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Ponencia en Colombia 3.0


  • 1. Starting an IT Global Company From Latin America Constanza Nieto Founder and CEO Globaltech Bridge
  • 2. About Globaltech Bridge Based in Silicon Valley, California More than 7 years in business Helping 100+ Latin American companies Build strategies to expand Get clients and partners in the US Get funding Helping US companies Get partners in Latin America Get Investment opportunities
  • 3. The Silicon Valley 3
  • 4. Starting an It Global CompanyThe Process1. Make innovative products2. Monitor the Global market3. Identify your competitive advantages4. Choose a market5. Build a go to market strategy6. Validate the opportunity7. Get a team8. Get your first customers9. Plan to scale10. Get the funding
  • 5. 1 Ideal Product or Service Must solve a big problem To a big market With sustainable competitive advantages ( Innovative )Big problem: Must have / nice to haveBig market: Billions of dollarsInnovation: Product / business model / segments/ distribution, etc
  • 6. 1.1 Finding Innovation Some Sources of innovation Solutions already made Identify new problems Talk to Your customers Talk to other industries: health care / retail / agriculture Talk to smaller / larger clients Make multidisciplinary teams open innovation..
  • 7. 1. 2 Look for Solutions All over the world !! Are they solving the problem? Partially ? How much penetration? Other segments? Patents? Is the market big enough? And growing?
  • 8. 1.3 Build Sustainable CompetitiveAdvantages Compare your solution Identify your competitive advantages How hard is for your competitors to copy you? ( Price is not sustainable) High entry barriers Intellectual property protected Market share : Grow as fast as you can Your Team: Protect your team- Share your company
  • 9. 1.4 Test your ideas As soon as you can ( Lean Start up- Model) Prototype Launch in your Talk to local Customer market Improve Improve/ again Prototype Get the first users
  • 10. 2. Monitor Global Market Identify new trends Key players and main solutions Big solution providers Competitors Channels Influencers Clients Where to find them events / blogs / Linkedin groups
  • 11. 3. Competitive Advantages Make a competitive chart Product Segments Business models and pricing Channels Company Oportunities and treaths Identify the segments events / blogs / Linkedin groups
  • 12. 4. Choose a market Easy to penetrate / more need/ more competitive advantages Cloud = USA?Create a Global company1. R& D ( in your home country)2. Manufacture ( China)3. Customer support (remote- cloud)4. Market and sales strategies ( USA)
  • 13. 5. Initial Go to Market Strategy Business Model CanvasInitial segmentsValue proposition for each segmentBusiness model and pricing/segmentChannels : internet, direct sales , distributorsHow to reach them Events, Web sites- SEO, Blogs. Marketing on line : Google adds, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn , etc.
  • 14. 6 Validate in the New Market Adapt Get the first Talk to customers Customer Improve Improve/ again Product Get the first users
  • 15. 7. Get a Global TeamGet partners - Not employees1. Local VP of Marketing and Sales2. Lawyer3. Engineering ( Colombia)4. Board of Advisors5. CEO?Share the company!
  • 16. 8. Get your First Customers Protect your IP Create a legal structure Alfa and Beta- reference First channels Get some traction Get the first revenue .
  • 17. 9 . Plan to scaleTune your marketing strategyTune your products and services to scale - Cloud Automatic sales Delivery Training (e-learning) Customer supportMake a product road mapMake the number ( $$$)Look for the right funding
  • 18. 10. Get The Right FundingAlternatives for Colombian Companies Seed: Prototype- local validation: Friends &Family Colciencias- Wyra- Innpulsa) First customers USA ?? Angels Colombia??? First round traction USA: Angels USA Worldwide growth: VCs-USA Grow as fast as you can!!
  • 19. VC Investment by Industry Total Q2 /12 = 7 B$ Copyright Globaltech Bridge 2009Source: Price Waterhouse Money Tree Report Q2 2012 19
  • 20. The ProcessHome country1. Make innovative products2. Monitor the Global market3. Identify your competitive advantages4. Choose a market5. Build a go to market strategyGlobal Market1. Validate the opportunity2. Get a team3. Get your first customers4. Plan to scale5. Get the funding
  • 21. Questions? Gracias! Constanza