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PRPC 5.1 Certification Exam Questions1. Rule Resolution applies to Rule-HTML-Property


2. Select the possible guard rails.

a)Flow should not contain 15 sub flows

b)We should create properties as and when needed and update the status

c)Limit custom java

d)Use the standard flow action as a place holder instead of creating

a new one.

3.Examination questions if answered 90-100 Grade A, 70-90 Grade B, 50 -70

Grade C. What are the possible rules which can be used to achieve this?

(Choose Three)

a)Decision Table

b)Map value


d)Declarative Expression

4. What are the deliverables for Elaboration Phase?1. Environment Setup

2. Use Case Package3. Test Strategy and Test Plans5. Which rule is used to avoid access to certain functionality?

a) Operator

b) Deny

c) Rule Set

d) Class

6. Work Group Supervisor having access to multiple work baskets.

7. Conception phase Goals.

8. Identify standard local actions

a) AttachANote

b) AttacAURL

c) AttachAFile

d) AttachADocument

9. Identify standard flow actions.

a) Approve Flow




10. Declarative expressions can be used in, most likely.

a) To get some data from database

b) Finding area of a room

c) Changing the status of a work object

d) Measuring length given the parameters.

11. What you can do in the Monitor Activity workspace

a) Run the report wizard

b) Create new report

c) Run the processes form report

d) Browse category.

12. Is it possible to override the property values in the models


13. if you want to fetch some data from a web service, which one you use









14. Where do u have the group by option

a) List View

b) Summary View

15. The reuse architecture is used in: (choose three)

a)Conception Phase

b)Elaboration Phase

c)In the beginning of Construction Phase.

d)Transition phase.

16. The value of a parameter can be checked in which tool?


b)Tracerc)Performance tool

d)Rules Inspector

17. Parse XML rule is under which category of rules?




18. Under the Rules-by Type tab the Security contains: (choose two)


b)Access groups

c)Party role


19. To show the XML format of a step in order to debug which method is used:





20. Which parameter is used in the router activities?


21. Output of the Elaboration phase is a

a)Use case package.b)Developed application for first release.

22. The Smart Shape used for showing a screen to the customer:




d)Flow Action

23. The Smart Shape is used to skip certain steps of a flow without affecting the flow is:

a) Ticket.

(Four smart shape figures were shown)

24. Re-customization of Architecture is done in..

a. Inception

b. Elaboration

c. Construction

d. Transition

25. What defaults are to be checked in creating an Access Group according to New Release (Choose Two)


b.Rule Set Name

c.Work Pool


26. In the New Manager portal, if the manager wants to select his rule then what would he choose.

a. My rules

b. My Business rules

c. My Application Rule

d. Business Rules

27. In New PRPC, name where one can create a Microsoft Document in which u can find all the Rule Sets.

a. Documentb. Applicationc. Preflight

d. Word Document

28. What are the top most things which are created in Advanced Application Accelerator: ( Choose two )

a. Rule set

b. Business Purpose

c. Access Group

d. Top level class

29. Which will be used to Generated work Object ID in New Release?

a. Work- ObjectID

b. Work- GenerateID

c. Work Object

d. Work New

30. What is Data Modeling?

a). A representation of Data in a visual format that is easily translated to software development.31. What is UML?

a) Standard general purpose modeling language32. In which Release who Build Custom Reports

a. Release 1

b. Release 2

c. Release 3

d. We dont do any thing such sort

33. When a Flow is in Draft mode.(Choose 2)

a.You cannot add smart shapes

b. You cannot run the Flow

c. It is not visible to Rule resolution

d. You cannot create Work Objects34. Reports can be created for these classes:

a. Assign-

b. Rule-c. Data-

d. Work-

35. What is Project Governance?

Project Scope, Time and Budget are Controlled.Deliverables

a. Set up Executive Project Steering committee

b. Establish Project Dash Board

c. Establish Project Escalation

d. Change Control

e. Issues

36. At (say) 3rd step of the Application Accelerator, which steps are performed?

Work parties37. What are reusable assets?

(Applications) Common frame work which can be used in more than one

business Units.

38. What do you need to connect to an external database (activity, assign, flow action etc?)

a. Rule-Connect-SQL

b. Data-Admin-DB-Name

c. Activity39. What happens if a rule set is locked?

a. You cannot update existing rules in the rule set

b. The rule set can be used only in production environment

c. You cannot add new rules to the Rule Set

40. What is Transition activity used for?

A transition is a true-false test, evaluated during activity execution that determines whether the flow of control in an activity continues with the next numbered step.

41. What is under Rule By Type-Security?

42. By using Rule-Connect-SQL, what below are possible? (Choose three)

a. Create a database

b. Delete a database

c. Add a single row

d.Delete a row

e. Add multiple rows

f. Delete multiple rows?

43. If a user wants to create a document, where does he find this in new release?

a. File

b. Run

c. Application

d. None

44. What do you use for creating Word reports at the end of the application?

a. Document

b. App explorer

c. Development explorer

45. In the Account Information section, the user selects the Region Name, and a two-letter Region Code is stored in the property. The business uses a total of four or five regions that dont change very frequently.

The best way to implement the Region drop down is with a

a.Local List

b.Class Key Value

c.Prompt List

d.Remote List

46. In the Vehicle Information section, the user can select several automobiles. The selections are stored in the Vehicle property. The Vehicle property is of type

a.Value Group

b.Page Group

c.Value List

d.Page List

47. The value selected in Make determines the values to be displayed in Model. This function is implemented using:

a.Property Set

b.Dynamic Select

c.Dependency List

d.Obj List

48. What is the class of the top level clipboard page created by the Obj-List method?




d.The same class as the returned instance

49. Work Party Roles and Access Group Roles are of same Class ?



50. Question on Embedded Pages? (Choose two)

a. An embedded page is a clipboard page that has the value of a property of mode Page

b. Any page on the clipboard that is not a top-level page is an embedded page

51. Which tool is used to look at the HTMLS and the Properties that are embedded in UI

RulesInspector52. The following method is used to make Obj-Save method not be effective and hence not to be taken up by subsequent Commit method

a. Obj- Save-Cancel

b. Obj-Save-Rollback

c. Obj-Save-Drop

d. Obj-All-Rollback

53. We can create ______________ rules to cause an activity to run whenever instances of a particular class are created, updated, or deleted in the database.

Ans: Declare Trigger54. ______________ shape in flow can be used to call a Map value.Ans: Decision

55. ____________________flow shape can be used to cancel the Work processing of a flow.

Ans: Ticket56. Which prefix to a property name indicates that its value can be updated directly by a worker inputting information through a web form?



57. List at least 3 PRPC predefined data classes that serve the purpose of work parties






58. There is a ________ relationship between a Folder and the items it contains:






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