!

2. This is the net we used asour template for our digipak.This digipak would be simpleand cheap to makeminimising manufacturingcosts and thus maximisingprofits.It is also easy to open andclose and easy to use.Nothing to distract thecostumer from the productwith over the top packaging.Its blunt and straight to thepoint so what you pay for isin effect what you get.As a hugely successful globalartist Lady Gaga wouldrelease the new material insingle album format tomaximise profits. 3. We started our digipak cover by going through all Picture 1 (close up shot of her face) I liked because itthe photos I had taken and put into the imagefelt personal as the camera is very close to her facebank. We then chose our two favourite pictures making the audience connect with her both on anafter a lot of consideration. We wanted artistic and appreciative level as well as personalsomething that would fit in with our albumlevel. It makes us feel like we know Gaga. It alsoposter as well as represent the artist well and gives her a vulnerable and more human with less ofincrease the selling of her album. We like thesea high profile celebrity status and none of her usualtwo pictures as they showed a vulnerable andglamorous and possibly intimidating costumes ormore human side to Lady Gaga which perhapsmakeup. This enables the audience to connect withisnt shown in some of her more aggressiveher and relate with her as we feel like she is one ofalbum artwork or magazine posters and This picture reminds me of the R.E.M songWe felt that the title to the album Born ThisEverybody Hurts as it reminds us that even Gaga,Way would go nicely with a natural shot of justintimidating and confident as she is, is only humanLady Gaga without props or distracting costumes and sometimes cant meet the pressure her jobbut herself in her natural how-she-was-born demands and that she too hurts sometimes as an audience sympathize with her and like hermore.Picture 2 (medium shot of Gaga) I adore beacause her face is looking to the side so she would be looking at any potential writing placed in the black space. I also love the colours and the lighting in this shot as it is very dramatic with bright skins and eyes agaisnt her dark, sharp bob and black background. 4. We placed our picture over a black background as this would be the background colour ofour digipak however you could see the colour difference between the black from ourpicture which was lighter and more grainy than the black background. I uploaded thepicture onto photoshop and used the eraser tool to remove the pictures originalbackground so when I placed it back on the black background of my digipak net you couldno longer see that the black background and the picture of Lady Gaga were twoseparate images placed on top of each other.We used the cropper tool to crop out Gagas shoulder so her black leotard fadesinto the background so there is nothing distracting the audience from her face. Ialso enlarged the image of her head to fit the contents of the frame better.We increased the contrast of the image to make Gagas face brighterand hence stand out more and making her more noticable. Sellingthe artist as being the main focus of her album. The now brighterimage is also now in bolder colours of white, yellow and black. Her hairis also shinier. This effect makes the album artwork fit better for a popalbum as it is bright and playful thus following conventions of popalbum covers. 5. We experimented with many fonts on powerpoint andthese were our favourites. We decided instantly thatwhite would be the most effective colour to use for thewriting as I had used it already for the poster as it standsout the most against the black. This makes the writingclear, bold and straight-to-the-point, standing outbeyond other albums. We wanted Lady Gaga to bewritten as big as possible in capital letters and bold sothat her name would stand out from the album aspeople buy her album with an expectation of the artist.If Lady Gaga stands out even people who dont know thealbum yet but like the artist would buy the album.It also increases the artists profile as her status as a celebrity increases with her album sales byhaving her name dominating her album it would increase her fame.We like Born This Way with lines across it as it looks like a music score for notation for classicalmusic which emhasizes that this is album is a classic; a must have item. It also emphasizes onthe fact that Lady Gaga herself is a piano player of classical music and in her song Marry TheNight featuring on this album it includes classical music by Beethoven in the introduction. 6. We used the internet to find which songs are on this albumand copied and pasted her most popular tracks onto thetracklist. We again used white as it is the most effectivecolour to use for the writing as I had used it already for theposter and front cover to the digipak. Also, it stands out themost against the black making the writting clear, bold andstraight-to-the point, standing out beyond other albums.We put the font in italic so that it looks like its been handwritten making the album more personal to the audienceas if Lady Gaga wrote out the track list herself creating adeeper connection with her audience.We used spacing and the size of the tracks in order to contour the words around her facemaking the album more creative and artistic which Lady Gaga is often associated with.This is our digipak spine. We only used GAGA instead of her fullstage name being Lady Gaga as we felt she she is known so wellthat even just Gaga would be clear to her audience as her. Wealso feel its straight to the point and by using less letters itenabled us to increase the font size. Like the front cover we didher name in capital letter to ensure it stands out from otheralbums with Born this way written in italics, again to make itmore personal and we felt that it looked more elegant like this. 7. After experimenting we tried the digipak covers flipped over so the image that waspreviously the back cover is now the front cover and vice-versa. We felt that thisfront cover is more effective as you can see more of her face and its a clearer lessedited image. We kept the tracklist in the same shape as we like how it looks likesarrows pointing to the institutional information which I copied and pasted in fromher real born this way album. We also kept the fonts the same but with Lady Gagawritten below her image instead of above so to not cover her head. 8. We decided this image would be good for where the CD is placed as it is thesame as the back cover but with her eyes open instead of closed so it createsa synergistic link with the other picture and doesnt look out of place orrandom.We used photoshop to enhance and change the colours of the picture. Weincreased the contrast and brightness of the image and decreased thesaturation to change the colour to a cold black and white.We then placed the image onto powerpoint and cropped the image to fit thenet frame and used the tool shape to make white circles for the template ofwhere the CD would be placed. 9. This is the net for ourdigipak booklet inpage-printing order.We used this to putmy images over.This is the final layoutof our net for ourdigipak booklet withthe images insertedin their places. Somepictures are upsidedown because that ishow they would besent to the printer sothat it prints on theback of the pageabove it.