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<ul><li> 1. Constellation myths S S PATeachers notesER CERE X P LOIntroductionThis resource is designed to follow-up the theme of constellations. Havepupils look out the star chart they plotted at the museum to refresh theirmemories.You should begin by introducing the pupils to the idea of myths and morals.Explain that myths were written about the constellations to explain theexistence of stars in the sky. the pictures they could make from the stars. that often includes gods and heroes who have the power to make extraordinary things happen. in the sky and what causes a storm.</li></ul> <p> 2. Constellation mythsMain activityshould follow the structure set out below but encourage them to use theirimaginations as much as possible! the sky to become a constellation!Follow up 3. Constellation mythsLeo (The Nemean Lion): An Ancient Greek mythThe Nemean Lionhe could not be killed by weapons. He terrorised the people of the city ofHerculesto kill the Nemean lion.wrestled it to death with his bare hands. He then removed one of theimpenetrable lion skin as protection against weapons. Leo Major and Leo Minor 4. Constellation mythsUrsa Major (The Great Bear): An Ancient Greek mythCallisto was a beautiful maiden who tied her hair with a white ribbon andgoddess of the hunt.her into a great grizzly bear.Great Bear and Lesser Bear.Ursa Major 5. Constellation mythsOrion (The Hunter): An Ancient Greek mythOrionhe had killed. Nine months later a baby boy was born in that spot.death.the constellation ScorpioOrionScorpio 6. Constellation mythsCassiopeia (The Queen): An Ancient Greek mythCepheus and Cassiopeia were the King and Queen of Ethiopia. Cassiopeia Andromeda. Cassiopea claimedsea-nymphs.Cetus to destroy Perseus was travelling along the coast and on seeingreward.Cassiopea upside down in her to humiliate her for being so pretentious.Cepheus CassiopeiaAndromedaCetusPerseus 7. Constellation mythsCygnus (The Swan): An Ancient Greek mythCygnusdrive the chariot of the sun god.Cygnus kept diving into the river to search for his friend but was unable toCygnus was overcome with grief and out ofthe sky.Cygnus 8. Constellation mythsUrsa Major (The Great Bear): A Native American mythgirl fell in love with a bear. Her father was angry about this and killed themother.The bear-woman vowed to kill her siblings and chased after them. To helpher way through them.children formed the Great Bear constellation.Ursa Major 9. Constellation mythsOrion: A Native American mythCassiopeia: A Native American myththe hunter threw it up into the sky. The light shines through the holes creating theconstellation Cassiopeia.Cygnus: A Native American myth</p>