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  • Summing up #b2bgoogle

  • Start with the numbers100 billion searches every month

    300 hrs video uploaded every minute

  • Goals are same Environment changedPeople kept hold of a company share for 4yrs on average 5 years ago

    NOW its 22 seconds

    Interest and attention is down BIG TIME

  • Converging dataEveryone is scrambling for the contextual view of their customer; 360 degrees is nigh on impossible

  • Real-time biddingMeet programmatic, real-time insight delivering automated bidding

  • Data = actionable customer insight. In real-time + automation = competitive advantage


  • Behaviour eats process for breakfast (we just hugged it out)

  • Ideas should be scaryGet uncomfortably excited

  • Every market will eventually get disrupted

    Chances are it wont be by the incumbent

  • Get out of your river of thinking

    Your system 1 brain is your enemy when it comes to disruption and creativity

  • Keep asking why?Provocations help

  • The right digital transformation

    Fashionistas love the shiny new things, they are early adopters but have not followed through. Digital masters, clear vision they transform the things that work and the focus on scale and governance.

  • Digital mastersThree key areas for vision: Customer obsession Operational process Business model

  • Hub and spokeIs the devil incarnate. You need to create joint objectives and ensure every team has representation. Work towards the honeycomb.

  • 5 transformation problems & solutions1. Talent > go to the talent 2. Pace > move from waterfall to agile 3. Buy in > support sales, prove ROI to finance 4. Silo mentality > get them in the same place 5. Resource allocation > top down support

  • KDMs(Key Decision Makers) They are getting younger! There are more influencers in the DMU (Decision Making Units) than ever. Broaden your messaging out to the whole DMU.

  • Adoptionof digital in B2B buyers is close to saturation, but their behaviours are fundamentally changing

  • SearchIs number one, followed by B2B sites, but B2B buyers are searching up to 12 times across generic keywords and brands terms (normally just 2 brands)

  • Which is why brandstrategy is becoming more and more important. Top of the funnel is becoming as important as the bottom

  • Mobileis still growing as a part of the decision making process. And its only the brands mobile user experience that is hindering the progress down the funnel

  • VideoPeople are watching as much as 60+ minutes of video content to help them make their decision

  • Content3 types The mundane (Hygiene content, bottom of the funnel) The hub (Regularly released tailored to customer interests )The hero (Brand building, top of the funnel)

  • OH and in case youre wonderingMobile and Video are seen as the most effective tactics in the buying process

  • Performance marketingRecognise the value across the entire marketing mix This is not the ROI (Return on Investment) or CPA (Cost per Acquisition) its the profit

  • Talking of acquisition Some Tactics: React fast to your profit landscape (where is the money coming from) Humanise your content Onsite Video protects your SEO Maximise and Optimise your CRM Nurturing Test everything Speed up qualifies lead response times Expand your channels to de-risk

  • BrandingPeople dont want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want to buy a quarter inch drill. Theodore Levitt You need to relate to the audience not focus on the product.

  • HP expanded their channelsFrom 3 to 8 (and all the nuances of each channel type), but then focused the message back to the brand to improve NPS

  • BrandingLets not think Business to Business but BUSINESS TO PEOPLE Find the right people Tell great stories Build relationships over time

  • Two final thoughts

  • If your lucky enough to be number 1Whatever got you there, wont keep you there

  • If you have business problems I feel bad for you son Adaption of Jay Z lyricsIf you do what you've always done, you get what youve always got. Mark Twain The bit to take note of

  • Thanks toRichard Robinson, Google Director - B2B & Branding Kevin Mathers, Google Country Sales Director Kirk Vallis, Head of Google BrandLab NACE Maggie Buggie, Capgemini VP and Global Head of Digital Sales & Marketing Guy Magrath, Electrocomponents Global Head of e-Commerce Hanne Tuomisto-Inch, Google Industry Head - B2B Dave Byrne, Google Performance Commercialization Expert Titus Sharpe, MVF Founder & CEO Johanna Gerhold, Google Head of Brand Activation Chris Carmichael, Hewlett-Packard Media & Digital Marketing Director EMEA Rick Jones, Google Head of Client Development DoubleClick Jeremy Waite, Head of Digital Strategy Salesforce Europe


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